A small child with long white hair, an oversized shirt, its small furry reptile-esque tail was poking out of its back, a blank expression on its face, as if in a daze. A man with the same colored hair as the child lowered themselves to their level, placing their hand gently atop their head.

”Child… ” He spoke, a smile on his face. ”You are my treasure… one of many… but just as important as the rest. ” He pulled his hand away, looking to the door behind him. ”I must leave soon… ” He looked back at the child, ”I *will* come back, okay? ”

The child nodded, not truly understanding what was happening before the man left, exiting through the door before the clamor and shouting of children gained the childs attention.

He spun around and met with a vast field, the children calling for him, running to the sound and color of it all. It was a new feeling, a sense of joy coming over him.

He turned halfway across the field, looking for the door, missing, gone. The child was confused and before he could mull it over, he was interrupted by one of the children, specifically a young boy with short black hair and bright blue eyes.

”Whats your name? ”

The child didn know how to respond to the question, enamored by the boys eyes.

Another boy came in from behind the child, a hand on his shoulder and a smile on his face, his pitch-black eyes and yellow iris being a vast standout, his long black hair matching the long white hair of the child.

”His name is Lux, and Im Yaru! ”

The blue-eyed boy smiled, ”Im Token! ” Token paused, chuckling to himself, ”Ive never met a Faurna before! ”

”Yeah, not much of us around… ” Yaru paused, ”Does it… bother you? ”

Token cocked his head, ”Why would I? ”

Yaru glanced over at Lux before shrugging, looking back over to Token, ”Who are the others over there? ” He pointed to two girls in the distance.

Token quickly glanced over at the girls, ”Those
e my friends! ”

Token ran to them, motioning for Yaru and Lux to follow. Yaru looked to Lux before smiling, grabbing Lux by the arm and dragging him over to the rest of the group.

Token grabbed a small blonde girl with glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose, both hands on her shoulders, ”This is Max! ”

A magenta-headed girl nodded to the Yaru and Lux, ”Im Ariane. ”

Max gave a slight bow to Yaru and Lux before running off and hiding behind Token.

Token chuckled, glancing over his shoulder to look Max in the eyes, looking back over to Yaru and Lux, ”Do you guys wanna be our friends? ”

Yaru nodded to Lux, looking back over to Token, ”Yeah! Well be your friends! ”


”Its not often that you get to see a big shot like you leaving their country. ” A man commented, looking on at the children which were playing together, Lux lagging behind.

The white-haired man sighed, ”DIdn have much of a choice. ”

”Why? ”

”Some peons are making an uproar about them being Faurna, saying its disgracing a bloodline, and well… it isn exactly a good p

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