Chapter 11.
Kidnapping (5)

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The smell of corpses was everywhere.
The rain extinguished the flames to some extent.
Sylverine frowned when she saw a ghoul’s arm still writhing on the ground.
She looked around to analyze the situation.

The remaining ghouls fled.
Thankfully this was not related to dark magic.

Sylverine approached the boy lying on the ground.
She dragged him to the side by the neck.
Then, she placed him with his back against the large meteorite.

The unconscious boy’s head was tilted down.
She lifted the boy’s chin with her fingertips to examine his face.
He was young.

Greasy hair.
Tender skin that looked just past puberty.
He had the features of a handsome man, although they were not yet fully developed.
His right arm, which was moderately muscled, had a calloused palm.

She wondered if he had learned to handle a sword.
At such a young age, he had fought to the death against ghouls in the Land of the Dead.

She was curious to know what had brought the boy to these lands that no one explores.
She also wanted to know how he knew about this place and the sword he wielded.

Sylverine looked at the half-buried meteorite that held the boy’s back.
There was a deep slit in the middle, as if something had been embedded there.

Her eyes grew large.

She had been through a lot, but this situation still confused her.

Sylverine rummaged through her memories about the legend inscribed on a scroll in the Great Library of Enmion, the place where the elves stored their records.

A person who has received a revelation.
A sword of light embedded in a meteorite.
A man loved by God.
Undoubtedly, the young man before her seemed to come out of the legend.

How am I supposed to interpret this?

She had to check the facts before jumping to conclusions.

She removed her hand from the boy’s chin.

Standing up, Sylverine took out a bottle of water before she poured some water over him.

Since he showed no reaction, she poured all the water left in the bottle over the boy’s head.
She even dropped the water bottle on his head.

She said firmly,

“Wake up.”

Only then did the boy shake his head.


The boy raised his head.
He looked at her with his eyes lost, as if he had not yet fully come to his senses.
Sylverine put her hands on her hips. Posted only on NovelUtopia

“Who are you?”


“How do you know about this place?”

The boy blinked.
He looked confused, as if he didn’t know whether this was a dream or reality.

Finally, he opened his mouth.

“I saw the star fall.”

Under Sylverine’s steady gaze, the boy also added,

“And I followed it.”

The boy nodded as if it wasn’t important.

It was impossible to reach this location accurately based on the trajectory of a star.

“Do you know how to use magic or sense mana?”

Not at all.”

She was briefly speechless at the boy’s confidence.

She had met people who claimed to have received divine revelations like the so-called Apostles.
They did really reckless things andhad unfounded self-confidence.

The appearance of the revealers was vaguely superimposed on this boy.

“Forget it, where are you from?”

“Before I came here, I worked in a Harman shop.”

“That’s not what I want to know.
Where did you learn swordsmanship?”

“I never learned how to use a sword.”

A meaningless answer.

She expected him to train with the sword, not to take up metalworking.

“And your family?”


The boy’s calm eyes instantly faltered.

She didn’t overlook his subtle reaction.

“You don’t have a family?”

The boy nodded silently.

It seemed the word family caused him emotional discomfort.

The puzzle in Sylverine’s head slowly fell into place.

If there was someone he loved, or had someone who cared about him, he would not have done something insane, like chasing a star to the Land of the Dead.

Now she could understand the boy’s recklessness.

“How old are you?”

“Sixteen years old.”

“Hmm… that’s good.”

The boy cocked his head to one side.
He still did not trust her intentions.

“Can you show me the sword you used?”


“Don’t worry, I’m not going to steal it from you.
I would never do that.”

“I got it out of the meteorite.
But it disappeared when I fainted…”

“Summon it.”

“I don’t know how to do it.”

“It’s your sword because you were able to hold it.
If it hadn’t seen you as its owner in the first place, it would have been impossible for you to even get it out of the meteorite.”


The boy, who pondered when he heard her words, raised his hand to his shoulder’s height.
Then, a sword of white light appeared in his palm.

Could it be that he understood when he heard my advice?

The more powerful the sword, the more important the mental attitude of the wielder.

The corners of Sylverine’s mouth lifted slightly.

“You learn fast.”

She tried to touch the blade of the sword, but her hand went through it as if it did not exist.


She didn’t show it, but she was shocked.
She had met many Sword Masters, but she had never seen any sword like this.
She had only heard legends.

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