70 Question (质疑)


Bai Xinyan’s filming in the crew of 《Trace of the Source》 went very smoothly on the whole, but a few times there would be problems with the progress of being cut, such as accidentally not controlling the strength, hitting the table and breaking the table…

At that time, a point of intense conflict was being filmed.
Director Zhang applauded Bai Xinyan’s performance in his heart.
The next moment was a shock.
Seeing the already solid plate table being badly divided, he opened his mouth in surprise and was speechless.

Although he had long heard that Bai Xinyan was very powerful, but he didn’t see it with his own eyes.
He always lacked the real feeling or was suspicious.
However, after this incident, everyone present was convinced and became more polite to Bai Xinyan.
Sometimes he didn’t dare to get too close, for fear that he wouldn’t be able to stand his slap.

Bai Xinyan was a little speechless about this.
He just couldn’t grasp where he needed to be emotionally excited.
It wasn’t that he couldn’t control his strength normally.

After that, the props team bought several identical tables and came back.
Bai Xinyan struggled for a long time, but the scene went smoothly.

In addition to the table, the props team also quickly found some spares for those props that Lu Zifeng would hit hard in the back according to the plot.

Fortunately, Lu Zifeng was a character with a high IQ and low physical ability.
There weren’t many places where he needed to show special excitement and exertion.
Bai Xinyan was supported by Yin Heng, the investor.
Therefore, although he broke the props, wasted money, and dragged a little time, the others just made fun of it and didn’t show any dissatisfaction.

However, the problem of props was easy to solve, but it was more troublesome when playing against people.
Bai Xinyan basically didn’t eat NG because of his own problems until he encountered a scene where Lu Zifeng was fighting with people.

Lu Zifeng was almost useless by force, so the so-called fighting with people was basically at a disadvantage, but he had to perform very hard and desperately.
His expressions and movements needed to be in place so that it wouldn’t look fake.

Bai Xinyan was afraid of hurting the actor group who played against him.
At first, his actions were very restrained, but the result was really not satisfactory to Director Zhang.
Originally a very simple scene went NG many times.

Director Zhang wanted Bai Xinyan to work harder, but he was afraid that something might happen.
He frowned and looked at it for a long time.
After hesitating for a while, he asked Bai Xinyan, “Xiao Bai, how about we find a substitute for this one scene?”

Bai Xinyan pursed his lips slightly, not willing.
It wasn’t that he had to boast that he was dedicated and didn’t need a substitute, but if this problem wasn’t really solved, would he use a substitute for all the scenes with physical conflicts in the future? In this case, even if he didn’t mind, it was estimated that there were no good directors who were willing to ask him to film and there were too many restrictions on his acting.

Bai Xinyan rarely sighed and said to Director Zhang, “Director Zhang, let me try again.”

Director Zhang could only let him try.

This time, Bai Xinyan moved a little harder.
As a result, a group actor was directly pushed to the ground by him.

“Cut, cut, cut!” Director Zhang hurriedly stopped and asked his assistant to look at the situation, “Is there anything wrong?”

Fortunately, Bai Xinyan’s strength was still restained.
The other party fell, but it was fine.
It was just his buttocks would hurt for a while.
But when this happened, the filming was stopped first.

Director Zhang saw that Bai Xinyan was a little depressed, but he was still soft-hearted.
He couldn’t say that he wanted to persuade him to use a substitute for a while, so he had to let him take a rest first.

This time, Yin Heng couldn’t easily restore Bai Xinyan’s mood.
It was the first time he had encountered such big trouble in acting.
Sure enough, practice and theory were still different.
In the past, when he was taking remote classes at home, nothing at home was so easily damaged, so he practiced by himself.
He never tried to play physical conflict with others, so he completely ignored this aspect.

Yin Heng felt Bai Xinyan’s rare low mood.
In surprise, he quickly asked for the whole story.
When he understood what was going on, he couldn’t help laughing, “What’s the problem with this?”

Bai Xinyan was stunned, “Are you talking about a substitute?”

Yin Heng said helplessly, “You’re about to be as stupid as Li Zhibai.
It’s enough to use a defensive spell for those groups.
You can use all your strength.”

“!” Bai Xinyan froze and said in surprise, “Yes, I can’t use up my strength, but I can protect them!”

With a solution, Bai Xinyan immediately went to Director Zhang to start filming.
Yin Heng saw that he was in a hurry and didn’t stop him.
He followed out with invisible magic and set a defense spell for those people.

“Director Zhang! I’ve made adjustments and can start shooting again!” Bai Xinyan said to Director Zhang with a smile.

Director Zhang didn’t expect Bai Xinyan to adjust his state so quickly.
It seemed that the method he used to adjust was really effective.
The obvious negative emotions just now could be resolved so quickly.
He didn’t know what Bai Xinyan’s favourite thing was, but the effect was so good.

Zhang Cheng thought so.
Although he didn’t think Bai Xinyan would be able to get through this time, he was still considering using a substitute.
However, seeing how enthusiastic he was, he still agreed to take another shot.

Bai Xinyan absolutely believed in Yin Heng, so after Director Zhang called “Action” this time, he had almost no reservations.
His expressions and movements were strong enough.

Director Zhang’s first reaction was to have an accident, but when he was about to call “Cut”, he saw that the actor group who were hit by Bai Xinyan had nothing problem.
Director Zhang was stunned for a moment, then he was instantly happy, ready to pass this scene in one strike this time.

Unfortunately, looking Director Zhang was still called “Cut”, but this time the problem wasn’t with Bai Xinyan, but with other people.

He was probably frightened by Bai Xinyan’s strength, but this time Bai Xinyan spared no effort.
Several of the actor group acted a little timid and unnatural, probably because they were afraid of getting hurt.

Director Zhang’s temper with the actor group wasn’t so good, especially since it had been retaken many times.
He originally hoped that this one would pass as finally there was no problem with Bai Xinyan.

However, Bai Xinyan’s strength was indeed a bit scary.
Director Zhang suppressed his temper and said a few words to the group.
After trying it twice, the actor group seemed to be fine and his worries gradually disappeared.
Finally, this scene was filmed and passed.

Later, Bai Xinyan sent some more red envelopes to these group actors.
The matter was resolved satisfactorily.

Everyone thought this at first, but it didn’t take long for remarks like Bai Xinyan’s poor acting skills, especially in simple scenes, to be NG many times, and that he was the king of NG in the 《Trace of the Source》 crew.
They didn’t know where it came from.

The news of 《Trace of the Source》 had received a lot of attention recently.
Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan were both on the rise now.
There were a lot of fans and haters.
Any news “according to insiders” could be used by a group of people to discuss or even pinch for a long time.

In the beginning, it was only revealed that Bai Xinyan had NG many times when he was shooting a scene.
However, as the rumours spread, it became that Bai Xinyan was the NG king of the crew and had no acting skills.

Although there was no evidence, such “revelations” were in line with many people’s views on Bai Xinyan.
They also meet the expectations of many people, so they spread more and more as if it was a sure thing.

After all, Bai Xinyan had nothing to prove his acting skills except the previous sample photos.
Fans had no way to refute such remarks and the anti-hater’s work wasn’t very effective.
Moreover, fans didn’t necessarily have confidence in Bai Xinyan’s acting skills.
In this case, the public relations team wasn’t easy to carry it.

They checked the source of the news and found that there was no trace of it, more like material made up by someone casually.
The crew was also asked about this and no one was found to have a problem.
Finally, they found the actor group of that day, only to know that some of them casually told people about NG many times.
That person wasn’t really bad-hearted.
Originally, the point of lament was that Bai Xinyan was strong, but after being heard, it was passed around for some reason and it was changed to add fuel to the jealousy.

That actor group just sighed casually.
There was no one knew where it came from, so it would be too troublesome to track them down one by one.
Since no malicious planning was found, the crew simply stopped here, punished the actor group who spoke out, and the rest was to deal with public opinion.

Bai Xinyan was rumoured to be a black hole with his acting skills.
Although it wasn’t deliberately hyped, the Xiaosheng team and Bai Xinyan’s fans who were in a competition relationship soon joined in.
At this time, the public relations team would play a role.
Although there was no way to force Bai Xinyan, it was still no problem to find out other navy soldiers and fans who were fishing in troubled waters.
Together, they corrected the black spots that the landlord mentioned.
These people could only steal chickens instead of rice.
After all, they have more black spots than Bai Xinyan.
(偷鸡不成蚀把米, meant wanted to take advantage but suffered a loss, here)

In addition to the fan-hater war, the real concern about this matter was the original fans of 《Trace of the Source》, especially Lu Zifeng’s character fans.
For fear that Bai Xinyan’s acting skills were too poor, which would ruin Lu Zifeng and the whole drama.

Most of these original fans didn’t know about celebrities, let alone fan-hater routines.
Seeing that many people swore that Bai Xinyan’s acting skills were poor or it was still inside information, they immediately believe it eight points.

After believing it, they naturally couldn’t help but feel sad in their hearts.
Their views on the future of the 《Trace of the Source》 TV series were all gloomy and bleak.
The more impulsive fans couldn’t help but start to reject Bai Xinyan, with a look of disgust, and even started to boycott the TV series 《Trace of the Source》, claiming that they would never watch it.

There were also angry fans who ran to ask the original author Meng Bei why he agreed to the cast that chose Bai Xinyan to play Lu Zifeng, and he also forwarded the sample photos to show his support.
Didn’t he know that Bai Xinyan didn’t have acting skills based on his background? It was said that 《Trace of the Source》 was the hard work that he had created for several years, so he just wasted his hard work for others like this?

Originally, if it was just a small rhythm saying that Bai Xinyan’s acting skills weren’t good, there was no evidence and no one would support the fire, the impact wouldn’t be great.
But it was really not a good thing that fans of the original book had begun to boycott TV drama series on a large scale.
It was directly related to the reputation of the whole drama and the future broadcast effect, so the crew of 《Trace of the Source》 couldn’t just sit back and watch.

It happened that Meng Bei was questioned by some fans and was also a little worried about Bai Xinyan’s acting skills.
After thinking about it, the crew of 《Trace of the Source》 invited him to visit the crew and see Bai Xinyan’s shooting scene.

After receiving the invitation, Meng Bei let go of half of his heart.
After all, it seemed that the crew was very confident.
Presumably, Bai Xinyan’s acting skills weren’t only not as bad as rumoured, but they should be okay so that the crew could be confident.

However, after he really came, Meng Bei realized that Bai Xinyan wasn’t bad, he was too good!!

The previous sample photos gave people the impression that it wasn’t an illusion brought about by photography and retouching, but the actual acting skills shown by Bai Xinyan.
And he had to say that Bai Xinyan’s live performance was more impact than the photos through the camera.
Even if he was actually quite different from the Lu Zifeng imagined by Meng Bei, once the shooting started, Bai Xinyan’s every move could make Meng Bei feel that this was how Lu Zifeng would behave!

After returning from the visit, Meng Bei quickly posted a Weibo excitedly.

Meng Bei V: I was invited to visit the cast of 《Trace of the Source》.
The performances of the two leading actors amazed me, especially @Bai Xinyan, which was completely beyond my imagination.
Director Zhang and the crew are very attentive and have done their utmost to restore and excavate the book 《Trace of the Source》.
I believe that they will be able to present us with very wonderful work in the future.
I’m looking forward to it!

As soon as Meng Bei Weibo posted it, the fans were in an uproar.

Some people thought that he was just bragging about each other in business.
Some believe that he had changed his opinion on Bai Xinyan and the crew of 《Trace of the Source》, but more people thought that he blew too much.
Such boasting about Bai Xinyan was estimated to be eaten in the face in the future.

【Are you stupid? If you post this at this time, I’m afraid you will be ridiculed to death in the future.】

【The Great Meng Bei, you’re too sincere.
It’s good to say a few words of courtesy to each other in business.
Originally, you can’t control if the copyright was sold.
It’s none of your business to make more money and less.
You’re so sincere.
When the drama hits those actors, maybe they will ask you to carry the blame.】

【I ask some fans not to think that they’re some white lotus that grows out of the mud and doesn’t get stained, okay? Meng Bei is just hyping up TV drama series to help Trace of the Source.
Can’t you understand such an obvious routine? They are all the same raccoon dogs who have given up their backs for money for a long time.
They can’t think about Bai Xinyan.
Can you recognize the reality?】

【It’s still amazing.
I’m afraid only Li Zhibai’s face is amazing, right? Keke, wait and slap in the face】

Meng Bei’s support appeased some fans but soon attracted more questions and ridicule.
The netizens, who enjoyed watching and eating melon, were also inclined that he had blown it.

Therefore, after the gossip accounts reported that “Meng Bei supported Bai Xinyan, saying that his performance was beyond imagination”, the crew of 《Trace of the Source》 started a new good show in a timely manner.

Trace of the Source TV Series V: Do you want to pick such a Lu Zifeng? [footage.avi]

When it was first posted, the comments were still sarcastic——

【Er, let me do some mental preparation before watching, just pick it up】

【Is it so strong? Play the footage directly? Sure enough, it’s great to have an uncle with a fortune of tens of billions, isn’t it?】

【The nili crew is looking for scolding, and at this time, pick Lu Zifeng? Whoever is blind, who is the king of NG, pick it up】

【Trash Bai Xinyan, trash crew, trash Xinghuan, ruin my favourite Lu Zifeng!!】

But not long after, there was almost only one voice left in the comments——

【Me me me!! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! I don’t care, I’m going to pick this Lu Zifeng!!! No one is allowed to rob me!!!!!!】

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