71 Good Play (好戏)


The shooting footage released by the official blog was actually quite simple.
Only the sound had been processed and the rest were completely the most realistic shooting video.

The whole short video wasn’t long, but there were several scenes.
At the beginning, Bai Xinyan was typing on the keyboard with a cold look.
He had a delicate and beautiful profile.
The movements of the long and white fingers on the keyboard were quick and pleasing to the eye, giving a sense of a high-cold technology emperor that made people in awe.
Then the picture changed to Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai fighting each other.
Originally, Lu Zifeng and Zhu Ling were arguing because of their differences in the way of investigating the case.
As a result, Zhu Ling took the initiative to joke and sold himself.
The original serious atmosphere suddenly changed.
Bai Xinyan’s originally dignified face couldn’t hold back anymore.
Looking at the other party, he slowly revealed a helpless yet soft smile.
This smile was completely different from the character’s previous image, as if it was a flash in the pan.
It was gorgeous and stunning.
The audience couldn’t help but exclaimed a little.
(昙花一现, meant a flower which only blooms at night for a very short period of time, here)

Then the camera turned again and came to a very tense and exciting battle scene.
In this part, Lu Zifeng, played by Bai Xinyan, was extremely worried and forced himself to remain calm and rely on his superb observation after Zhu Ling was likely to fall into the enemy’s hands.
With his strength and psychological analysis ability, he had to deal with the enemy in a critical situation.
Finally, he cooperated with his teammates smoothly, deceived the enemy, and rescued Zhu Ling.

This section was a climax of the plot.
Of course, the official blog didn’t reveal the spoilers completely, but only a small section was intercepted and released.
However, this short scene was already exciting enough to make people dizzy and hold their breath.
They felt that Bai Xinyan’s performance made Lu Zifeng’s high IQ character very convincing and even made people almost couldn’t remember who the actor was.
They were only impressed by the wonderful performance of this character.

At this point, the audience was almost completely immersed in the role of Lu Zifeng played by Bai Xinyan.
There was no sense of contradiction.
So, at the end of the clip, when he stood in front of his parents’ tombstones with a sad and somewhat vulnerable look, the off-screen audience felt distressed for a while.

【1551, Zifeng, don’t cry, sister picks you】

【Officially, are you a devil, giving me this kind of critical blow after being bombed by my handsome Feng 5555555】

【This smitten aunt couldn’t help laughing all the way, but she almost cried at the end.
It’s only a few seconds of the video, why is it so distressing QAQ】

【I replayed it two, three, four, five… times after watching it, and I was so lost in Lu Zifeng that I couldn’t help myself.
Then I suddenly remembered, I’m not ready to ridicule it? Just… my face hurts.】

【This is also great.
My real name is pick this Lu Zifeng! Lights up for him!!】

【I’m also ready to mock at it.
But, now that I’ve become a fan, I don’t care.
I’m going to blow up Bai Xinyan’s acting skills!】

【Blow up +10086, I now find that really good acting skills can be seen by a layman】

【Actually, it feels a little different from the Lu Zifeng I imagined, but there’s nothing wrong with it.
It should be said that it’s really amazing.
No wonder the Great Meng Bei praised him so much.】

【Just now I was still laughing at the book fans of Trace of the Source, and now I’m so envious that I can’t breathe… ah ah ah! I also want Director Zhang and Bai Xinyan to film my house ah wuwuwu】

【23333, the book fans of Trace of the Source are proud of their name.
Great Meng Bei is right, I am really looking forward to the TV series now!】

A short episode of shooting footage completely reversed the wind at once, especially the fans of the original work of 《Trace of the Source》.
The most fierce group who shouted to boycott before, had already changed to “be awed”.
A few of them still couldn’t face it, love the character so much that they didn’t want any real people to play, or were disgusted with Bai Xinyan.
Although they didn’t turn around immediately, they were embarrassed to use his lack of acting skills to resist Bai Xinyan again.
After all, although there were only a few scenes, Bai Xinyan’s acting skills were really obvious.

The wind direction in other places had also changed.
The original vow that Bai Xinyan was a black hole in acting skills faded away like a tide, and soon only genuine acting discussion posts and some post fans were left.

However, Bai Xinyan didn’t stop there.
Now that the good show had begun, he might as well sing the trick more lively.

It didn’t take long for Xinghuan’s official blog to repost the official Weibo of the 《Trace of the Source》 crew, and said that Bai Xinyan’s acting skills were very good, which was highly praised by the instructor He Wenhong.
The effect of the audition 《Trace of the Source》 was also obtained.
It was unanimously recognized that it was the key training object of Xinghuan.
For those remarks that slandered Bai Xinyan, they demanded a positive apology from the relevant spokesperson and reserved the right to sue for accountability.

He Wenhong was also well-known in the circle.
Many people knew that he was the imperial teacher of Xinghuan’s movie emperors and queens.
Bai Xinyan’s performance could be praised by He Wenhong, whether or not there was a polite and exaggerated element in it, it could be regarded as a verification of Bai Xinyan’s acting skills.

Of course, there were still people who thought that Bai Xinyan, a newcomer, could be guided by He Wenhong, obviously because of his background.
Including the so-called “great praise”, it was estimated that He Wenhong probably just thought that Bai Xinyan’s acting wasn’t bad.
Xinghuan was completely a business joke.

However, soon, He Wenhong reposted Xinghuan’s Weibo soon and said that Bai Xinyan was the actor with the best foundation and skills he had ever seen.
He was already very good without his teaching, and his performance in every practice made him feel amazed.
The only flaw in Bai Xinyan’s performance was that he was still young, had insufficient life experience, and hadn’t yet experienced some complex emotions.
But it was absolutely unparalleled in the new generation.
In another time, he would definitely be able to get more than one best actor trophy.

He Wenhong’s boasting was even more embarrassed than Xinghuan’s official blog.
He also drew hatred.
However, as the mentor of well-known movie emperors and queens, he had a lot of connections and influence.
Although other fans of the new generation were dissatisfied, it wasn’t easy to tear it up directly and could only be careful to make insinuations.

But more people were concerned about how good Bai Xinyan’s acting was?

Because of the support of Xinghuan and He Wenhong, the marketing accounts seemed to smell blood like sharks.
They quickly published various headlines that attracted attention and created conflicts, claiming that Bai Xinyan’s acting skills had reached the level of whoever, and KO’d whoever was who.
It was expected that he might win the best actor in a few years and exaggeratedly put Bai Xinyan on the opposite side of a group of people, and then brought in some people who didn’t know about it.

This naturally made many people feel unconvinced and felt that Bai Xinyan was too crazy.
Even if the shooting footage was really good, it was only a few minutes of scenes, so he uttered crazy words and stepped on their XXX, where did he get his face?

Seeing that a new round of larger-scale chaotic was about to start, He Wenhong, who was the first to “speak wildly”, was very calm, and even estimated that he would go up to the fire, and once again categorically stated that no one among the new generation actors could keep up with Bai Xin.

Just when the angry group of people didn’t even look at his face and started to mock him and rushed over to argue with him, He Wenhong released a clip of Bai Xinyan’s practice.

Bai Xinyan performed a classic clip that everyone was familiar with.
As for the effect of the performance, after the clip was released anyway, The voice of questioning and mocking He Wenhong on Weibo became much quieter.

He Wenhong recorded all the practice clips of Bai Xinyan.
This time, not only one, but one was released for a day.
It seemed that those who originally wanted to speak out against him died little by little.

Later, this event directly turned into an activity for netizens to check in on time and look forward to refreshing it every day.
It also created a related topic #Today’s Bai Xinyan practice clip is updated#, which was so popular that it was also included in the hot topic list.
At the same time, the evaluation of Bai Xinyan’s acting skills had become more and more consistent.

In short, don’t think too much, just praise it.
Exaggerated grid points were also completely ojbk.
(ojbk, meant people say it when they don’t really think something is ok, but have to say ok nonetheless, here)

After all, not only could they see that Bai Xinyan was really good at acting, he could handle all kinds of classic roles, and there were many authorities who come forward to certify.
For example, the official evaluation and praise of academic schools such as Huaguo Film and Television Academy and S City Theater Academy; There were also praises and affirmations from old artists and national first-class actors; and the encouragement of some well-known directors and actors…

In short, looking at the battles caused by Bai Xinyan’s performance clips, many people had to admit that Bai Xinyan’s acting skills and future seemed to haven’t ran off.

Naturally, the ones who were most happy about this were Yanhua (烟花, Bai Xinyan’s fans).
When fans were talking about Bai Xinyan, they only knew that his talent point was very strange and outstanding, such as infinite power, reincarnation of animal trainers, etc.
They didn’t expect that there would still be an explosion of acting skills.

Originally, they all thought that based on Bai Xinyan’s popularity, they must go the traffic route, but these current traffic peanuts basically couldn’t expect anything from his acting skills.
However, they didn’t expect that Bai Xinyan’s most outstanding advantage might not be the popularity brought by those strange talents, or even his family background, but his acting skills! Perhaps what he wanted to take wasn’t a traffic route at all, but a more powerful acting route! (流量花生, traffic peanuts meant no acting skills but hype, here)

Even people who weren’t interested in Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but sigh with envy after a while.
The relevant buildings of the forum were built one after another.

【Before, I thought that being a career fan of Bai Xinyan would be very promising, but I really didn’t expect it to be so promising! Alas, I feel like I want to climb the wall…】

【Let’s take a look at the wall first, that’s what I did, it’s definitely not a loss anyway】

【Bai Xinyan’s speed is really fast.
Obviously, he is still a newcomer, but I feel that he will soon threaten the status of the top and middle actors…】

【The most annoying thing is that he can be both in terms of traffic and strength.
It’s estimated that there will be no shortage of awards and commercial value in the future, and one person will overwhelm the audience…】

【Although it’s a bit exaggerated upstairs, I actually think it’s really possible… Good looks, good acting skills, high topicality, natural hot search physique, and all kinds of strange skill points, and also have rich ackground.
The more I think about it, the more I feel that this’s a configuration that dominates the entertainment industry】

【It’s too exaggerated.
Li Zhibai is so popular and his acting skills aren’t bad.
He doesn’t dare to say anything about dominating the entertainment industry, right?】

【Do you think Li Zhibai’s configuration is better than Bai Xinyan’s?】

【Li Zhibai’s acting skills are okay, but he has never been praised by He Wenhong.
He Wenhong also taught him, right? How many big shots praised Bai Xinyan?】

【According to the statistics from the next building, there are already eight professional bosses who have enthusiastically praised Bai Xinyan】

【Scared me to death, lame looking like eight big bosses expressing passion to Bai Xinyan… 】

【The background can’t be compared, including the topicality.
Now Li Zhibai only has the advantage of having many fans early in his fame.
Unlike Bai Xinyan, he is out of the circle of social news every minute, and the hot searches…】

【Li Zhibai’s advantage is that he has a good-looking face, right? Then it has accumulated a lot of fans.
But I feel that even if Bai Xinyan comes from behind, Li Zhibai will continue to be popular.
There are still differences between the two routes.
Even if Li Zhibai can’t compare with Bai Xinyan, his overall quality is still the best.】

【Take away Li Zhibai, where did all the sb 18th line fans in this building come from, wait until you have someone else half popular, and then touch porcelain ok?】

【Please be merciful.
Our Yanyan is just a newcomer.
We don’t want to upset anyone, and we don’t plan to dominate the entertainment industry.
Don’t make hatred for my family.
Thank you】

【It’s the landlor, just a sigh.
I don’t want to pick any one.
It’s deep in the mountains】

The negative rumours were successfully resolved and the filming of the 《Trace of the Source》 became smoother.
With Bai Xinyan on the show, the performance of the others was much better than Director Zhang expected, especially Li Zhibai, who wasn’t bad at all.
After the crew passed Director Zhang’s strict request, there was obviously a breakthrough.
It could be imagined that the finished film of 《Trace of the Source》 would definitely be of better quality than he first imagined.

After the broadcast, the two leading actors Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai would definitely benefit the most, especially Bai Xinyan, who might soar to the sky directly.
However, the crew didn’t wonder whether Bai Xinyan would become more popular than Li Zhibai, whether the two were plastic friends, and whether there would be a situation of robbing resources and tearing their faces in the future as many netizens discussed.

It was reasonable that this kind of gossip was obviously interesting.
It was very exciting to think about the newcomer’s counterattack against the current front line and how hard it was to make peace with the other party after breaking all ties.
But the people in the crew of 《Trace of the Source》 have no desire to gossip.
As for the reason…

The crew didn’t know that Yin Heng spent most of the time with Bai Xinyan in the crew, but they could see that Bai Yin came to visit the class frequently.
And it was in the name of Bai Xinyan, but when he actually came, he spent most of his time on Li Zhibai.

Bai Yin didn’t mean to cover up at all.
Bai Xinyan was obviously accustomed to it, so anyone with eyes in the crew could understand it.
The relationship was there, and Li Zhibai couldn’t be treated badly.
Most of the time between the two of them, it was impossible for them to turn against each other for resources.

It was said that some people heard Bai Xinyan jokingly calling Li Zhibai ‘Auntie’.
Bai Yin had always been more attentive to Li Zhibai than to Bai Xinyan, not just looking for a star to play with.
In short, their relationships weren’t as fragile as netizens thought.

Bai Yin came to visit the class again, brought food and drink to reward the crew.
Once again, he was warmly welcomed by everyone.

The crew members were all used to it now, so they didn’t be too polite, just go over and eat and drink, and then avoid them a little to give Bai Yin and Li Zhibai space to murmur endearments (谈情说爱, murmur endearments or have a date).

At times like this, Bai Xinyan wouldn’t stay beside them, but would go to the lounge by himself.

Others didn’t know that Bai Xinyan also went to Yin Heng to murmur endearments, but they just thought that he was creating opportunities for Bai Yin and Li Zhibai to be alone.

However, this time was different.
After Bai Yin greeted the director and others, he took Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan into his lounge together.

Holding a glass of milkshake, Bai Xinyan sucked a little while looking at Bai Yin and asked curiously, “Is there anything that needs to be kept secret?”

Bai Yin said in a light tone: “It’s not a big deal.
Just tell you.
Just to tell you, I arranged to check on that Yu Anyan guy and nothing wrong was found.”

“Ah?” Bai Xinyan was stunned, “Does that mean it’s not him?”

“Heh,” Bai Yin sneered when he heard this, “I think he’s even more suspicious.”

Yin Heng stretched out his hand and smoothed Bai Xinyan’s hair.
Seeing his puzzled expression, he explained, “Few people can do anything without problems.
After all, no one is perfect.
Sometimes no problems are the greatest problem.”

Li Zhibai also reacted after hearing this.
He looked at Bai Yin and asked, “Then what should we do next? Continue to investigate Yu Anyan? Or to investigate others?”

Bai Yin: “I have already checked the conventional methods.
The results tell me that Yu Anyan may be innocent, without any stains or loopholes, no tax evasion, no malicious competition, no suppressing others, and no improper relations with anyone.
He has a very good relationship with the outside world.
He is friendly, dedicated, and easy to talk with.
He has a high level of business.
In short, he has no shortcomings.
At the same time, his luck is very good and everything goes very smoothly.
Originally, Yu Anyan was just a little transparent, who has been neglected for several years since his debut.
He had become famous since he was selected to play a third male role in the 《Golden Age》 crew.
After that, he was appreciated by famous directors and famous actors one after another.
He has also maintained good relations, but there are no unspoken rules, just like it’s easy to make those who are beneficial to his development appreciate his talent.
Not only that, Yu Anyan is the most competitive when he encounters key resources several times.
His opponent had all kinds of problems, and in the end, he was always the one who succeeded.
And it’s said that his acting skills weren’t very good at first, until one day he seemed to be enlightened suddenly, and suddenly he had a very high-level performance.
There’s also his figure and looks.
Although it can be seen that they’re the same person, but the details of temperament are very different.”

Li Zhibai was stunned to hear that, “Is there really a problem with Yu Anyan?”

Bai Yin said: “If there’s no problem, it can only be said that he is a real person.
He is a complete person who suddenly enlightened overnight.”

Bai Xinyan took a sip of the milkshake and said vaguely, “It sounds like a rebirth or a transmigrate.”

Bai Yin paused for a moment, “It’s a little bit, but compared to rebirth and transmigrate, I still believe that there’s a problem with his disguise or he was taken away.”

“Then what should we do now?” Bai Xinyan swallowed the milkshake and looked at Li Zhibai again, “By the way, Li Zhibai, have you ever stolen resources from Yu Anyan? He didn’t target you?”

Li Zhibai: “…it’s true that I haven’t stolen it yet.
I don’t have many jobs.
Most of the jobs that suit me aren’t suitable for him.”

At this time, Bai Yin said in a slightly cold tone: “It didn’t happen in the past doesn’t mean that it won’t happen in the future.
You are very likely to bump into those endorsements of top brands in the future.
And it’s not necessarily true in the past, after all, we haven’t found out who did the last incident yet.”

“Whether it’s Yu Anyan or not, but that person definitely doesn’t want Zhibai to develop well.
Now the momentum of 《Trace of the Source》 is so good, maybe he will directly attack the crew.
So let me remind you again, you should pay more attention in the crew.
As for Yu Anyan, if we can’t find something with conventional methods, then use unconventional methods, which I‘m more familiar with.” Bai Yin said, “If it’s Yu Anyan, it would be better to solve it.”

Bai Yin reminded them that, in fact, the main reminder was Yin Heng.
After all, neither Bai Xinyan nor Li Zhibai could be counted on.
To be honest, it would be better if the entire crew could be more vigilant, but most of the other party used non-human means, and it was difficult to tell ordinary people, so they could only remind Director Zhang and others to pay attention to the trouble that ordinary people might cause.

Hearing that they were worried that the person who framed Li Zhibai last time would still play tricks on the crew, Director Zhang was much more cautious.
He strictly required the staff not to disclose any information about the crew.
He was also more cautious when filming some more dangerous scenes.

There was going to be a blasting scene that day.
Director Zhang urged to check back and forth many times.
Others couldn’t help but sigh: “Director Zhang, you are really conscientious.”

Director Zhang was quite nervous.
After all, although the results were all good, the things that happened to the crew of 《Trace of the Source》 could actually be described as having a bad fate.
He looked at the location of the blasting again and said casually, “This guy who might have an accident, of course, has to be careful and conscientious.” Even if no one had an accident, it would be unpleasant to hear a blasting accident.

“All right, ready to start filming.” After confirming to the blasting team again that there was no problem, Director Zhang called the actors to start filming.

The scenes before the explosion were all smooth, but when it was time to explode, the actors had already run away according to the script, □□ but for some reason there was no movement.

Director Zhang groaned in his heart: “What’s going on? Did the blasting team press it?”

“Press it!” The blasting team also wondered, “I don’t know why there’s no reaction.”

Director Zhang frowned deeply, while Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai watched and were a little confused about the situation.
Could this be the trick of the mastermind behind the scenes? But what’s the use of not exploding? Shouldn’t it be effective to do something like exploding in advance?

“Director, do you want someone to come and see?” Someone suggested.

“No way!” Director Zhang refused without thinking.
“What if one of them blows up as soon as they pass? Don’t go over there.
Let’s talk about it later.”

He said to wait a while, but after waiting, it still didn’t explode.
Director Zhang had no choice.
Bai Xinyan was also a little anxious when he watched it, thinking that it wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t explode, or he would go and see for himself.
Anyway, he had the ring magic weapon given by Yin Heng on his body.
He could immune to the attack below Jindan.
There was definitely no problem if only him got blast.

He just didn’t know how to convince Director Zhang and the others.
They definitely didn’t agree to let him go.

Bai Xinyan thought about it for a long time, but couldn’t think of a reasonable enough argument to convince Director Zhang and others.
He was struggling when he saw a sudden red light flashing at the blasting point, followed by a loud “bang”, and the □□ that hadn’t been happening for a long time suddenly exploded.
The studio was filled with dust.

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