When Jiang Han said he was going to try and flirt with her, Shen Juan just replied sarcastically and never expected it to actually happen.

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The girl obviously was just there to take a look, but for some reason, this idiot took it for real, betting with him on when she would show up again and what she would choose for her first tattoo.

Unexpectedly, it was them who ran into her first.

Also, this girl must be really brave or she must be determined to live her “whatever” lifestyle to the maximum.
Looking at this gang of people closing up fiercely with “we’re here to fight ” written all over their bodies, she was still there eating like it was nothing and almost had a feeling of watching a good show.

As when Chen Zihao was looking at her, she didn’t even avoid eye contact and looked straight back at him.

What’s wrong with her?

Shen Juan more or less knew what kind of a person Chen Zihao was.
That person attended vocational high school but never went to any of the classes, and the girls who went into his small hotel room in the morning and afternoon wouldn’t even be the same.
Just like that, he was wasting the last bit of his cheap, young life.

Although Shen Juan didn’t feel like he was a good man either, he still couldn’t sit back and see this happen in front of his face.

Thankfully, Chen Zihao was more interested in dealing with him rather than the pretty girl.
He had everything ready, and with the group of followers behind him, he took that as an insult.

Red flag, enemy BOSS anger rating increased by ten points.

Chen Zihao fell silent for a moment and didn’t speak.

Frankly, he was a little afraid of Shen Juan.

When Chen Zihao was attending technical secondary school, Shen Juan’s middle school was right across from his.
The two of them met a couple of times, and Chen Zihao has only heard many things about Shen Juan.
He didn’t care much back then, thinking about how overpowering a middle schooler would be.

It wasn’t until he saw Shen Juan once for himself.
That kid hadn’t even grown as tall, and yet he dragged a man a head taller than him by his collar into an alley.
Then the man was thrown onto a metal trash can.

The trash can flipped over and rolled very far, spilling trash all over the place.

That man groaned and whispered something.
Shen Juan smiled coldly.

It was cold to the bones, accompanied by a gloomy and sharp hostility.

Then, Shen Juan got himself into some trouble.
It was said that he almost beat a guy into a coma, but with his wealthy family background, his family got him out of it.
Many people doubted this, yet Chen Zihao felt that it was most likely to be true.

What happened today had nothing to do with him at first.
It was just that one of his new buddies got into some conflicts with Shen Juan’s men.
He didn’t know and wasn’t expecting Shen Juan to come.
If he knew, he probably wouldn’t have appeared.

Chen Zihao looked at him with a cigarette in his mouth and said, “Rare to see Brother Juan having so much free time.
Here to stand up for a buddy?”

His tone was rather polite.

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And indeed he didn’t want to mess with Shen Juan.

Bosses like him had to consider many things.
As a fearless boss, Chen Zihao’s logic was naturally very complicated.
In less than two seconds, his mind crazily went through the balance of “should I continue to act cool” and “it’s probably the best to run this time”.
But before he could make up his mind, Shen Juan just pointed to the 7-11 and said calmly, “Nah, I’m just getting a bottle of water.”


Chen Zihao was at a loss for a moment, unable to understand why the legendary boss of all bosses looked so casual right now.

He wasn’t the only one who was lost.
A few seconds of silence later, Mop No.2, Wang Yiyang screamed at the top of his lungs, “Daddy! What’s up with you!!!”

Still chewing on her fish stake, Lin Yujing almost busted out laughing.
She wanted to take a closer look at Mop No.2’s expression as he said that.

But her attempt failed.
Shen Juan was very tall and blocked half of her sight.
She was still squatting, and from her angle, the butt…

Lin Yujing admired the delinquent’s butt for a while and finished her fish stake.
She poked her pick into the cup again for more, but she got nothing.

She looked down.
The food was gone, and only some soup was left.

She sighed, feeling unfulfilled, and placed the paper cup on the front steps.
She picked up the rice ball beside her and opened the packaging.

The transparent packaging made some crispy noises, which seemed very arrogant in this intense atmosphere.

Shen Juan turned around and looked down at her.

Lin Yujing didn’t notice and was still fighting with the plastic packaging.
This was wrapped quite tight.

After she finally opened it, she heard Shen Juan say, “I feel a little sleepy.”

The teenager’s voice was faint with a little nasal tone.
He said lazily, “So, let’s hurry up and get on with it.
I still want to get some sleep after this.
School starts the day after tomorrow, and I still have homework to finish tomorrow.”

Chen Zihao, “…”

Lin Yujing, “…”

Everyone, “…”

Awkward silence.

Just listen to that jerk-like tone and the shitty speech.

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Lin Yujing couldn’t tell the other’s expressions, but her hand trembled a little from that, and her rice ball fell onto the ground.

What kind of delinquent was that?

Such a loser.

So he’s still going to school?

And still, cares about homework?

His teacher must be very pleased to have a student like him who would think about homework in the middle of a fight and remember to use the last few days of summer break to make up unfinished homework.

Chen Zihao didn’t speak, but his buddies behind him couldn’t bear it anymore.
Lin Yujing also felt like Shen Juan deserved a good beating.
He didn’t take others seriously at all, and his tone was full of “you idiots were wasting my sleeping time”.
This was an unacceptable attitude.

One person, who looked taller and more muscular than Shen Juan, walked up.
He was wearing a black vest and shorts, which revealed his bulky muscles, and his eyes were fierce.

“Look how awesome you think you are,” the muscular man said fiercely, “Brother Hao was saving you some face, and you think you really deserve to be called Brother Juan? Do you think you really are something…”

Shen Juan took a step forward and gave a punch to his stomach.

It was a heavy one.
Lin Yujing could even hear the deep thud from the flesh.

Before the muscular man could finish, he was interrupted and coughed dryly while bending down.
Not giving him time to react, Shen Juan grabbed his hair and pulled downwards as his knee came up.
With a bang, the face enthusiastically kissed up to the knee, and his other hand gave him another punch on the stomach.

The muscular man couldn’t even yell.
Shen Juan pulled his head back up, and blood was dripping down from his nose.
He stared at Shen Juan with a pair of red eyes.

He opened his mouth as if he wanted to talk.

Shen Juan let go of his hair and kicked him in the knees.
The muscular man lost his balance and knelt down on the ground with a thump.

No one spoke.
Even Lin Yujing didn’t react.

The muscles on the muscular man seemed to be made out of butter.
He knelt on the ground with one hand supporting his body and the other clutching his stomach.
His stomach acid kept coming up, but nothing came out of his mouth.

Shen Juan had his eyes half-closed as he looked at the person coldly.
Then he smiled, “Of course.”

The muscular man must be the right-hand man of the gang.
The opposing team was very insulted by this, and all sorts of nasty curses came from them.

Mop No.2 went up with his dreadlocks flapping in the air rhythmically.
He screamed as he swung out a beautiful left hook, “I’ll take care of my own business! Come at me! All together!!!”


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Lin Yujing was surprised by how interesting bad teenagers were nowadays.

She picked up the rice ball that fell on the ground and was about to throw it into the trash can, but as she turned around, she saw the cashier in the 7-11 quickly hanging up a call.
The employees in the store were all gathered together looking outside.

She paused and hesitated between “sneak away by herself” and “give them a reminder”.
Seconds later, she still raised her hand and gently tugged on the teenager’s sleeves.

Shen Juan was still watching the show being played out in front of him.
Although he didn’t have as many people on his side, Wang Yiyang was still a good fighter, and the muscular one of the opposing team was still down, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Looking at his watch, it was past ten already.

He was about to sneak home to take a shower and sleep, but he felt a little tug coming from the back of his sleeve.

Shen Juan tiredly turned around and looked down at his sleeve.

There were two fine and white fingers with nails round and clean.
A little white crescent at the end was followed by a pretty and thin hand and a wrist so white that it almost looked transparent.

He raised his eyelids and looked at the girl’s face, silently expressing his confusion.

Lin Yujing released the sleeve and pointed at the cashier in the store.
She said quietly, “I think I saw them calling the police.”

There were people near them fighting at a climax, and Shen Juan couldn’t hear anything.
He bent down and got close, “Huh?”

Lin Yujing also leaned forward cooperatively and repeated, “That young lady in there might have called the police.”

Shen Juan could smell a hint of sweetness, like the afternoon flowers in the garden mixed with freshly baked fruit tarts and milk candy.

He shifted his head and backed off while straightening his back, “Then, let’s go.”

Lin Yujing was shocked and stood up as well, “What?”

“Didn’t they call the cops?” Shen Juan yawned and walked toward the 7-11.

Lin Yujing was silent for two seconds and asked, “How come you’re still sleepy?”

With a “ding”, the automatic door opened.
Shen Juan looked at her and raised his chin in the direction of the clock on the wall, “It’s 10:30.
Best time for sleep.”


So, he was a delinquent that also cared about his health.

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Lin Yujing rolled her eyes.
She saw Shen Juan pacing around the fridge area under the store employees’ terrified glances and grabbed a rice ball along with a bottle of water to fulfill what he said earlier.

Then, he grabbed a pack of wipes, and checked out, and as the clerk lady was heating the rice ball for him with the microwave, he opened up the pack of wipes and started wiping his hands carefully.

Probably because he just beat the muscular guy up.

The teen was tall and slightly thin.
As he was leaning lazily against the counter, his focus and calmness couldn’t connect him to the person that just put a knee into a man’s face.
His hand was white and beautiful under the convenience store’s light.
One could even faintly see the veins underneath the skin.

His head was lowered, his nose was tall, and his hair was long, half-covering his eyes.
His eyebrows weren’t too long but were still thick.
The end of his brows curled upwards, a cold, piercing style.

Lin Yujing glanced at the clerk, who was obviously scared but still took some extra looks at him.
Lin Yujing couldn’t help but sigh in her mind.

Not to mention before, this appearance would be enough to make countless girls fall for him in the future.

The microwave beeped, and Shen Juan’s hand stopped.
He looked up at the cashier.

The girl was still looking at him, and it took her a good two seconds to react.
She quickly looked away while blushing, opened the microwave, and took out the rice ball trapped in paper.

Shen Juan took the rice ball, thanked the clerk, threw the wipe into the trash, and left the 7-11.

Lin Yujing followed behind.

The night breeze was humid and chilly.
The two of them avoided the still-active “crime scene” and went into another alley.
Lin Yujing stopped and looked back.
She could see the police that got there already.

Justice arrived.
Bad teens scattered.

She looked back, “You don’t care about your friends at all?”

Just running away like that wouldn’t make him a worthy delinquent.

Shen Juan uttered “mm” but didn’t look back.
He handed the rice ball to her.

The teenager’s beautiful hand with the rice ball appeared in front of her face.
Lin Yujing was stunned, and she blinked twice.

“Didn’t you drop that one earlier?” said Shen Juan.

Author’s Notes:

“Of course Brother Juan’s a loser.”

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