73 Go Home (回家)


Bai Xinyan was very angry.
Obviously, his Mr Yin should be the best looking one, but because Yin Heng was used to covering up his appearance with ordinary people, he was laughed at by his little uncle.

But in the end, Bai Xinyan succeeded in counterattacking, because he could directly and directly hug Yin Heng, unlike Bai Yin and Li Zhibai, who were still dawdling, and there was no justifiable reason to hug!

The winning Bai Xinyan happily sticked to Yin Heng to attend the banquet.
When introducing to people, he generously said that Yin Heng was his boyfriend, feeling that he had won another game.

Seeing his cheerful appearance, Yin Heng burst into laughter and regretted a little.
Maybe he shouldn’t use a cover up, lest everyone else thought that Bai Xinyan’s lover looked too ordinary.

Howver, apart from his looks, Yin Heng’s identity was still enough to make people look at him differently.
In addition to China’s company, the group that Yin Heng created during his stay abroad was also well-known.
With this background, everyone felt that the relationship between him and Bai Xinyan was the right one.

In fact, Bai Yin’s net worth was still not comparable to that of Yin Heng’s multinational group, and Bai Xinyan was even less comparable.
But it happened that Yin Heng had an average look.
After the two were balanced, they were still a good match.

He didn’t know that other people had labeled him and Bai Xinyan as a good match so much.
Yin Heng thought to remove the cover after the banquet.
At least, when he went to see Bai Xinyan’s teacher, he must not use an overly ordinary face.

As Bai Yin’s nephew, with Yin Heng, a more valuable boyfriend escorting him, Bai Xinyan had a very smooth time at the banquet.
Those people in the entertainment industry who wanted to make friends had surprisingly good attitudes.

In comparison, Li Zhibai was a little bit worse.
He wasn’t like Bai Xinyan who was Bai Yin’s relative.
Although Bai Yin was also beside him, most people were very polite.
There were still subtle differences between their politeness to him and Bai Xinyan.
In particular, many people seemed to have the same idea with Monte, that he was just Bai Yin’s little lover, who might be favored, but it wasn’t important.
In addition, Li Zhibai was surprisingly beautiful and even more attractive when he was dressed up.
Some people’s eyes on him seemed very ambiguous.

Although most people were still sensible and wouldn’t show their covetousness for Li Zhibai in front of Bai Yin.
Bai Yin was still quite angry by the unscrupulous gaze of a few people.
After he warned a few people in a bad tone, everyone realized that Li Zhibai wasn’t as unimportant as they thought and they all became restrained.

However, things did’’t go well after that.
Monte didn’t seem to be able to send Catherine away.
Bai Yin was about to take Li Zhibai to meet a well-known director when he was intercepted by the other party.

“Long time no see, Bai.” Catherine really dressed up beautifully tonight, with gorgeous makeup and sexy clothes, smiling at Bai Yin with a charming smile.
“Did you miss me?”

Bai Yin’s head was suddenly a little big, but it wasn’t good to directly say that to the lady’s face on this occasion.
He smiled politely, “Although I should say yes, but to be honest, I have too many things to think about, so I terribly sorry.”

Catherine suddenly showed a sad look, “Bai, you are still so ruthless.”

Bai Yin kept a polite, distant smile and didn’t speak.

“Do you want to go to China after you come back this time?” Catherine obviously didn’t let him go, trying to continue chatting with him.

“Of course, I just brought my nephew and friends on vacation this time.
I will stay in China most of the time in the future.” Bai Yin said, ready to find a reason to get rid of Catherine next.

“Really, so this is?” Catherine looked at Li Zhibai next to Bai Yin.
She actually saw the ambiguous atmosphere between them, but she didn’t plan to give up.
Instead, she felt that she still needed to evaluate to see what level of enemy the other party was.

Li Zhibai had a bad feeling when Catherine appeared and this feeling continued to deepen in the conversation between the other party and Bai Yin.
Every gesture of the other party carried a temptation, which was obviously a plot against Bai Yin.

Even though he hadn’t responded to Bai Yin yet, Li Zhibai had almost put Bai Yin’s ownership in his heart.
When he suddenly met someone who coveted Bai Yin, his mood was naturally cloudy.

Seeing that Catherine ignored him and Bai Yin’s eyes were hooked on her, Li Zhibai’s face sank involuntarily.
When Catherine was finally willing to ask him, Li Zhibai only felt that the other party’s gaze seemed to be full of provocation.

Bai Yin paused for a moment, looked at Li Zhibai, who had a bad face, and introduced to the other party: “This is Li, my… friend.”

Bai Yin considered it carefully, but still didn’t say that Li Zhibai was his lover.
After all, Li Zhibai hadn’t answered him yet.
He was afraid that if he said that, Li Zhibai would make trouble with him again.

However, other people didn’t know Bai Yin’s thoughts.
At least, Catherine heard this answer and only thought that Bai Yin didn’t take Li Zhibai seriously.

Catherine was suddenly pleasantly surprised.
Her attitude toward Li Zhibai also became friendly with a hint of superiority and oppression.
“Hello, Li.
I’m Catherine Riemann (凯瑟琳瑞曼), Bai’s former colleague.
Nice to meet you.”

Li Zhibai didn’t feel happy at all.
Ever since he heard Bai Yin say “friend” hesitantly, he felt anger from his heart.
But it was obviously a loss of face and he didn’t want to lose to this sudden appearance of Catherine, so he had to try his best to control his rolling emotions and smiled at the other party, “Hello.”

Catherine was shaken by Li Zhibai’s smile.
After reacting, she couldn’t help but alarm again.
Even if Bai Yin said that he was just a friend, it was still too dangerous to have such a person around him.
She, a rival in love, felt that it was too difficult to resist the smile just now, and Bai Yin, who had been with him for a longer time, was probably even more so.

“Wow, Li.
You smile so beautifully.” Catherine exclaimed somewhat exaggeratedly, and then joked, “It’s too easy to feel inferior to be friends with you.
I have to say Bai is really courageous.”

Li Zhibai pretended to smile again, “Thank you, you’re not bad.”

Catherine smiled heartily, “I think I’m far behind you, but I think I’m quite suitable for Bai, in terms of face, body, and other aspects.
What do you think?” Catherine said, deliberately ignoring Li Zhibai’s face sank again, and continued, “You don’t know, I have been chasing Bai for a long time, but he didn’t accept me, but he didn’t say what’s wrong with me.
You and Bai are good friends.
How about saying something nice for me to him?”

When Li Zhibai still pretended to smile with a sullen face, Bai Yin felt a little bad.
He became even more worried after hearing what Catherine said.
Seeing that Li Zhibai’s eyes became cold, he immediately wanted to end this inexplicable topic and dismiss Catherine.
However, before him, Li Zhibai spoke up first, with a smile on his face.

“He is here, why bother so much? I’ll step back.
If you have anything to say, just tell him.” Li Zhibai said in a cool tone.
Without even looking at Bai Yin, he immediately turned around and left.

Catherine was stunned for a moment, but before she could react, Bai Yin had already chased after him, leaving her a sincere “sorry”.

Li Zhibai was so suffocated that he cursed Bai Yin, who had drawned him to have a love affair with him, several times in his heart.
Bai Yin later chased after him and ignored him.
He didn’t want to find the sticky Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng, and others he didn’t know either, so he just took a glass of wine and found a place to stay alone.

Bai Yin wanted to talk to him, but there were many people who wanted to chat with him.
Li Zhibai also seemed unwilling to talk to him.
It was inconvenient for him to pester Li Zhibai to listen to his explanation in the public, so he had to leave the other party alone for a while.

Li Zhibai was angry, and unknowingly, drank more wine.
His mind began to slowly become confused.

Bai Yin was still keeping an eye on Li Zhibai’s condition at all times.
Seeing that he seemed to be drunk, he immediately made an excuse to get rid of the person who was talking to him, walked over and picked up Li Zhibai.

Although he was a little drunk, Li Zhibai was quite familiar with Bai Yin’s breath.
He recognized it at once.

“What are you doing? Go away, I don’t want to see you!” Li Zhibai hummed softly, but the action of dodging was so slow that he was easily picked up by Bai Yin.

“You’re drunk.
I’ll take you to rest.” Bai Yin lowered his head and said in his ear, “I have nothing to do with Catherine.
She also said that I never accepted her.
Don’t be angry, okay?”

When Li Zhibai heard “Catherine”, he felt a little clear in his mind and said in a bad tone, “Then you didn’t refuse! I was asked to help her!” Li Zhibai was very angry.

Bai Yin quickly used a spell, not letting others hear what they say.

“I refused.
I have refused many times.
It’s just that she is too difficult to deal with and never gives up.
But I have absolutely no idea about her!” Bai Yin said to Li Zhibai, “I only like you.
Do you not believe me?”

When Li Zhibai heard this, he snorted and muttered a few words in a low voice.
Bai Yin approached to listen and heard him complain awkwardly, “Liar! You said I was a friend just now, but now you like me again.
Big liar!”

Although Li Zhibai was cursing him, Bai Yin was overjoyed when he heard it.
He immediately asked in a seductive tone, “If I don’t say you’re a friend, should I say you’re mine?”

Li Zhibai had very little sense left, but the logic about this matter was clear.
He slapped Bai Yin angrily, but the actual effect was similar to touching.

“You used to be such a sweet talker before.
Don’t you know what to say?” Li Zhibai said aggrievedly, “Did you use me as a backup, so you don’t want to tell others.”

Seeing this, Bai Yin was surprised, happy, and a little dumbfounded.
He didn’t expect Li Zhibai to think so much.

“How come, I’ve been waiting for you to respond to me.
How can I use you as a backup.” Bai Yin could only helplessly explain, “You haven’t clearly answered to be with me.
I’m afraid to say that you’re my boyfriend.
You must be angry before I call you a friend.
Since you won’t let me call you a friend, then I’ll just say you’re my boyfriend in the future?”

Li Zhibai glanced at him with red eyes.
He snorted and said nothing, obviously tacitly agreeing.

Bai Yin was instantly overjoyed and hit the railroad while it was hot, “That means you accepted me? We will be lovers and spouses in the future and we will be together forever, right?”

Li Zhibai was stared at by Bai Yin and looked away.
He said with red cheeks, “What if?”

Bai Yin’s Adam’s apple rolled.
He quickened his pace.
He hugged Li Zhibai and entered the room.
After closing the door, he immediately lowered his head and kissed the person in his arms.
He tasted the sweet smell of wine on the other’s lips and teeth.

* * *

After the banquet, Bai Xinyan was very depressed to find that he and Yin Heng could no longer get comfort from Bai Yin and Li Zhibai.
Now they couldn’t only hug each other openly, but also used the special care products Bai Yin prepared before! Overnight, the progress directly surpassed Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng.
Bai Xinyan didn’t know when he would catch up with them.

After discovering this, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help sighing at Yin Heng, “In the end, we still lost.”

Yin Heng didn’t know where the idea that he must win over Bai Yin and Li Zhibai came from, but he still comforted him by saying, “It’s okay, they delayed much longer than us.”

Bai Xinyan still sighed, “When will I reach adulthood? I still don’t have any talent for cultivation…”

Yin Heng was helpless.
Although he was also in a hurry, Bai Xinyan seemed to be more in a hurry than him.
He always felt a little… complicated.

“This is because of your physique.
It’s good if the problem is solved.
The progress is good now.
It was estimated that in a month or two, you will be able to establish a foundation and enter adulthood.” Yin Heng gave Bai Xinyan a reassurance.
“It’s not a problem if you’re slow to reach the solid foundation.
Besides, I’m also in breaking through the bottleneck.
I have to settle down and cultivate for a while.
So, you don’t have to worry too much, en?”

Yin Heng kissed Bai Xinyan as he spoke.
They couldn’t go any further.
It was good to appease himself with an appetizer first.

Bai Xinyan also understood these truths, but he was used to showing affection in front of his little uncle and Li Zhibai.
Now, it was estimated that the other party would have to stuff the dog food back, which made him a little depressed.
After being lovey-dovey with Yin Heng for a while, he soon recovered his spirits and turned to gossip about how Bai Yin and Li Zhibai suddenly made great progress.

Maybe it was “frustrated in love” and proud of his career.
Later, when Bai Xinyan visited his teacher, he made friends with many celebrities, and even got a good movie role directly.

This was naturally thanks to his acting teacher, Julia, who was a academic master of the film and television industry in U Country.
The students who were taught alone for a lot of important figures in the film and television industry in U country by her and the producer films she knew were countless.

Although it was the first time for her to meet Bai Xinyan, Julia liked this student quite a lot.
One reason was because Bai Xinyan was talented and had a high understanding of learning.
The other was because of his lovable personality.
Well, she simply liked this younger generation.

When Bai Xinyan came to visit her, Julia couldn’t wait to introduce him to a lot of people as her proud and favourite student.
She casually recommended him to play a role in the new film of Gardlin, a well-known director of U Country.

Most of Gardlin’s films were commercial blockbusters with huge investment in special effects.
The new film was also of this type.
It was also a science fiction film and there happened to be a Chinese character in it.

After being recommended by Julia, Gardlin and Bai Xinyan got in touch and it didn’t take long for him to be cast.

In fact, as a popcorn commercial film, it didn’t need to use such good acting skills as Julia said, especially this Chinese supporting role had many but not many parts, and didn’t need much acting skills.
In addition to Julia’s recommendation, a large part of Bai Xinyan’s success in getting this role was because of Bai Xinyan’s popularity in China and the capital of Bai Yin and Yin Heng who were standing behind him.

For the sake of the great connections behind him, Gardlin also added some scenes to his role, making the character fuller.

This film called 《Stardust (星尘)》, currently determined to be a super A-level blockbuster with a strong team and investment.
The Director Gardlin was a trusted box office guarantee and the starring actor was also a well-known international movie star.
One could imagine how hard it was to get a role in this film.
Even if it was just a small supporting role with few parts, many first-line artists in China might not be able to get in even if they had broken their heads.

The role played by Bai Xinyan only had parts in the early stage and probably sacrificed to save the protagonist team in the middle of the plot.
There weren’t many scenes, but it was a pretty lovable character overall.
After adding scenes, there were still a lot of bright spots.
It had to be said that it was quite good that he could get such a role now.

It happened that Zhang Kai, the agent, was also there, and the contract was quickly finalized.

The shooting of 《Stardust》 would take some time, so after visiting the teacher and traveling around the surrounding area, Bai Xinyan and his party went back to China first.

However, not long after returning to S City, Bai Yin proposed to go to the mist mountain again.

“It’s Yanyan’s first time going out for so long.
Now I have time to go back to see my sister and brother-in-law.
Besides, it’s time for me to go back and bring Zhibai back to show them.” Bai Yin’s seemingly calm tone showed a hint of satisfaction.

Bai Xinyan: “……” If he could find a boyfriend like Yin Heng, he should be more proud!

Knowing that he was going to meet Father and Mother Bai in the mist mountain, Yin Heng nervously made a lot of preparations and made a lot of gifts.
Li Zhibai was even less calm than him, and nervously, took care of his hair several times, trying to impress Father and Mother Bai.

Leaving aside Li Zhibai’s slightly crooked focus, after a bit of tossing, the four of them arrived at the mist mountain without a sound.

The concentration of spiritual energy in the mist mountain was much higher than other places.
They felt comfortable physically and mentally when they arrived.
Although it was autumn, it was still full of green trees.
The Bai family’s house was located in a valley deep in the mountains and forests.
The surrounding flat areas had been opened up into fields, where various fruits and vegetables were planted.
All of which were thriving regardless of the season.
A house surrounded by a fence in the centre of the field looked very quiet and elegant.

The whole picture presented a simple but touching natural beauty.
It seemed that there was a wonderful law of spiritual flow in it.
Yin Heng and Li Zhibai, who came here for the first time, both felt as if they had been enlightened.

“My brother-in-law has carefully arranged this place.
It looks like a farm, but it actually forms a rare gathering spirit formation, which is definitely a treasure of feng shui that cannot be found anywhere else.” Bai Yin said to them with a smile, “Brother-in-law, they should find out that we are back.
Let’s go, let’s go first.”

Bai Xinyan held Yin Heng’s hand and comforted him in a low voice, “Don’t be nervous, Mr Yin.
My parents are very good at talking.
Just remember the points I said before.”

Yin Heng nodded and squeezed Bai Xinyan’s hand with a calm expression, “En, I know.”

Bai Xinyan had already told him about the various preferences and taboos of Father Bai and Mother Bai.
Father Bai liked to grow vegetables and also likes to cook, while Mother Bai liked tea time and flower arrangement.
Neither of them liked to be noisy, and they weren’t used to some high technology that humans had come up with.
Although they looked very young, they were very old in mind, and everyone felt that they were grandparents.

This was a good thing for Yin Heng.
After all, Father Bai and Mother Bai might not feel that it was inappropriate for him to be too much older than Bai Xinyan.
Fortunately, for Father Bai and Mother Bai, Yin Heng had always treated him with the attitude of the younger generation.
When he simply wanted to repay his gratitude, his attitude was also very humble.
Although it was clear that he should repay his kindness but ended up abducting their son, Yin Heng felt a little guilty, but by this time, he had already done enough psychological construction in all aspects.

Father Bai and Mother Bai really found out that they were coming.
As soon as they walked to the door of the house, the door opened by itself.
Mother Bai came out of the room and said to them with a kind attitude, “Come back? Come in, I’m waiting for you to have dinner.”

Father Bai liked to cook.
Although he and Mother Bai didn’t need to eat, he still took the initiative to cook every day.
The chef always hoped that the food he cooked would be recognized by others.
However, most of the dishes cooked by Father Bai were only eaten by Mother Bai, not to mention how lonely it was.
So, knowing that Bai Xinyan and the others were coming back, Father Bai immediately cooked a lot of dishes for them to taste.

As expected, Yin Heng praised Father Bai’s craftsmanship not exaggeratedly but sincerely at the dinner table.
Sure enough, Father Bai’s attitude toward him was also very kind.

In comparison, Li Zhibai was a lot more shy and restrained, but Father Bai and Mother Bai treated him very well, even more gentle than Yin Heng.
Obviously, they could see who was the dominant among the two pairs of little mandarin ducks.
At first glance, Li Zhibai was no match for Bai Yin, so they naturally cherished him a little more.
Yin Heng was different.
No matter what aspect, he was obviously much more powerful than Bai Xinyan.

However, Father Bai and Mother Bai didn’t mean to embarrass Yin Heng.
After eating, they received all kinds of especially agreeable gifts from Yin Heng and were already quite pleasant.

“What is your current physique and cultivation base, Xiao Yin, can you let me see?” Father Bai already knew that Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng could advance each other’s cultivation.
It seemed that they could solve Bai Xinyan’s physical problems.
Naturally, he wanted to find the reason.
After searching Bai Xinyan for a long time, he didn’t find the crux of the problem, so Father Bai wanted to see if it was because of Yin Heng.

Yin Heng naturally couldn’t refuse, “Of course, Uncle.”

Although it was difficult for Yin Heng to let other people’s divine awareness and spiritual power enter his meridian to explore, he must work very hard to restrain the idea of ​​counterattack, but since it was Father Bai’s request and it concerned Bai Xinyan, of course, he had to agree.

After careful investigation, Father Bai said to Yin Heng hesitantly, “I’m not sure, but Xiao Yin seems to have a special bloodline in your body.
It looks like you’re about to awaken.”

Yin Heng was startled, “Special bloodline?”

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