At nine o’clock in the morning, a business car parked outside the airport’s private jet terminal, and ground service personnel were waiting at the entrance to receive them.

Lu Jingshen stepped out of the car with long strides, without saying a word, and walked quickly into the building.

The accompanying staff hurriedly followed.

Secretary Liu Jie went to communicate with the ground service and learned that their plane was still refueling.
She came over to inform Lu Jingshen.

“It will probably take another fifteen minutes.”

Lu Jingshen nodded and leaned back on the sofa, casually flipping through a magazine.

Liu Jie continued to report to him, “Also, Captain Deng fell ill and was hospitalized a few days ago.
We don’t know if he can continue flying in the future.
The private jet company has arranged a replacement for him temporarily.
They said the person just returned from abroad.
If we are satisfied, we can directly request to have that person join us.
I looked at the resume, and although young, the person has extensive flying experience and is also a captain.
If it’s possible, we can use him and avoid the need to hire someone else.”

“You handle it.”

Lu Jingshen said indifferently, throwing out this sentence.
He flipped another page of the magazine, and his gaze inadvertently fell on the ramp outside the glass wall in front of him, momentarily freezing.

On the ramp, the senior captain had finished the aircraft inspection and boarded the plane, leaving Feng Si alone supervise the refueling.

His hands were casually in his pockets, and a reflective vest covered his pilot uniform.
He appeared relaxed, and the pilot cap covered his eyes, but the high bridge of his nose, extending down to his slightly thin lips, and the perfectly curved jawline were clearly visible.

The corners of his mouth were also curved with a smile as he spoke to the beautiful flight attendants beside him.

“Captain Feng, will you be flying with us in the future?”

The flight attendant’s voice was overly sweet.
Feng Si seemed pleased and smiled, “I don’t know.
I’d like to, but I still need the big boss to accept me.”

Another flight attendant said, “President Lu seems easy to talk to and generous with his actions.
If you perform well, he will definitely choose you.
Flying with him pays better than outside, and it’s easier too.
Besides, President Lu has a good temper, much easier to serve than those other big bosses.”

“Is that so?”

Feng Si’s voice was light, with a playful tone.
The two flight attendants chatting and joking didn’t notice, nor did they see the fleeting light in his narrow eyes hidden under the brim of his pilot cap.

The refueling of the aircraft was completed, and Lu Jingshen withdrew his gaze, his thoughts unknown.
Seeing him seemingly lost in thought, Liu Jie hesitated and called out to him, “Boss…”

Lu Jingshen said, “Give me his resume.”

Liu Jie was momentarily stunned.

Lu Jingshen raised his chin slightly, “The resume of that captain, let me see it.”

Liu Jie immediately regained her senses, opened the tablet, and brought up Feng Si’s resume, handing it to Lu Jingshen.

Lu Jingshen’s gaze fell on it, and in the top right corner was the person’s identification photo, wearing a white pilot shirt with four stripes on the shoulder.
The person had a handsome face with a slightly mischievous curve to his lips.
When those eyes looked at people, they seemed capable of captivating their hearts and souls.

Feng Si, twenty-nine years old, British Chinese.

Lu Jingshen stared at the photo quietly for a moment.
Liu Jie thought he would say something, but in the end, he just handed the tablet back and stood up calmly when the ground service came to inform them that they could board the plane.

Liu Jie glanced down at the tablet in her hand, sensing that Lu Jingshen’s reaction was somewhat strange.
However, she couldn’t see anything special about that young captain.
If anything, he had an exceptionally striking appearance, but her boss shouldn’t be concerned about that.

Lu Jingshen walked up the air stairs, and the crew members were waiting at the cabin door to greet them.

The senior captain and two flight attendants stood in front, wearing smiles on their faces, while Feng Si stood alone behind them, still wearing his pilot cap.
His tall stature made him stand out, and when he raised his gaze, his black and shining eyes stared directly at Lu Jingshen.

Lu Jingshen nodded to the others, his gaze passing over Feng Si, and he walked directly into the cabin.

Feng Si’s gaze followed his retreating figure, and a smile gradually curved on his lips.

During the pre-flight preparations, Feng Si suddenly chuckled, and the senior captain next to him jokingly said, “What are you laughing about? You seem so radiant.
Could it be that Lin Ling and the others asked you to have dinner with them after getting off the plane?”

He was referring to the two flight attendants.
Feng Si calmly adjusted his earpiece and asked, “Captain Chen, how long have you been flying with President Lu?”

The senior captain casually replied, “Not long.
I heard that he still has other private jets in his family.
This jet he bought last year is mostly for his personal use.
But he can’t fly it often, so we, old Deng, Lin Ling, and I, are all on a semi-contract with him.
We fly with him regularly, and when he’s not flying, we also take on other flight arrangements from the private jet company.
How about you? I heard you’ve f

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