Early in the morning, Lu Jingshen finished washing up and came out of the shower.
Feng Si was buttoning up his shirt, preparing to go out.

Lu Jingshen had to go on a business trip to the south that day, leaving on Friday and returning on Sunday to attend a technology expo over there.
Feng Si specially swapped shifts with his colleagues to accompany him.
Now he had to go to the airport to make preparations.

Lu Jingshen walked up to him and picked up his tie to help him put it on.

With his hands in his pockets, Feng Si smiled as he looked at him.

Lu Jingshen focused on his task and, when he raised his eyes, met Feng Si’s calm and smiling gaze, causing his hands to pause for a moment.
“What’s wrong?”

“It seems like you’re becoming more considerate.
Does everyone know that the commanding boss Lu can be like this in private?” Feng Si asked with a smile.

Lu Jingshen didn’t want to entertain his irrelevant remarks, so after finishing tying the tie, he picked up Feng Si’s pilot’s uniform jacket and helped him put it on.
Finally, he handed the pilot’s cap over, saying, “Be careful on the way.”

Feng Si held back his playful thoughts and reminded him, “Breakfast is ready, go eat something.
I’ll leave first.”

Lu Jingshen nodded.

As Feng Si was about to leave, he suddenly turned back, pulled Lu Jingshen into his arms, and kissed him affectionately.

When their lips separated, he whispered, “See you at the airport later.”

Lu Jingshen’s breath was uneven.

At 9 o’clock, the business car stopped outside the private jet terminal at the airport.
Lu Jingshen got out of the car and walked in with determined steps.

On the tarmac outside the glass curtain wall, Feng Si was doing a pre-flight inspection.
At the sight of him, Lu Jingshen’s gaze remained fixed on him and didn’t move away.

Liu Jie reported that day’s schedule to Lu Jingshen and, seeing that he didn’t respond, followed his line of sight and was instantly speechless.

Lu Jingshen was watching Feng Si, and the scene seemed to overlap with a year ago.

Back then, it was a mix of surprise, hesitation, and uncertainty.
Now, all he felt was an overwhelming eagerness.
He didn’t dare to be too obvious, fearing he would become less like himself.

Liu Jie silently stopped speaking, secretly relieved that the person outside was no longer working for their boss.
Otherwise, their work efficiency would have decreased significantly with such a sight every day.

Fifteen minutes later, Lu Jingshen boarded the jet, and Feng Si, along with others, greeted him at the cabin door.

Underneath the pilot’s cap, Feng Si’s narrow eyes were filled with a bright and affectionate smile as he looked at Lu Jingshen.
Lu Jingshen met his gaze and nodded slightly before walking into the cabin.

Ling Ling’s heartbeat accelerated inexplicably.
It seemed as if she had just seen Lu Jingshen smile, but it might have been her imagination, it happened so quickly.

Before takeoff, Feng Si made an announcement as the pilot.

Private jets typically skipped this step, but he did it, reminding passengers to fasten their seatbelts and be prepared.
His tone was light and gentle, like the tender murmurs between lovers.

“The weather is lovely today, with clear blue skies and no clouds.
We’ll be taking off soon.
Remember to look out the window.”

As the plane lifted off the runway, Lu Jingshen’s gaze turned to the window.

The sky was clear, and he and the person in the cockpit saw the same scenery.

The two-hour flight passed in the blink of an eye.

After landing, they had a simple meal, and in the afternoon, Lu Jingshen had a business meeting with an investor from this side.
The meeting was held at the investor’s office.

Originally, they planned for the negotiation to last for an hour, but it dragged on for the whole afternoon.
The other party liked to beat around the bush, and his speech was full of vague references.
Lu Jingshen was least patient with dealing with such people, but that business deal had been personally arranged by his father.
Even if he was impatient, he had to sit there and listen.

It was already past five o’clock when they finally concluded.
The other party invited them to have dinner together as a gesture of hospitality, and Lu Jingshen had no choice but to agree.

The venue was a private club, and on the way there, Feng Si was bored, playing with his phone, and casually commented to Lu Jingshen and also those around him, “Dealing with these so-called pseudo-intellectuals with half-baked knowledge is so boring, a waste of time.”

The investor with the surname Huang liked to use quotes and allusions to showcase his vast knowledge, especially fond of making historical references.
However, he had only a shallow understanding, and even Feng Si, who hadn’t read many Chinese books, could easily spot the flaws in his arguments, not to mention others.
Lu Jingshen’s patience had almost run out after spending the whole afternoon with him, even though he had a good temper, his patience was limited.

“It’s not about dealing with him, it’s about dealing with the money,” Lu Jingshen replied calmly.

Feng Si was surprised and laughed, “Oh? That sounds like something boss Lu would say.”

Lu Jingshen reminded him, “If you find it annoying, It’s okay to go back to the hotel and rest.”

Feng Si refused, “What would you do if I leave?”

Without waiting for Lu Jingshen to answer, Feng Si continued, “I’ll tell you what, those pseudo-intellectuals like Mr.
Huang will reveal their true colors at the dinner table.
You might have a harder time dealing with him later.”

Lu Jingshen frowned, unsure whether to believe him or not.

Liu Jie, who was in the front seat, didn’t think much of it.
She had been through thick and thin with Lu Jingshen and had seen much worse situations.
She didn’t believe that Mr.
Huang could scare them.

The “true colors” Feng Si mentioned probably referred to Mr.
Huang trying to keep forcing them to drink or telling vulgar jokes, things they had encountered many times before, and they were always able to handle them with ease.

However, Liu Jie underestimated Mr.
Huang’s character this time.
After downing three glasses of white wine, he became intoxicated and started making suggestive remarks.
Even in that seemingly formal club, there were hostesses and male attendants for hire.

He didn’t give them a chance to refuse and directly called them in.

Dressed up like dandies, those male attendants entered the room with smiles on their faces.

Huang was evidently a regular there.
He chatted and laughed with the hostess sitting next to him, feeling very comfortable and pleased.

Sitting beside Lu Jingshen was one of the male attendants.

The attendant raised his glass to toast him, trying to please him.
Lu Jingshen’s face immediately turned cold.

In the past, when he attended social events, he had encountered situations like this, but that was the first time someone had arranged a man for him.

His sexual orientation was now known to everyone, and although not many people would be rude enough to mention it to his face, there were always those who wanted to gossip or tease him.
So, when arranging something like this, they probably thought they were being considerate to him.

Seeing that Lu Jingshen remained silent with a cold expression, the male attendant carefully observed his reaction and tentatively approached him, saying, ” Mr Lu …”

The next second, Feng Si’s hand clamped down on his wrist.
The male attendant looked astonished as Lu Jingshen’s companion, who was sitting beside him, gave him a half-smile and pushed his hand away lightly, “I’m sorry, Mr Lu can’t handle your type of alcohol, and the perfume on you is too strong, affecting him.”

The male attendant was taken aback for a moment and awkwardly backed away, not daring to approach Lu Jingshen again.

Huang’s cloudy eyes turned around and he asked Lu Jingshen, “Do you not like him? How about I call a few more people for you to choose from?”

Lu Jingshen replied coldly, “No need, it’s not necessary.”

Huang, let me toast you,” Feng Si said, pretending to offer a toast but didn’t even stand up.
He just tapped his glass on the table, gesturing to the other party, “Mr Lu over here isn’t feeling well these past two days, can’t drink much.
I’ll drink on his behalf, I hope you understand.”

Only then did the other party give Lu Jingshen’s assistant a proper look.
Squinting his eyes, he stared at Feng Si for a while, as if he understood something, and then smiled, “It’s my mistake, I should be the understanding one.
I’ll drink the wine, and if I’ve upset Mr Lu, I’ll punish myself with three more glasses.”

The business dinner ended, and it was almost nine o’clock when they left the club.

Sitting in the car, Lu Jingshen loosened his tie and instructed Liu Jie, “I don’t want to see this person again in the future.
Follow up on the deal, but if it doesn’t work out, just forget it.”

Liu Jie wanted to advise him, but she hesitated and didn’t say anything more.

Feng Si reached over, helped him loosen his tie, and unbuttoned a button on his shirt.
He asked in a low voice, “Alex, you said we’re just dealing with money.
Why did you change your mind so quickly?”

Lu jing Shen leaned back in his seat, motionless, watching him without speaking.

Feng si’s fingers lightly teased and scraped along his face.

Lujing Shen’s gaze was alluring, but unfortunately, there were other people in the car, and they couldn’t do anything.

Liu Jie glanced at them, then quietly turned her head, pretending she didn’t exist.

After a while, Lujing Shen grabbed Feng si’s hand and said slowly, “Dealing with people who only rely on wine and women for business won’t lead to any significant  progress.
There’s nothing to regret about not cooperating with such people.”

Feng si chuckled softly, “Yes, you’re right.”

Back at the hotel, as soon as Lujing Shen entered the room, he intended to take a shower, but Feng si stopped him, reaching out to rub his face, “Did you get drunk?”

Lujing Shen had drunk a few glasses of strong white wine at the dinner table.
The alcohol content was high, and his alcohol tolerance was only average.

Lujing Shen shook his head slightly, leaning against the wall to catch his breath for a moment.

Feng si’s hand still rested against his face, “I’m curious, by any chance  when you’ve gone out for business and negotiations, have you been embarrassed by others?”

It had been a few months since the incident, and the employees and subordinates in the company dared not gossip about him to his face, but people outside might do so, and Feng si figured today’s incident wasn’t the only one, and there might be even more extreme cases.

Lujing Shen replied, “There haven’t been any.”

Feng si didn’t believe him, “I’m sure there were.
Your thin-skinned face must have felt uncomfortable, right?”

Lujing Shen furrowed his brow, “I said there weren’t.”

“Alright, don’t be mad,” Feng si hugged him and patted his back to comfort him, “Alex, remember what I said before? Tell me anything that makes you happy or unhappy.
If I hadn’t accompanied you on this business trip today, you would have kept it all to yourself.”

“I can manage,” Lujing Shen relaxed in Feng si’s arms, “It’s not as bad as you think.
Don’t worry about me.”

Feng si asked, “Really?”

Lujing Shen nodded, “Yes.”

Feng si looked at him with a lowered gaze, “Then why are you so unhappy today?”

Lujing Shen replied, “…Others casually arranged someone for me, assuming that I would be interested just because he’s a man.
Do you think I should be happy about that?”

Feng si laughed again, “Really? I wasn’t even jealous, But that Huang guy is really clueless.
He arranged such a soft and weak little boy for you.
It would be strange if you found him attractive.”

Lujing Shen pushed him away impatiently, “I’m going to take a shower.”

“It was just a joke,” Fengsi followed him into the bathroom and pressed him against the wall.

Lujing Shen glared at him.

Feng si couldn’t resist the urge to do what he had wanted to do in the car and leaned over to kiss him.

Not getting jealous was a lie.
Feng si was even more displeased than Lujing Shen.

The fact that he didn’t beat that fat pig-headed Huang guy was because he had been getting better at controlling his temper lately.

For the next two days, Lujing Shen attended the technology expo, and Feng si accompanied him the whole time.
Lujing Shen’s mood also improved with the change in weather.

On Sunday evening, when they returned, Lujing Shen left early and went to the airport with Feng si.

Feng si took care of the clearance bag, signed various electronic documents, supervised the aircraft’s refueling, and did a thorough check of the plane.
He stuck to Lujing Shen without leaving half a step.

It was windy on the tarmac, and Lujing Shen’s suit was blown back.
Fengsi spoke to the ground crew for a few words, then turned around and helped him fix the collar and buttoned his cuff link that had come undone.

Lujing Shen’s gaze was fixed on him, almost greedily watching.

Fengsi smirked, “Why have you been staring at me all this time?”

Lujing Shen coolly retorted, “Can’t I look?”

Fengsi replied, “Of course, I belong to Lujing Shen, you can look as much as you want.”

Lujing Shen raised his chin slightly, “Get to work faster.
It’s been taking too long.”

Fengsi couldn’t help but want to laugh, for some reason he recalled that morning when they left Paris for Southern France, also on the tarmac, Lujing Shen had come early and said in the same pretended casual and dignified tone that he agreed to his proposal, but only for two weeks.

At that time, he didn’t have any particular thoughts about it.
To him, whether Lujing Shen agreed for two weeks or two months didn’t make much difference, because he had never intended to let go of him again.

It was just that Lujing Shen was hesitant back then, wanting it but afraid of being rejected, and trying to act nonchalant.
Fengsi remembered it well, and every time he thought about it, he couldn’t help but want to bully him a bit more.

And now too, from the moment they left, Lujing Shen had been sticking to him and not wanting him to leave, but at the same time, he pretended to be calm and urged him to work faster.

Lujing Shen was always like this, saying one thing but feeling another.

“It’s not that I’m slow,” Fengsi helplessly said, “Lujing Shen, you’re such an attractive person standing here, I can’t concentrate on my work.”

Under Fengsi’s teasing gaze, Lujing Shen finally realized that he had indeed disturbed him at work, “….You can do your work, I’ll go up.”

When he turned around, Fengsi grabbed his arm again.
Lujing Shen looked puzzled as he turned back, and Fengsi quickly hugged him.

Lujing Shen was taken aback, and Fengsi had already let go of him, smiling as he lightly spanked him, “Go upstairs.”

Ten minutes later, after Fengsi finished his work and got on the plane, he went to the cabin first.

Lujing Shen was drinking coffee and looking at his phone.
Fengsi snapped his fingers in front of him, and Lujing Shen looked up.
Fengsi bent down, tied his dropped cufflink back on for him, said, “Drink less coffee,” and turned back to the cockpit.

Even though it wasn’t an overly affectionate gesture, and what he said was just a casual reminder, all the subordinates around them unconsciously turned their eyes away and inexplicably felt like they were watching something they shouldn’t be.

In the cockpit, the old pilot curiously asked Feng si, who was obviously in a good mood, “What were you doing with Lujing Shen all this time? I didn’t dare to go over.
Don’t you feel awkward?”

Feng Si smiled, “There’s nothing I can do.
He’s just like that, too clingy.”

The old captain looked surprised, then slapped his forehead, finally realizing, “The boyfriend you mentioned earlier, is it boss Lu?”

Feng Si was a bit surprised by his reaction and raised an eyebrow with a smile.
“So, Captain Chen, you didn’t know?”

Indeed, the old captain didn’t know.
He had heard rumors about Lu Jing Shen coming out, but he never expected the person to be right there beside him; Feng Si.

“You’re impressive,” the old captain gave a thumbs-up.
“But being in a relationship with the boss must be tough, right?”

“Not at all,” Feng Si put on his earpiece and fastened his seatbelt, his dark eyes shining in the morning light.
“I love every single moment of it.”

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