Chapter 7 Perky butt

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Each place has its own ways of supporting its inhabitants1.
At this moment in time, Lin Yujing felt that the people of this place were too bizarre.
What kind of environment raised these kinds of people?

She originally thought that the most embarrassing thing she had to do at the start of the term was her self-introduction.
In the end, Liu Fujing used actions to tell her, no, I will let you know deeper shame.

I’ll make you introduce your new desk mate.
Aren’t I smart?

The delinquent teenage rebellious spirit Lin Yujing had suppressed for so long that she had nearly forgotten it, started stirring.

If this were the past, when she was still young, she would’ve refused and walked away in disgust.


But this wasn’t the past.

Nobody could keep thinking about the past, or keep living in it.

She took a deep breath and started pondering about Shen Juan.

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Lin Yujing thought expressionlessly.


Liu Fujiang’s intention was to let everyone introduce themselves as well as to get an impression of their desk mate.
However, because Lin Yujing was a transfer student and had already finished her self-introduction, all she had to do left was to introduce the reputed school heartthrob desk mate of hers.

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Liu Fujiang raised his hand and said, “Alright.
Three minutes are up.
Let us give a round of applause and welcome Miss Lin Yujing.”

Clap clap clap clap.
A warm round of applause sounded beneath the podium.

Lin Yujing stood up and turned her head back for a look.
Shen Juan had finally changed into another posture, sitting up straight with his back against the wall, looking right at her.

Seeing her turn her head, probably because he assumed that his desk mate was waiting for his encouragement and support, Shen Juan hesitated for a bit before raising his slender and long hands, slowly clapping along with the rest.

He showed her much respect.

Lin Yujing: “…..”

I thank you.

She walked to the podium as everyone quietened down.
Some gazed at her with pity, as though once she was finished with her speech, Shen Juan was going to take out a big cleaver from the drawer of his desk and hack her into pieces.

Lin Yujing was silent for a few seconds before speaking, “My desk mate–”

She thought for a moment, “— loves studying a lot.
A day before the start of school, in order to do his homework, he not only burnt the midnight oil leading to his late arrival to school, he had even caught a cold.”

A wave of silence washed over and only the sound of breathing remained in the classroom.


“In the end, he had even forgotten to bring his homework.” Lim Yujing was unable to stop herself from adding this as the conclusion.


After a few minutes of deathly stillness, even the sound of breathing disappeared.

Chrysanthemum Tea’s face was filled with fear and admiration, looking at her as if she was a brave warrior who had strapped himself with explosives to blow up a military pillbox.

At her speech, nobody dared to applaud, afraid that a careless mistake would provoke the boss’ ire.

Lin Yujing very calmly left the podium under everyone’s admiring gazes.

The next one to speak was originally Shen Juan, however, just as Lin Yujing had sat down, a teacher knocked on the classroom door.
Liu Fujiang went out to talk to the teacher.

When he came back, he asked, “Who’s next?”

Nobody moved or spoke up but everyone’s gaze landed on Shen Juan.

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Shen Juan lowered his eyelids, calmly and lazily giving a yawn.
“I just finished.”

Then, he turned his head and shot Chrysanthemum Tea sitting behind them a glance.

Chrysanthemum Tea swiftly grasped his intentions and stood up with a look of anguish on his face, “Teacher, it’s my turn.”


Every beginning is difficult.
Since Lin Yujing was the first to go, it became easier for the rest to follow up.
Once everyone had painstakingly finished introducing their deskmate, the first two classes of the morning had passed.
When the bell signifying the next bell rang, everyone let out a sigh of relief and scuttled out the classroom like a swarm of bees.

Shen Juan had already fallen asleep in the middle of the desk mate introductions.
Once class had ended, Liu Fujing came over to their table to remind Lin Yujing not to forget dropping a visit to the Art and Sports Building to receive her school uniform.
Afraid that she would get lost, he even captured Chrysanthemum Tea who was on his way out and asked him to guide her while giving her a tour of Eighth High’s environment and facilities.

Chrysanthemum Tea boy was called Li Lin.
He was quite a good person, it was just that he got a bit hot-headed sometimes.

Eighth High was certainly humongous and had a great abundance of greenery.
There was even a manmade lake when you turned left from the gates.
Li Lin first took her to the library for a tour.
The library was two floors big and the number of books they had was impressive.
The first floor had rooms for reading and self-study and a massive piece of rock stood before the doors.
It was engraved with the words, ‘Tempering a moral character, a passion for learning, broad ambitions and a strong will‘.

Further ahead of the library was the cafeteria.
Compared to the library, Li Lin was evidently more familiar with this place.
At this moment, it was still morning so there was no one in the cafeteria.
Leading in front, Li Lin introduced.
“This is the cafeteria.
On the first floor, they serve dishes which I think are still ok, but not a lot of people eat them.
Usually, freshmen are tricked by the school to eat here but soon, everybody will start eating outside.“

The two people walked out of the cafeteria and headed towards the Arts and Sports Building, bypassing some greenery and the basketball court.
There were three outdoor basketball courts, each occupied by boys playing basketball, and under the hoop and side of the courts sad little ladies.
Some were watching the guys play while some were just having conversations.

Eighth High’s school uniform was composed of a sports jacket and sports pants.
The summer edition had half-sleeves.
Girls were also allowed to wear pants so when seen from afar, the entire school campus was filled with students who had white tops and black pants.

Lin Yujing didn’t have a school uniform and even though she wore a white top and black bottom, her pleated skirt showed off her slender long legs.
With a height of 1.7 meters, she was very eye-catching.

Especially because her appearance was very outstanding.

Several boys dribbled while looking in her direction, wolf-whistling.

Lin Yujing was too lazy to care.
Li Lin turned his head for a look and muttered ‘damn’ under his breath.
Turning his head back, he whispered, “New student, your desk mate.”

Lin Yujing paused and turned her head.


Shen Juan was sitting on one of the benches, his legs spread wide open.
His arms were atop of his knees as he held a mineral spring water bottle in one hand.

It probably hadn’t been long since he arrived, his gaze still looked unfocused, carrying the drowsiness of just having awoken.

Beside him was a guy sitting on a basketball.
He was staring at Lin Yujing before turning to tell Shen Juan something.

Shen Juan raised his head and cast a glance in her direction.

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After staring at each other for 1.5 seconds, Lin Yujing whipped her head back and resumed walking ahead, “Let’s go.
Is the Art and Sports Building far?”

Li Lin couldn’t help but sigh and revere her for her display of calmness.
He eagerly caught up to her and asked, “New student, do you know who your desk mate is?”

Lin Yujing honestly replied, “Shen Juan.”

“Aii, that’s not what I meant, do you know who Shen Juan is?”

“No.” Lin Yujing could see his desire to speak and took the baton, “School heartthrob?”

Li Lin nodded, “Aiii—-that’s right.”

Then shook his head, “But also not right.”

The two had already walked out of the basketball court by this moment.
Li Lin turned her head for a look and said, “The guy who was playing ball on that side is a third year.”

“Oh.” Lin Yujing nodded.

Li Lin: “He was Shen Juan’s previous classmate.”

Lin Yujing paused and raised her eyes, “previous?”

Supposedly, he should’ve been a third year too,” Li Lin said in a low voice.
“During his second year, Shen Juan caused an incident, nearly beating his desk mate to death.
The guy was covered in blood and a lot of classmates were witnesses to this.
At that time, his gaze and aura were said to be really terrifying.”

“Ah,” Lin Yujing recalled the appearance of the youth in a fight and asked, “Why?”

“I don’t know why.
Nobody also really knows.
Those who are friends with him don’t dare to ask him.
In any case, he didn’t attend school after that.
I always thought it was because he was expelled or he transferred to another school.
I didn’t think that he only took a year’s leave from school and now he’s in the same class as I am, and he’s even sitting right in front of me.
He even heard all of the bad things I said about him,” Li Lin’s face turned pale, “New student, do you think I can live past the Dragon Boat Festival?”

Lin Yujing earnestly corrected him, “Dragon Boat Festival is in May.
The closest holiday coming is Mid-Autumn.”

Li Lin: “…..Oh.”

On the basketball court, He Songnan stared at Lin Yujing’s figure and clicked his tongue.
“This year’s female freshmens sure are on another level.

Shen Juan ignored him and screwed open his bottle, drinking the water.
His neck stretched open, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down.

“Did you see her gaze when she turned her head? She was like a queen, emitting an aura as if to say I was just an ant.” He Songnan said in exhilaration.
After thinking for a moment, he then added, “That’s not right.
Aren’t first years still in military training, is she a second year or a third year? If I’ve seen her before, there’s no way she wouldn’t have rung a bell.”

Shen Juan slowly screwed the cap back to the bottle and threw it diagonally opposite him.
The mineral spring water bottle drew a circle in the air and with a light whoosh, landed accurately inside the trash can.
“Second year.”

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“Transfer student?”


“I was wondering why I hadn’t seen her before,” He Songnan clapped, “Your news is as quick as ever.
You’ve just come back and you already know which grade the pretty little sister is in.
Do you know which class?

“Class 10, my desk mate.”

He Songna paused in place, taking 5 minutes to digest this piece of news, “Your new desk mate?”

“Ah.” Shen Juan leaned back and looked up.

“Fuck, you must be happy about your demotion.” He Songnan watched Lin Yujing walk far away, his face filled with envy, “Your desk mate sure is something.
Those legs are stunning, Boss Shen.”

Shen Juan looked at him.

He Songnan stretched out his neck, continuing to look.
He held up his hands and gestured, “Look, that area between the skirt and her knees, do you know what it’s called— it’s called the absolute territory.”

Shen Juan calmly called him, “He Songnan.”

“Hm?” He Songnan responded without turning his head, his line of sight stuck at the absolute territory.

Shen Juan raised a foot and stomped on the basketball under his butt, kicking it forward.

The ball flew very far, causing He Songnan’s butt to land on the ground.
He let out an anguished “ow” and turned around to howl.
“Boss Juan! What the hell was that for!!!”

Shen Juan looked at him.
“That’s my desk mate.”

“I fucking know she’s your desk mate.” He Songnan rubbed his butt and got back to his feet, grimacing in pain.
“So what?”

“She’s not your desk mate.” Shen Juan said.

The author has something to say:

Boss Juan: Are you an idiot? Why are you looking at her? Is she your desk mate?

T/N: Lmao He Songnan is such a weeb.
‘Absolute Territory’ or 絶対領域 refers to the area of bare skin in the gap between overknee socks and a skirt.
There’s even a wikipedia page for this lol This below is a meme I found while googling for a picture as reference

Translator Little Potato: I’ll be taking a hiatus for the month of June so this will be the last chapter until then~ I might come back a week or two early but regardless, stay stafe and take care, everyone~

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