In the following month, Lu Jingshen began working overtime every day, dealing with the company’s chaos and the busy year-end tasks.

The good news was that the project that he had discussed with Ron was officially confirmed.
Because of this, those who had previously criticized his extreme actions against the company’s veterans fell silent, and he finally passed that hurdle.

He was indeed very tired.
After spending an absurd one-month holiday, his body was wound up again, highly tense.
That feeling was far from good.

Fortunately, Feng Si was always around him, despite his overbearing, dominant, and unreasonable nature, which annoyed Lu Jingshen.
However, that annoyance was sometimes a vent for his emotions.

When they finished working late at night and got into the car to go home together, it was much better than being alone.

In the office.

After listening to the work report from his subordinates, Lu Jingshen sent them away and looked at the time, then continued going through the documents.

Feng Si walked in without even bothering to greet him.
He didn’t disturb Lu Jingshen and simply sat on the sofa, flipping through magazines.

Lu Jingshen glanced at him, retracted his gaze, and continued working.

Twenty minutes later, Feng Si’s phone rang, and he casually placed it on the coffee table and pressed the speakerphone button.

It was Ron’s voice, asking him about his plans for New Year’s Eve and inviting him to fly to him if he felt lonely and empty.

Feng Si nonchalantly turned a page of the magazine.
“Forget it.
I already have plans.
If you feel lonely, find someone else to keep you company.”

The person on the other end complained persistently, but Feng Si couldn’t be bothered and treated the voice as background noise.

Half a minute later, another well-defined hand reached over and took Feng Si’s phone, hanging up the call directly.

Feng Si looked up, and Lu Jingshen frowned a bit displeased.
Amused, Feng Si said, “Alex, this is the second time you’ve hung up a call for me, right? Are bosses supposed to interfere with who their employees talk to?”

Lu Jingshen looked at him and asked, “What plans do you have?”

“I don’t know,” Feng Si lazily leaned back on the sofa.
“Whether I have plans or not depends on whether you are willing to spare some time for me.”

Seeing that Lu Jingshen didn’t respond, Feng Si continued to tempt him, “Tomorrow is a holiday.
Are you still planning to work overtime? I saw your brother’s friend circle; he went out on vacation with his boyfriend again, right? And your sister, when she just got off work, I saw her all radiant, getting into a man’s car.
They are all going out on a date.
What about you? Do you want to stay here all alone?”

Feng Si pointed to his wristwatch.
“It’s already seven o’clock, Alexl.
Let’s leave work.”

After a moment of silence, Lu Jingshen stood up, took off the coat hanging on the hanger, and gestured for Feng Si to follow.
“Let’s go.”

Apparently not expecting him to be so agreeable, when they walked out of the office, Feng Si smiled and asked, “Are you really going home now?”

Lu Jingshen didn’t answer and instructed Liu Jie, who had followed him immediately after seeing him come out, “Let everyone else leave work, and you can go home too.”

Lu Jingshen turned and headed to the elevator.
Feng Si turned back to Liu Jie and waved, “Secretary Liu, it’s the holiday.
If you don’t go out on a date with your boyfriend, feel free but be careful not to get dumped.”

Liu Jie: “… What does that have to do with you?”

After dismissing the driver downstairs, Feng Si drove Lu Jingshen away from the Shangxin building.

The direction Lu Jingshen pointed out was completely different from the way home.
Feng Si raised an eyebrow, “Where are we going?”

Lu Jingshen replied, “Keep going forward.
You’ll see when we get there.”

Along the way, Ron called again.
Feng Si tossed his phone to Lu Jingshen, “You answer it for me.”

Lu Jingshen was unwilling, but the person on the other end was persistent.
He had no choice but to answer.

Ron  was complaining about Feng Si hanging up on him earlier, but Lu Jingshen coldly said, “He has plans.
Don’t call again.”

The person on the other end laughed aloud, “So, you hung up on my call.
You’re really stingy.
Okay, never mind, I’ll let it go for the sake of the deal we just closed.”

Lu Jingshen didn’t want to deal with him any further, so he hung up again and tossed the phone back to Feng Si.

“You deal with this kind of romantic problem yourself next time.” Lu Jingshen’s tone was displeased.

Feng Si smiled, “Thanks.”

Lu Jingshen took him to a private resort their family developed in the outskirts of the city.
It was located in a quiet forest area with the mountain on one side and the water on the other, covering a large area.

When they entered, Feng Si whistled, “I didn’t expect there would be such a place outside the city.
It truly is a paradise for the rich.
I didn’t realize you were such a fan of luxury.”

Lu Jingshen said, “I rarely come here.
When I do, it’s usually for social events.”

Feng Si’s evaluation of the place was succinct, “A waste of resources.”

Lu Jingshen retorted, “Your idioms are quite good, but you’re not using this word properly.”

“Foolish praise, Alex,” Feng Si ignored the second part and treated Lu Jingshen’s sarcasm as a compliment.

Lu Jingshen couldn’t argue with him, so he simply stayed quiet.

The car continued driving into the resort.

In that resort, Lu Jingshen had a standalone small villa where he always stayed whenever he came.
That day was the first time he brought a friend to stay overnight privately.

Even they couldn’t convince themselves to define the relationship between them as friends.

Feng Si poured the wine and enjoyed the night view on the terrace outside the room.

The place was indeed nice.
There was no severe light pollution like in the city, and one could see the sparse moonlight and a few faint stars casting shimmering reflections on the lake in front.

It was a relaxing sight to behold.

Lu Jingshen finished his shower and came out.
He took the remaining half of the wine from Feng Si’s glass and drank it himself.

Feng Si leaned against the railing and watched him.
He hooked his finger on Lu Jingshen’s bathrobe’s front, saying, “Is there anyone here other than us? The workers are probably on  holiday during the New Year, right?”

“What difference does it make?” Lu Jing Shen asked back.

“No, just being able to come here with you, I’m already happy,” replied Feng Si.

Feng Si didn’t expose him.
If there were others around, Lu Jing Shen probably wouldn’t have brought him here.

His fingers lingered at the hollow of Lu Jing Shen’s collarbone, and Feng Si squinted his eyes, lost in thought.

Lu Jing Shen put down his wine glass, leaned in, and hugged him.

Their lips met, and Feng Si asked, “Can’t wait, huh?”

Lu Jing Shen’s lips and tongue responded.

They shared a passionate and lingering kiss.

After the kiss, Lu Jing Shen’s throat tightened, and he asked in a low voice, “Aren’t you going to take a shower?”

“No, I don’t feel like it.
Later,” Feng Si replied.

Since they would do it again later.

Although Lu Jing Shen had a cleanliness obsession, he indulged Feng Si, “okay.”

Being pushed down on the bed, Lu Jing Shen didn’t resist.
He lay there panting lightly, his fingers tightening, grasping the bed sheets beneath him.

The person behind him pressed down on his waist with force, and even bit his earlobe, breathing heavily.


“A Shen? Are you inside?” Lu Jing Shen’s mother’s voice came from outside, knocking on the door.

Lu Jing Shen’s heart jumped to his throat, and his body stiffened.

It was indeed his mother’s voice.
The second knock came, “A Shen?”

Sweating profusely, Lu Jing Shen suppressed his panic and replied in a calm voice, “Just a moment.”

He didn’t have much time to think.
He got off the bed and pushed Feng Si into the bathroom, telling him, “Don’t come out,” without waiting for Feng Si’s response, he immediately closed the door.

Then he forcefully opened the floor-to-ceiling window leading to the balcony, allowing the cold air to rush in and dilute the strong scent in the room.
Quickly putting on his bathrobe and hiding the scattered clothes behind the curtain, he threw the used condom into the trash bin, making sure nothing was left behind.
After taking a deep breath, he opened the door.

Outside the door was indeed An Xin.
She looked at her son with a puzzled expression, “I just came with your father, planning to stay here for a few days.
I saw your car downstairs and guessed you were also here.
Were you sleeping?”

Lu Jing Shen nodded and vaguely said, “I was just about to go to bed.”

An Xin felt even more strange.
It was only a little past nine o’clock, “Why do you look like this? Are you feeling unwell?”

Lu Jing Shen immediately replied, “No.”

An Xin glanced into the room and saw the wide-open floor-to-ceiling door.
She reminded Lu Jing Shen, “Don’t leave the window open when you sleep at night.
It’s cold, and the temperature drops during the night.
Be careful not to catch a cold.”

“I know,” Lu Jing Shen said.

“Let’s have breakfast together tomorrow morning at our place,” An Xin reminded, then turned to leave.
However, she seemed to have thought of something and hesitated before asking Lu Jing Shen, “Did you come alone?”

“Yes,” Lu Jing Shen answered.

An Xin glanced into the room again, seeing nothing out of the ordinary, and retracted her gaze.
“Then, I won’t disturb you.
Get some rest.”

She thought that if Lu Jing Shen had a girlfriend and brought her along, he wouldn’t need to hide.
Perhaps she was just being suspicious.

Moreover, knowing her eldest son’s personality, it would probably be difficult for him to have a girlfriend.

Forget it, maybe she was overthinking things.

After closing the door and locking it, Lu Jing Shen leaned against it, almost unable to stand.
He realized that he hadn’t locked the door earlier.
If his mother had a slightly worse temper and directly pushed the door open, she would have seen what he was doing.

He and another man were on the bed.
If someone saw it, if someone saw…

The thought was enough to make Lu Jing Shen tremble all over.
He couldn’t accept it, even now, he still couldn’t accept the fact that he was gay.

Closing and opening his eyes abruptly, Lu Jing Shen was drenched in sweat and almost unable to breathe.

After a few minutes, the phone on the sofa suddenly rang, snapping him back to reality.

Forcing his heartbeat to calm down, he picked up the phone, but it was just an unimportant call.
He didn’t answer it and simply turned off the phone.

Holding the phone, lost in thought for a moment, Lu Jing Shen finally woke up as if from a dream and remembered the person he had pushed into the bathroom.

In a panic, he hurriedly opened the door, and Feng Si was leaning against the wall, smoking a cigarette.

The movements were deliberate, but the look in his eyes was cold.

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