The next morning, Liu Jie and the others who had finished their business went back to their home country ahead of Lu Jingshen.

Lu Jingshen was accustomed to waking up early, even though he didn’t sleep well.

Feeling restless, he walked out of the hotel.
Originally intending to take a walk alone nearby, when he reached the end of the street, he saw Fengsi buying postcards at a bookstore across the street, chatting and laughing with the vendor.

Lu Jingshen stopped by the side of the street, quietly observing him without moving for a while.

It was only when his phone rang, a call from Lu Qing, that Lu Jingshen pressed the answer button.
His sister asked if he planned to go on vacation, mentioning that he hadn’t heard him mention it before.
Lu Jingshen’s gaze remained on Fengsi the whole time as he absentmindedly answered, “It was a last-minute decision.
I happened to come here for a business meeting.”

Lu Qing fell silent for a moment before asking again, “Ah Shen, are you going on vacation at this time? And for two weeks, with your assistant?”

Lu Jingshen vaguely replied, “Hmm,” and Lu Qing reminded him, “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I thought you disliked that kind of relationship.”

Lu Jingshen’s brows slightly furrowed, and he instinctively said, “It’s not like that between me and him.”

Lu Qing said, “You don’t have to deny it to me.
What’s important is what you truly feel inside.
I’m just concerned about you.
Regarding what happened in the past…”

Lu Jingshen interrupted her, “Sis, please take care of the company matters.
I’ll rest for a while and then come back.”

He rarely called Lu Qing “sis.” After all, they were born less than half an hour apart.
But whenever he called her that way, Lu Qing knew he was sincerely pleading.

“Alright, as long as you know what you’re doing.
Take a good rest.
I’ll take care of the company.”

After hanging up the call, Lu Jingshen let out a sigh of relief.
Without realizing it, he turned his head to the person across the street, and their eyes met.

Before Lu Jingshen could react, Fengsi, with a cigarette in his mouth, had already crossed the street and walked towards him.
“Why are you standing here?”

Without waiting for Lu Jingshen to speak, Fengsi smiled mischievously and said, “Good morning, Alex.”

Lu Jingshen was slightly taken aback.
During those three months back then, every morning when he woke up, Fengsi would smile and say the same words to him.
He remembered, and Fengsi remembered too.

Lu Jingshen regained his senses and asked him, “You’re smoking early in the morning.
Are you that addicted?”

Fengsi casually put out the cigarette.
“Just bored.
Why did you come out so early?”

“Just came out for a walk.” Lu Jingshen seemed a bit uneasy.

Fengsi shook the postcard in his hand.
“Do you want it? Rare chance to be here.”

Lu Jingshen wasn’t interested.
His family had traveled all over the world, so he didn’t need postcards.
Besides, he didn’t have any friends close enough to send postcards to.

Seeing through him, Fengsi said, “Forget it.
Pretend I didn’t ask.”

They returned to the hotel together and had breakfast at the restaurant.
Fengsi took out a pen and started writing postcards.

Sitting across from him, Lu Jingshen couldn’t see what he was writing.
His attention was focused on the pen in his hand.
It was the same one Fengsi had bitten the cap off when they signed the refueling form at the airport on the day they arrived.

After finishing writing, Fengsi looked up and saw Lu Jingshen staring at his pen.
“This pen is a limited-edition commemorative version.
I bought it in the Middle East last year.
Do you want it?”

Lu Jingshen hesitated for a moment, then reached out and took the pen.
As he put it away, his fingers unconsciously lightly rubbed the pen cap.

After writing the postcards, Fengsi asked Lu Jingshen if he had any plans for where to go.
“I heard from your brother that you go to France every year and even bought a vineyard there?”

Lu Jingshen responded nonchalantly, “It’s peaceful there.”

“So, your idea of a vacation is finding a secluded place to hide from the world,” Fengsi joked with a smile.
“Can you take me to see it?”

Lu Jingshen was about to refuse when he saw Fengsi’s bright and smiling gaze.
He changed his mind and said, “If you want to go, then go.”

After breakfast, Fengsi went to mail the postcards.

There was a mailbox on the opposite side of the street from the hotel.
Lu Jingshen stood there waiting for him, and his gaze inadvertently fell on the stones by the roadside.

“Were you secretly watching me just now?” Fengsi suddenly asked.

Lu Jingshen furrowed his brow, and Fengsi continued, “Curious about who I’m sending the postcards to?”

Lu Jingshen’s gaze returned to him, and he seemed hesitant to speak.

“The postcards are for,” Fengsi dragged out his words, smiling as he stared into his eyes, “I don’t want to tell you.”

Realizing that he was being played, Lu Jingshen’s face slightly stiffened, and his voice became colder.
“Let’s go.”

Just as he turned around, Fengsi grabbed his arm and pulled him back.
“If you want to know, just ask directly.
Is it fun to be so coy?”

“I don’t want to know,” Lu Jingshen replied.

He was indeed curious before, but Fengsi’s attitude, as if he could control everything, made him very uncomfortable.
It was the case last night, and it was the case today.
He’d rather not know.

Fengsi let go of his hand.
“Alright, forget it then.”

Lu Jingshen turned and started walking away.

Fengsi followed, tilting his head and staring at his face.
“Are you angry?”

He added, “Lu, you have quite a temper.
Just a few words and you’re angry.”

Lu Jingshen stopped in his tracks, turned to face him, and said, “Don’t try to provoke me.
I’m not falling for it.”

Fengsi laughed.
“Alex, I’ve realized that you’re actually quite interesting.”

It was probably the first time in his life that someone called him interesting.
Although Lu Jingshen didn’t like it, he responded along with his words, “You’re not bad either.”

“Well, that’s a given.
I’m glad to receive such a compliment from you,” Fengsi said with a thick-skinned face.
Before Lu Jingshen could react, Fengsi wrapped his arm around his shoulder.
“Come on, let me take you around.”

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