He wasn’t asked to perform nor even was asked a few professional-related questions and ended hurriedly.
Bai Xinyan felt that this interview seemed a bit tricky.
Obviously, according to the wind evaluation, Xinghuan is the fairest and most professional company in the industry.
Even if they didn’t take his words seriously, the interviewer wouldn’t be unrealistic that didn’t give him a chance without actually looking at his performance, right?

Bai Xinyan thought it was a bit strange.
Although he didn’t want to think badly about people, he still couldn’t help but think if the female interviewer who didn’t like him was targeting him.

He also wanted to try again to see if there was a chance to perform a live performance, but the staff had already called the next person, so Bai Xinyan had to leave first.

The strange thing was that when passing by the next interviewee, the other person cast a look of envy at Bai Xinyan and deliberately smiled to greet him.
Bai Xinyan could only smile back in confusion, wondering why the other party suddenly envied him… what did he envy about him? Did he envy him for not being liked by the interviewer?

Bai Xinyan had a very good memory.
He clearly remembered when he was in the waiting room before, this person’s attitude towards him was still indifferent, with a little sense like watching a good play.

Whether it was the sloppy interview or the sudden change of attitude of the competitors, Bai Xinyan felt confused.
However, Bai Xinyan did not know that the content of the whispered conversations after the interviewers had asked a few questions during his interview just now was actually like this—

“Bring me this newcomer.” It was the serious female interviewer who spoke.

“Do you want him?” Others were surprised, “Don’t you always like to pick someone with strong professional quality and don’t like to take this kind of child?”

“I just want to try other routes.
I think he still has the talent to be a star.
I have a newcomer with strong professional qualities.
He happens to not conflict with Ziqian’s line.
I can have a try.” The female interviewer said.

Her explanation was reasonable.
The others nodded after hearing it and did not question it anymore.
One of them regretted, “I like this kid a lot.
I want to sign him here.
I didn’t expect this kid to be lucky enough to be liked by Sister Xia.”

The female interviewer’s position was obviously higher among the people present, and her ability seemed to be recognized.
She signed Bai Xinyan and no one else meant to disagree.
When she told Bai Xinyan to end the interview and leave, they naturally did not object but felt that Bai Xinyan’s luck was very good.
Since the future development under the other party’s hands was definitely good, these people felt that Bai Xinyan’s loss and negative emotions at ‘the end of the interview’ were nothing and they had no plans to comfort and explain to him.

So Bai Xinyan went back to the waiting room with the suspicion that ‘he was targeted’.
He felt again that he was being envied and greeted by other interviewers.

Then he found out that the question about the latter was quickly solved.

“Hey… you, hello!” Seeing Zhuo Xuan, who had cooperated with rescuing the injured in the morning, appeared again in front of him, Bai Xinyan suddenly widened his eyes in surprise.

“Hello, Mr Bai.
My name is Zhuo Xuan.
I am the special assistant to the chairman of Xinghuan Entertainment.” Zhuo Xuan smiled and stretched out his hand, “We just met in the morning.”

When Bai Xinyan heard the other’s title, he was surprised again.
He soon realized that he was probably the one who was sitting in the luxury car that had been on the same road with the taxi he had been in before, so he couldn’t help but shook hands with the other, “Yes, I didn’t expect it to be such a coincidence.
Thanks for your help before! I didn’t know we were on the same route.”

Zhuo Xuan, who ‘unintentionally’ helped him several times, Bai Xinyan had a good impression of him.
However, Bai Xinyan thought that the other party was a doctor.
Unexpectedly, he turned out to be a special assistant to the chairman of an entertainment company, and he also happened to be a newcomer who wanted to join Xinghuan Entertainment.
It was really unexpected.

Bai Xinyan was not the only one who was surprised.
Although others realized that this should be a big man when Zhuo Xuan came, they did not expect that the other party was actually the special assistant of Chairman Xinghuan.
The appearance basically represented the meaning of the chairman, which represented the attitude of the person with the highest and most powerful position in Xinghuan.

How could he even get involved with people of this level, why do people like this come to participate in the interview? It was not good to directly enjoy nepotism and signing in front of them, so as not to stimulate the nerves of those who had no background.

Many people thought so, and their gazes at Bai Xinyan showed obvious envy and resentment.
Especially the little-eyed man who had conflicts with him before.

In fact, when Zhuo Xuan just arrived, he asked Bai Xinyan about going through the back door.
The little-eyed man wanted to take the opportunity to talk bad about Bai Xinyan.
He gave Bai Xinyan’s black and leave an impression in front of the big man.
But soon Zhuo Xuan said that he wanted to find Bai Xinyan, so he withdrew the idea, but he didn’t give up completely.

When Zhuo Xuan learned that Bai Xinyan was in an interview, he decided to wait here for a while.
The little-eyed man named Sun Zhi wanted to try and showed off out by the way.
He complained for the sake of Xinghuan’s fair and impartial image positioning.
This company executive, who looked very serious, should not have a bad impression on him.
After all, it seemed that the other party was not familiar with Bai Xinyan.
However, the operation probably needed to find some skills to be tactful, so as not to appear to be a villain.

Sun Zhi, who did not realize that he had a villain’s heart, thought for a moment with his mind almost completely opposite to his own name (孙智, it means “descendant” & “wisdom/knowledge”).
He took the opportunity to pretend to say casually, “The Bai Xinyan that this gentleman is looking for should not the person who came to the interview wearing dirty clothes and was called out by the staff to be given special care just now, right?”


Sun Zhi thought someone would agree with him, but when the words came out, everyone was in awkward silence.

Zhuo Xuan heard the words and just wanted to ask, but Ding Qichen, who was more displeased with Sun Zhi, preempted him, “Someone had an accident on the road and it turned out that someone kindly helped him to change clothes for the interview.
How much does it make you jealous, huh? He also reminded you that your double eyelids were off.
Don’t you know how to be grateful?”

Ding Qichen’s ability to talk to people was much higher than Sun Zhi’s and he immediately blocked the other party into silence.
Even if Sun Zhi wanted to say that Bai Xinyan was not kind to remind him and his double eyelid stickers did not fall off, but he could only swallow such obvious angry words back into his throat and honestly suffered the loss.

Especially Zhuo Xuan, who understood the situation roughly, said with a smile, “Mr Bai is really good.”

Sun Zhi was still full of anger and suddenly was poured by cold water.
Obviously, Zhuo Xuan clearly stood on Bai Xinyan’s side.
Then he, the person who aimed at Bai Xinyan, naturally couldn’t get along with him.

Finally, Sun Zhi, who seemed to have taken a stupid move, realized that he really died down this time.
He even regretted troubling Bai Xinyan several times.
But regretting regrets, the hatred for Bai Xinyan in his heart had increased unabated.

After learning that Zhuo Xuan turned out to be the assistant to the chairman, Sun Zhi’s resentment was even stronger.
His gaze that pierced Bai Xinyan’s body was more intent.
With Bai Xinyan’s sensitivity to human emotions, he was naturally aware of them.
There were also other people’s various gazes and their sense of presence was not low.
But Bai Xinyan didn’t care about these for the time being.
He was curious about the intention of Zhuo Xuan’s formal self-introduction.

“In fact, strictly speaking, it should be my employer who wanted to help and go to you.
I am just a subordinate and driver who executed his orders.” Zhuo Xuan smiled at Bai Xinyan, with a very kind attitude, “That’s, Mr Bai previous help is highly appreciated by our chairman.
He wanted to give you a chance to meet him, but he missed the opportunity.
However, it seems that you and our chairman still have some fate and we happened to find out that you were interviewing at Xinghuan.
Our chairman would like to invite you to see him.
Is it convenient for you now?”

When Zhuo Xuan’s words came out, the others were surprised and envious again.
They knew that Zhuo Xuan had come to Bai Xinyan and his attitude was obviously a good thing, but they all thought that Bai Xinyan had a background.
However, now listening to what Zhuo Xuan said, Bai Xinyan only met the chairman on the road once.
Because of helping others, the big boss wanted to see him and specially asked his assistant to come down to find him.
It was a step up! Moreover, after the chairman missed it once, he happened to find that Bai Xinyan was attending an interview to be a big star.
Wasn’t this person lucky enough?! They didn’t know what Bai Xinyan did to help others.
It was so important but it wasn’t like helping the old lady to cross the road, right?

While many people were jealous in their hearts, they couldn’t help but had the idea to be good people and being good deeds to try their luck.
However, some people thought of another direction.

It sounded like Bai Xinyan was not the big boss himself to help others.
Did the big boss need to care so much about a passerby? He was afraid it was not just an excuse.
What really “appreciates” was not so-called helping others, but something else.

It felt more likely that it was because of Bai Xinyan’s appearance and figure than Zhuo Xuan’s official statement just now.
Although everyone said that Xinghuan’s atmosphere was very upright and there was basically no such thing as unspoken rules, but since it was only basically impossible to see.
It meant that there was always a possibility.
Maybe Bai Xinyan would encounter it.

But having said that, it was a good thing to be liked by the company’s chairman.
Xinghuan was a giant in the industry with abundant resources.
The remuneration of the chairman was certainly not bad.
The chairman was probably in his forties or fifty.
Bai Xinyan looked like a high school student and seemed to have a good heart.
When you thought of a man older than his father, you would find it hard to speak, right?

Various thoughts were surging in other people’s minds, but Bai Xinyan didn’t think so much.
He just reflected that Zhuo Xuan wanted him to see the chairman of Xinghuan, which was a little unbelievable.

‘I just came to Xinghuan for an interview.
It seems that I don’t have much hope to pass, so I’m going to see the chairman? Is this considered a reward for doing good?’

Bai Xinyan thought vaguely and nodded to Zhuo Xuan, “I’ve finished the interview, it is convenient now.”

Zhuo Xuan’s smile became more obvious when he heard the words.
“Okay, please follow me.
He is waiting for you on the top floor.”

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