After leaving the hospital, they went to the police station and finished recording their statements.
It was already noon when they were done.

They had lunch at a nearby restaurant, and when they were leaving, Feng Si mentioned that there was a flea market nearby and asked if Lu Jingshen wanted to take a look.

“I’ve been there once before, and there are quite a few interesting things.
Do you want to go see?

Lu Jingshen, in fact, didn’t care much.
When Feng Si wanted to go, he simply followed him.

The flea market was in a nearby square, with scattered stalls selling various items.
People moved through the market, and the voices of bargaining and conversations were endless.

It was a typical local market.

Although that scene was rare for Lu Jing Shen, it wasn’t unfamiliar.
He had been to similar places before, following Feng Si when they were in Africa, passing through a certain city where they stumbled upon such a gathering.
They decided to take a look around and bought a bunch of local specialties, including the leather strap he had been wearing on his wrist for all those years.

It was made of a special rhino leather handcrafted by the locals, and the sellers claimed that wearing it would bring good luck.
It was very cheap, and both Lu Jing Shen and Feng Si bought one each.

Lu Jing Shen didn’t know if the leather strap really brought good luck, but he hadn’t taken it off since Feng Si casually put it on his wrist all those years ago.
It was only when he reunited with Feng Si suddenly that he decided to take it off and put it away, perhaps feeling guilty for leaving without saying a word back then.

While Lu Jing Shen was lost in thought, Feng Si leaned in and asked, “Daydreaming again?”

Lu Jing Shen instinctively wanted to turn away as Feng Si’s breath got closer, but Feng Si reached out and gently held his cheek, preventing him from doing so.

Lu Jing Shen shifted his gaze to him and asked, “What do you want to buy?”

“Just looking,” Feng Si replied, hooking his waist and leading him forward.

Being so intimate in public made Lu Jing Shen feel a bit uncomfortable, and Feng Si’s voice sounded near him.
“Let’s go this way.
It’s too crowded here.
We might get separated or run into some troublesome people.”

Lu Jing Shen was convinced and stopped resisting.
Feng Si was in high spirits and occasionally stopped at various stalls to haggle with the sellers.

Lu Jing Shen wasn’t particularly interested in the things being sold.
Instead, he occasionally glanced at Feng Si, paying attention to the curve of his lips and the color of his eyes under the afternoon sun.

After the whole round of shopping, Feng Si showed restraint that day and only bought a few items, but they were unexpected choices.

A vintage record player, two vinyl records, and a poetry collection published in the last century.

Lu Jing Shen didn’t know what to say and asked, “You bought these?”

“Can’t I?” Feng Si smiled and raised an eyebrow.

Lu Jing Shen replied, “It doesn’t seem like your style.”

Feng Si questioned him, “So what’s my style? unserious? Rascally? Carefree?”

Lu Jing Shen had nothing to say; Feng Si had already described himself.
“Actually, I get serious occasionally too,” Feng Si said, “Don’t you think so?”

Lu Jing Shen had nothing more to say, so he asked, “Do you still want to look around, or should we head back?”

Feng Si casually nodded, “Let’s go back then.”

After the incident last night, he didn’t want to stay outside for too long.

However, when they got back, Feng Si realized that he had been tricked; the vintage record player he bought couldn’t actually be used.

Seeing the mocking expression on Lu Jing Shen’s face, as if teasing him for his mess up, Feng Si wasn’t bothered.
Instead, he found Lu Jing Shen’s animated expression intriguing, so he pulled him into his arms and gave him a long cheek kiss.

 Feng Si released Lu Jing Shen and in a hoarse voice, he said, “We’ll settle this later tonight.”

Lu Jing Shen’s eyes flickered, and he replied, “First, you should fix the record player; otherwise, it’s just a wasted purchase.”

Feng Si said, “That’s simple.”

However, the rest of the afternoon Feng Si was busy fixing the record player.

Lu Jing Shen had no intention of helping; he couldn’t be of any help anyway.

In the evening, he received a reply regarding the owner of that email account.
It was confirmed that the person was an assistant to Li Wenzhong, who had been forced into retirement by Lu Jing Shen the previous month.

During his half-month absence abroad, there were indeed some significant changes within the company.
His sister had been hiding everything, not wanting to disturb his rest, so she didn’t inform him about it.

Lu Jing Shen directly called Lu Jing Qing’s phone number.

While Feng Si, who was fixing things, glanced at him but didn’t say anything.

After the call was connected, Lu Jing Shen quickly explained what happened last night.
Lu Jing Qing, who was originally a bit groggy, instantly woke up and anxiously asked, “Are you okay? Did you get hurt? Did they catch those thugs? Are you alright? Should I come over?”

“I’m fine.
The people have all been locked up by the police.
One of Feng’s friends had some connections with them, so they won’t be doing this business anymore.” Lu Jing Shen explained simply.

Still concerned, Lu Jing Qing said, “But you still can’t take it lightly.
Come back home soon.
If it’s really Li Wenzhong who’s behind this, I’ll report it to the police immediately.”

“It won’t work,” Lu Jing Shen reminded her, “Ww don’t have solid evidence, also,it happened overseas, and you can’t do anything to him.
Hasn’t he been secretly contacting other shareholders and directors recently?”

Lu Jing Qing admitted, “You know about that too.
He indeed hasn’t given up and wants to return to the company.
I thought he was just causing a little trouble, but I didn’t expect him to be so audacious.”

“If I’m not mistaken,” Lu Jing Shen continued, “when news of my kidnapping and disappearance reaches the country, he will quickly arrange for a board meeting to elect new directors.
Dad’s health is not good, and they might try to push you into the chairman position to control the company through you.”

Lu Jing Qing coldly smiled, “they will never succeed.
A-Shen, I’ve said before that we are family.
No matter how close I was with Li Wenzhong before, I would never agree to let him harm you like this.
Don’t you trust me?”

“I haven’t told anyone else about this, except for you,” Lu Jing Shen said calmly.
“I plan to stay abroad for a while longer.
I can only pass these matters to you.”

Lu Jing Qing understood, “Are you planning to turn the tables and confront them during the board meeting?”

Lu Jing Shen didn’t deny it.

Lu Jing Qing readily agreed, “Alright, I know what to do.
Be careful over there.
Don’t go out casually, even if you have bodyguards.
Leave the company matters to me,I’ll handle it.”

Lu Jing Shen also reminded her to take care of herself and hung up the phone.

Feng Si approached, took Lu Jing Shen’s phone, opened WeChat, and sent a “thank you” message to Lu Jing Qing.

“Requesting someone’s help should be polite.
‘Thank you’ is the bare minimum,” he lectured Lu Jing Shen.

Lu Jing Shen frowned, and Feng Si handed the phone back to him.
“You didn’t hesitate to tell your sister everything.
Do you really trust her that much?”

“Do you not trust Feng Ting?” Lu Jing Shen asked in return.

Feng Si laughed, “I really don’t trust that little brat.
As long as she doesn’t cause me trouble, that’s good enough.
How could I trust her?”

Lu Jing Shen ignored his playful words and explained, “My father’s health is not good, my mother and brother don’t handle company matters, so we can only trust each other.”

That was perhaps the first time Lu Jing Shen willingly talked to Feng Si about his family, even though it was only a few brief sentences.

Feng Si asked, “Your family seems to have a good relationship.
Can I meet them?”

Lu Jing Shen’s expression stiffened, and he avoided eye contact, saying, “…let’s talk about it later.”

Feng Si popped a mint candy into his mouth, chewed it slowly, and looked at him intently.

Lu Jing Shen felt somewhat uneasy under his gaze but remained tight-lipped.

After a brief silence, Feng Si changed the topic, “Did your vacation get extended? Isn’t that a blessing in disguise? What are your plans next? Do you want to travel somewhere else? How about the UK? Come to my place.”

Feng Si’s tone made it sound like a casual suggestion.

Lu Jing Shen lightly pursed his lips.

“Forget it, your sister is worried about you going out casually.
Just stay least it’s safe,” Feng Si said, standing up to continue dealing with the record player.

Lu Jing Shen was taken aback for a moment, but he followed him.
Feng Si dismantled the parts and sat on the floor, slowly cleaning the gears.

Lu Jing Shen hesitated and squatted beside him, but Feng Si glanced at him, and he didn’t move.

Lu Jing Shen asked, “What are you doing?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you what you’re doing?” Feng Si sighed helplessly and with amusement.
“Lu Jing Shen, you’re blocking the light.”

Lu Jing Shen felt a bit embarrassed and shifted to the side.

He looked like someone who had done something wrong, wanting to please someone intentionally but awkwardly unable to do it right.

Feng Si said, “Don’t move; the more you move, the less I feel like doing it.
Come over here and stay still.”

Lu Jing Shen felt slightly relieved and moved to his other side.
“Do you want me to help?”

“You weren’t planning to help before?” Feng Si teased him.
“What can you do anyway? Can you tell what is what?”

Lu Jing Shen looked slightly embarrassed, and Feng Si raised his chin towards him, “Go get me a bottle of water.”

Lu Jing Shen said, “Okay,” and stood up.

He returned five minutes later, holding a bottle of mineral water, and handed it to Feng Si.

Seeing that Lu Jing Shen was so easy-going, Feng Si playfully toyed with him, “I’m feeling a little hungry now.
Can you get me a sandwich?”

Lu Jing Shen gave him a look, turned around, and went downstairs.

The third time, Feng Si said he needed tissues, and Lu Jing Shen still went to get them.

“Is there anything else you need?” Lu Jing Shen had probably figured out that Feng Si was playing with him, but he still had a good temper as that was the only way he could help.

Feng Si saw that Lu Jing Shen was being so agreeable and stretched out his hand to pull him down.
“No need; aren’t you tired running around? Just stay here.”

Lu Jing Shen didn’t say anything more and squatted beside him, picking up a poetry collection nearby.

He flipped through a few pages and put it back down.

That kind of thing didn’t interest him much, and he didn’t think Feng Si would like it either.

Lu Jing Shen’s gaze returned to the person beside him, quietly watching him work.

Half an hour later, after putting back the last piece, Feng Si clapped his hands.
“It should be fixed now.
Want to try it?”

Lu Jing Shen nodded.

Feng Si moved the record player to the table, placed one of the vinyl records they bought on it, and gently turned the handle.

The fine quality voice of the song came through, flowing slowly with the frequency of the rotating vinyl.

“Return to me.

For my heart wants you only.”

Lu Jing Shen listened quietly for a moment, feeling slightly lost.

Feng Si’s breath approached from behind, and his warm and moist breath fell on Lu Jing Shen’s ear, humming softly along with the song.

“Return to me

For my heart wants you only.”

Lu Jing Shen felt a slight itchiness, as Feng Si’s voice lightly struck his eardrums, making his heart tremble.

“Return to me.”

Lu Jing Shen turned around and hugged Feng Si’s neck, drawing closer to him.

he hugged him tightly.

sealing away more words that he couldn’t bear to express.

1“Return to me” – Dean Martin

1“Return to me” – Dean Martin

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