kindness and concern.
But… “Is it useful to stay with Bai Xinyan? He’s not as good as me except for his strength and cultivation.”

Bai Yin: “Of course, you can’t count on him, but where there’s him, there’s Yin Heng.”

Li Zhibai: “? I think Yin Heng wasn’t there when Bai Xinyan went to the company and rushed to make an announcement.”

Bai Yin was silent for a while, endured the discomfort of asking for dog food, and told Li Zhibai about turning Yin Heng into a little snake and staying on Bai Xinyan’s wrist every day as a bracelet.

Li Zhibai: “…Yin Heng is really idle.”

Suddenly, he was worried about Xinghuan’s future.

* * *

In the blink of an eye, when 《Trace of the Source》 began it publicity, the crew directly released the sample photos of the main characters on Weibo.
The official blog of 《Trace of the Source》 didn’t hide it and immediately posted the sample photos of the main characters.
Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai were the two male protagonists and the photos were first released together.
One single photo per person and one group photo.

Both Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai in the photo were very different from the impressions of netizens, making them couldn’t be recognized at first glance.

Bai Xinyan was wearing a simple white shirt, buttoned to the top, wearing rimless glasses, and sitting in front of the computer.
Behind him was a bookshelf full of books.
With his hands still on the keyboard, he was looking slightly sideways indifferently.
His sharp and cold gaze seemed to look straight through the screen.

The originally rather immature face didn’t affect the impression that the person who looked at this fixed sample photo had a cold, mature, and wise impression of him.
Instead, they couldn’t help exclaiming when they realized that it was Bai Xinyan, “This is Bai Xinyan!? If you don’t say it, I really can’t recognize him!”

Li Zhibai’s change wasn’t small.
He was wearing a police uniform, but he wasn’t neatly dressed at all.
Two buttons were opened on the top, revealing a beautiful collarbone and a little shoulder and chest.
The sleeves were also rolled up and the luxury watch of the famous brand that didn’t match the image of the police was slightly reflected on the wrist.
He was still holding a cigarette.
The corners of his mouth were raised and his eyebrows and eyes were full of a somewhat frivolous and dangerous temperament.
His arms were half leaning against the wall, looking at the people outside the camera with a half-smile.

With Li Zhibai’s face, this kind of expression was even more difficult to resist than the cold and elegant appearance before.
It was also very different from his somewhat funny and silly performance of 《Career Story》.
Fans of Li Zhibai would only scream in ecstasy when they saw this sample photo.

The rest of the group photo was also not ordinary.
Li Zhibai leaned on the table and deliberately disturbed Bai Xinyan, who was reading a book, with a smirk on his face.
Bai Xinyan blocked his prank and turned his head to look at him in a warning way, but if you looked closely, you could see that there was still a little helplessness and indulgence in his eyes.

The distance between the two was very close.
There seemed to be an indescribable sense of warmth and intimacy in their eyes.
The whole picture was very well.

If the individual sample photos were surprising by the change in their images, then this group photo was completely the place where the CP fans of Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan were in a carnival.
Recently, Bai Yin and Li Zhibai CP sprung up, which suppressed the limelight of Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai CP a lot.
The latter’s CP fans cheered one after another, not only for this extremely good two-person picture but also for the original double-male lead play of 《Trace of the Source》 itself!

It was conceivable that during the filming and broadcasting of 《Trace of the Source》, there must be a steady stream of sugar and grain coming out!

CP fans felt so happy that they lost consciousness.
Fans of Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan Were also very satisfied with the appearance of the two.
Even fans of the original work, who had a lot of doubts, didn’t reject Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai so much after seeing the sample photos.
After all, judging from the sample photos alone, the images of the two were quite suitable for the original characters.

The release of the fixed sample photo was very successful.
There was also the heat of the previous 《Career Story》 and Li Zhibai was framed by others, the TV series 《Trace of the Source》 quickly gained a lot of expectations.
The original author Meng Bei (梦北) also reposted the crew’s Weibo and publicized it, expressing that he was looking forward to the crew’s performance.

Soon, it was time for the crew of 《Trace of the Source》 to start.

After Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai joined the group, they became completely busy.
Although the crew is well-funded, Director Zhang was a bit picky.
In addition, seeing that Bai Xinyan’s acting skills were exceptionally good and Li Zhibai could also play well, his requirements for others were also a lot higher.
So the daily shooting schedule was tight.

However, although they were busy, Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai’s non-human physiques were quite easy to deal with it.
And unlike Li Zhibai, who spent a lot of time on taking care of every day, Bai Xinyan practiced stickily with Yin Heng after filming.

Of course, he couldn’t bring his own bracelet when filming, so Bai Xinyan originally wanted Yin Heng to stay in the hotel so that he could handle other things conveniently.
However, considering safety issues and Bai Yin’s entrustment, Yin Heng stayed in Bai Xinyan’s lounge when he was filming.
Anyway, only one spell was needed to ensure that he wouldn’t be discovered by others.

So, during the filming interval, Bai Xinyan went to talk to Yin Heng for a while.
When the filming continued, his spirit and state recovered.

For this reason, Director Zhang complimented Bai Xinyan several times and tried to let other actors learn from him, asking him what was the secret to keeping him in shape.

Bai Xinyan: “Uh, just… do something you like in your spare time.
Relax your mind and body, and restore your state.
But this effect is estimated to vary from person to person, but it’s more effective for me…” After all, others didn’t have a good-looking boyfriend like his.
Just looking at him could make him feel a hundred times more energetic.

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