Back at the hotel, Lujing Shen silently swiped his card to open the door, and Feng Si, with his hands in his pockets, observed his actions.
As the door opened, Feng Si pulled him back.

Lujing Shen turned around.
“Is there something else?”

Feng Si tilted his head slightly.
“Are you really upset with me tonight?”

Lujing Shen didn’t want to talk about it and shook his head slightly.

Feng Si said, “If you’re upset, just say so.
I won’t take you to such places again.
Let me apologize.”

Lujing Shen was taken aback, not expecting him to say that.

“What’s with that expression? Are you surprised I said sorry?” Feng Si said, “I’m really sorry i took you to such a place.
I shouldn’t have taken you there and made you uncomfortable.
There won’t be a next time.”

Seeing that Lujing Shen didn’t respond, Feng Si added, “Do you also want to firmly draw a line between us?”

Lujing Shen said, “It’s fine…You can go rest now.”

Feng Si asked, “So, you’re not angry anymore?”

Lujing Shen retorted, “Does it matter if I’m angry or not? Just go back.”

The more he pretended to be calm, the itchier Feng Si felt.
“What’s the rush? It’s not that late.
Besides, you being angry with me makes me so sad, Lujing, and it takes so much effort to satisfy you.”

Lujing Shen couldn’t help but frown, and Feng Si called him by his name.
“Alex, you still haven’t answered me.
What were you thinking when you were staring at me?”

Lujing Shen was a little annoyed.
“Don’t you feel shameless?”

Feng Si pondered for a moment, then said with thick-skinned confidence, “If you mean me kissing you, well, we’ve done it countless times before, so it’s not like it’s the first time.
You never rejected me before.”

Lujing Shen wasn’t interested in continuing the conversation.
As he closed the door, Feng Si reached out to stop him, grabbing his arm.

Staring into Lujing Shen’s eyes, Feng Si suddenly turned serious.
“Please Alex, it’s your vacation, just two weeks.
Can you temporarily forget your identity and become the person you used to be?”

Lujing Shen was instantly speechless.

“If you don’t speak, I’ll take it as you agreeing,” Feng Si said as he took a step forward, pushing Lujing Shen against the wall by the door and did what he had wanted to do again since earlier – he leaned over and kissed him.

Skillfully parting Lujing Shen’s lips, Feng Si indulged in a passionate tongue kiss without any reservations.
Lujing Shen couldn’t muster the strength to refuse, and he realized that Feng Si had gotten his way again without him even realizing it.

Feng Si held one of his wrists and used the other hand to roam his waist and ass, touching all his sensitive spots.

Lujing Shen couldn’t take it anymore and tried to push him away, but Feng Si held him tighter and intensified the kiss.

Every part of their lips and tongues was explored, and Feng Si forcefully teased his mouth, leaving him no chance to catch his breath or struggle.

The kiss didn’t last long, and when it ended, Feng Si slightly pulled away, gazing at Lujing Shen’s dazed eyes.
He lightly brushed his lips and asked, “Alex, are you enjoying it?”

The serious person from a moment ago now started talking nonsense again.
Feng Si patted Lujing Shen’s asscheeks and asked in a crude manner, “Do you want it here?”

Lujing Shen took a breath and gradually regained his composure, responding in a hoarse voice, “Enough.”

Feng Si let go of him with a satisfied grin.
“Alright then, I’ll leave.
Rest well and good night.”

He turned and left decisively, leaving Lujing Shen standing alone in place.
He closed the door with force as he entered the room.

However, that night, Lujing Shen still couldn’t sleep well.
He kept dreaming throughout the night, and the same scene played in his dreams – he hugged, kissed, and made love to the same man over and over again.

It was always him and Feng Si, even the scenes that made him particularly uncomfortable in his dreams featured him, unabashedly indulging in passion without any restraint.

He was drowning in desire, unable to wake up.

When Lujing Shen opened his eyes, it was still before six in the morning.
The scenes from his dreams lingered in his mind, and he could remember every detail clearly.

He covered his eyes with his arm and thought despairingly that he really was unsatisfied, he had been all along.

Even the toys he brought with him and threw away by himself couldn’t satisfy the increasingly restless desire inside him.
Since the day he met Feng Si again, it seemed that this day was destined to come.

At the airport tarmac, Feng Si was conducting pre-flight checks under the aircraft.

Lin Ling approached him, going up and down the aircraft stairs before joining him.

Feng Si turned around and casually greeted her.

Lin Ling seemed a bit embarrassed, her eyes were still a bit swollen from crying yesterday, concealed under dark eye makeup.
She asked Feng Si, “Captain Feng, you didn’t tell me you were gay just to reject me, did you?”

Feng Si was helpless.
“How could that be? Do you think I need to lie about something like that?”

Lin Ling looked him up and down, as if she understood something.
“You wouldn’t happen to be interested in pursuing Mr Lu, right?”

Feng Si raised an eyebrow.
“Is it that obvious?”

Lin Ling replied, “…”

The girl’s expression was hard to explain in words, and after a while, she said, “So that’s it.
I must have been blind.
I thought I was the one taking on a challenging task, but it turns out you were the one all along.
Well then, I wish you success.”

Feng Si smiled.
“Thanks for the good wishes.”

When Lujing Shen came over, he witnessed that friendly scene of them chatting and laughing.

Feng Si saw him first and reminded Lin Ling, “The boss is here.”

Lin Ling hadn’t expected Lujing Shen to arrive early, so she quickly put away her joking attitude and went to meet him at the aircraft exit.

Lujing Shen walked over and gestured to her, “You go ahead.”

Lin Ling glanced at Feng Si, seeing that he had a smile only for the two of them, she couldn’t stand that sticky affection and quickly boarded the plane.

Feng Si waved the inspection sheet in his hand and said to Lujing Shen, “Mr Lu, I haven’t finished my work yet.”

Lujing Shen calmly said, “Carry on with your work.”

Feng Si continued with the remaining checks, and Lujing Shen accompanied him.
When they walked to the rear of the aircraft, they avoided the sight of the maintenance crew.
Feng Si turned around, and his gaze fell on Lujing Shen.

That day, Lujing Shen was dressed in a casual suit with the wind blowing open the jacket, revealing the waistline wrapped in a dark gray shirt.

Feng Si stepped closer, raised his hand to button up his jacket, and stared into his eyes.
“Did you not sleep well last night? Why are there dark circles?”

Lujing Shen didn’t avoid Feng Si’s gaze.
“I agreed to your proposal last night.”

His voice was soft, covered by the sound of the wind, and Feng Si almost thought he misheard.


Lujing Shen raised his chin slightly.
“Just for these two weeks.”

Feng Si said, “Oh?”

After Lujing Shen said this, he seemed to relax and let Feng Si continue his work.
He boarded the plane first.

Feng Si raised his eyes and watched Lujing Shen gradually disappearing into the cabin through the gangway.
The narrow eyes under the pilot’s cap narrowed slightly, showing a faint smile.

They would land in Southern France in two hours.
As he said goodbye to the others, Feng Si added, “See you in two weeks.”

The open-minded senior captain teased him with a smile, “Have a pleasant vacation!”

Lin Ling also smiled and said, “Captain Feng, I wish you all the best and have fun.”

Feng Si didn’t even blush.
“Same to you.”


Lujing Shen was waiting for him outside when he got off the plane.
Feng Si approached him, and Lujing Shen was standing at the airport exit, lost in thought.

Feng Si asked him, “Didn’t you call for a car to pick us up?”

Lujing Shen replied, “I forgot.”

In fact, he hadn’t forgotten.
Before coming there, he hadn’t decided if he really wanted to take Feng Si with him, so he hadn’t arranged for someone to pick them up.

The private jet airport was in a remote location, and they could only ask for ground services to arrange a car to take them to their destination.
Feng Si thought for a moment and suggested, “Why don’t we borrow a car from the airport and drive ourselves there?”

Lujing Shen didn’t mind and said, “You decide.”

Feng Si went to communicate with the ground services, and Lujing Shen followed him.
His gaze swept over and noticed a contraceptive and adult product stand in a corner.

With a slight hesitation, he walked over to take a look.
The items displayed in the showcase were not many, but they had a complete variety.

Lujing Shen glanced over the rows of products and didn’t expect to find a stand specifically selling those items at a small private jet airport.
Perhaps it was because they were in France, a country known for its liberal and open-minded culture.

He inserted a coin, and without much thought, he picked something up and casually stuffed it into his luggage.

When Feng Si came back and saw his actions, a barely noticeable smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.
“The car is ready.
Shall we go now?”

Lujing Shen nodded.

The car Feng Si borrowed was a convertible.
As he got in the car, he wanted to smoke and asked Lujing Shen, “Do you mind if I smoke?”

Lujing Shen took off his suit jacket, unbuttoned the top button of his shirt, and rolled up the sleeves a bit, finally looking more relaxed.

The weather in late October in Southern France was still warm enough, and nearing noon, the sunlight was scorching.
It shone on Lujing Shen’s face, creating a halo around the upturned corners of his eyes.
He turned to look at Feng Si and paused, “Go ahead.”

Feng Si smirked and lit a cigarette, starting the car.

The sports car drove along the coastal road, and the azure coastline stretched out before them.
French folk songs filled the car’s speakers, and even the breeze that brushed past them seemed to carry the growing warmth of their emotions, becoming especially enchanting.

Lujing Shen leaned back in his seat, his gaze shifting from the scenery outside to the person beside him.
Feng Si was driving with a cigarette in his mouth, displaying a carefree demeanor that matched his personality.

“Why are you staring at me?” Feng Si glanced at him with a teasing smile.

After a moment of silence, Lujing Shen said, “Give me one too.”

Feng Si held the half-smoked cigarette between his fingers and handed it over to him.

Lujing Shen hesitated for a moment but reached out to take it.
As he brought the cigarette to his lips and took a slow drag, he choked a little.

The taste was stimulating, and it seemed to be the same brand as the one Feng Si used to smoke years ago.
At that time, he was often choked by that smell but also became infatuated with it.
Whenever Feng Si approached him with the smell of tobacco on him, it would stir up the suppressed desires in his body, rendering him unable to resist.

And now, he was experiencing that scent again, still brought to him by Feng Si.

Lujing Shen’s fingers trembled slightly as he bit down on the end of the cigarette that Feng Si had been holding.
He closed his eyes and let his mind wander, immersed in the moment.

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