tive news that Li Zhibai had an improper relationship with him.
Of course, the cause and effect of the previous event must be taken into account when describing it.
Therefore, Li Zhibai and Bai Yin were slandered and rumoured by fake videos, which not only completely cleared up the original rumours but also left the impression that Li Zhibai was a victim to those who didn’t know about it.

In this way, even if the rumours were refuted, the negative impact that would inevitably be caused would be gone.
Instead, Li Zhibai earned a wave of attention and popularity.

Even if there were still haters who firmly believed that Li Zhibai and Bai Yin had an improper relationship and that Bai Yin’s behaviour proved it, they didn’t dare to say it directly because Bai Yin even put the people who posted hate posts on anonymous forums on the list of defendants, no matter how much they had more ideas in their hearts.
It was a little more cowardly, and even some of the previous speeches were quickly deleted.

As a result, the wind turned completely.
For a while, the evaluation of Li Zhibai’s various remarks reached an exceptionally harmonious state, which was simply impossible for the traffic niche.
Under Bai Yin’s newly opened Weibo, a large number of Li Zhibai’s fans were sincerely thanking and praising him, unaware that the other party was actually their biggest rival in love.

【Big Brother Bai is really handsome! Start becoming his fans today!】

【I really want to be so rich and self-willed that I can sue those fool haters for Brother Zhibai 1551】

【I originally thought that my CP was going to BE (Bad Ending) directly after this incident, but I didn’t expect that not only did it not be BE, but it was a surprise candy! I… I really exploded in place! I hope Big Brother Bai will always be good friends with us!】

Bai Yin didn’t read the comments at all, but Bai Xinyan, who had been free to eat melons recently, scrolled his Weibo comments for a long time with great interest.
He also followed the Weibo of CP fans and found a lot of fan food of Bai Yin x Li Zhibai.

When he and Li Zhibai were “frying CP” before, Bai Xinyan wished that his and Yin Heng’s mobile phones could automatically filter out those contents about CP, but this time from Bai Yin and Li Zhibai’s fan station, Bai Xinyan accidentally found himself and Yin Heng’s doujinshi.

Probably to compete with the relatively powerful CP fans of Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan, many of Bai Yin and Li Zhibai’s CP fans had joined Yin Heng and Bai Xinyan.
It might also be a combination of rich bosses and artists, which was indeed more suitable for fans who like this combination.

He found out that there are all kinds of pictures and texts with himself and Yin Heng as the protagonists.
The pictures were all cute and the texts were quite interesting.
Bai Xinyan’s interest suddenly shifted and began to dig out the skills of searching for fan food without a teacher.
And he was directly addicted to it.
Putting aside his plan to ask Bai Yin and Li Zhibai’s guilt, he only wanted to see him and Yin Heng doing role-playing in the fan’s pen.

The brains of CP fans were really big enough.
There were all kinds of strange settings.
Bai Xinyan quite sighed.

While watching, he shared it with Yin Heng.

After all, these doujinshi were only created by fans based on their imagination.
In his opinion, most of them were quite distorted.
Bai Xinyan didn’t care and saw them with interest, but Yin Heng couldn’t particularly accept it.
The picture was good to say, the character wasn’t very obvious, but the text was easy to collapse.
Even if it was shared by Bai Xinyan, Yin Heng felt that what was written in it wasn’t actually him and Bai Xinyan at all.
The real Bai Xinyan was much better than what was described in the article.
It was impossible to take the initiative to be taken care of by the financial backer because he had no money and was suppressed by others.

Thinking so, Yin Heng didn’t try to discourage Bai Xinyan’s interest, let him look at his doujinshis happily, just reminded him not to slip likes with a big hand.

But Yin Heng didn’t expect that Bai Xinyan had drawn inspiration from it and wanted to really do role-playing with Yin Heng.

“Wow, this setting is so interesting! Mr Yin, do we want to try it?” Bai Xinyan leaned over to Yin Heng and said with great interest.

Yin Heng suddenly had a bad feeling, looked at the mobile phone in Bai Xinyan’s hand, and asked calmly, “What settings?”

Bai Xinyan’s eyes were bright.
He pointed to a line of words and said, “This, this.”

Yin Heng saw that the frail and sickly wealthy elder, who was downhearted, and the poor but powerful little youngster, who was bought for joy? What kind of messy was this?

Yin Heng looked back again and found that the rich elder wasn’t only delicate and frail, but was also taken care of by his younger wife, who was a little shorter than him.
Everything depended on each other and the progress of the relationship was entirely dependent on Bai Xinyan.
Even bed matters could only be taken by Bai Xinyan…

Yin Heng couldn’t help being silent: “……”

Why did Bai Xinyan suddenly find this setting interesting? Where was the interest!?

Bai Xinyan didn’t feel Yin Heng’s resistance at all, and said expectantly, “Come on, come on, pretend that you’re not well.
Let me try what it’s like to take care of you.”

Did he want to take care of him? There was no need for such exaggerated settings.
Yin Heng thought about it and was going to discuss it with Bai Xinyan.
It was okay to take care of him, but it was a problem if he was carried like a princess.

Yin Heng thought about the words and was about to speak, but the phone in Bai Xinyan’s hand rang first.

Bai Xinyan glanced at it and immediately put away his playful look, “Huh? Why did Director Zhang call me?”

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