Chapter 13.
Beginning (1)

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Master of the Magic Department of the Eternia Academy.

When he heard the word Eternia, a few words stuck in his throat.
He tried to suppress his desire to ask her about Liza.
It would only be counterproductive to hear any news from her.
His heart might lurch.

Sylverine asked him,

“Why has your expression changed?”

“It’s nothing.”

“Do you want to ask me something?”

“…Isn’t Eternia halfway through the semester?”

It would take at least 15 days to reach this place from Eternia.
It was too long a distance for a busy teacher to be here.

But I took a year off due to certain circumstances.”

“When do you rejoin the Academy?”

“Next semester.”

She probably didn’t know Liza, who was in the second semester of her first year.

“Are you planning to take me to the Academy?”

“It’s best for your safety.
I can’t accompany you for the rest of your life.”

“Safety… What?”

It seemed to Sylverine that he had asked something obvious.

“Your sword…”


She sighed.

“Your sword is too dangerous.
Currently, it is not a threat to others but to yourself.
If the world knows about your sword, many will want to get it.
And don’t expect them to offer you a fair duel.
They will be almost as angry as you are, so they will use any method to get it.
You are now in a position where you can die.”

Did this sword endanger his life?

He felt as if he had received a blow to the back of his head.
Since he had always been an ordinary person, he had no idea of the ripple effect this power would have.
He had lived in a safe town, so he had forgotten the dangers that existed outside.


“I’ll help you train first.
The academy will be later.”

“I understand.”

There was no reason for him to refuse.

“What did you want to do after you found the star piece?”

“I was thinking of going back to Harman to work in the workshop.”

“I think you need to forget that.
You can leave if you think you can protect everyone you know.
Otherwise, you’ll all be hostages.”

He had to give up his old identity to live a new life.
He had to say goodbye to Harman, where he had created the memories of his childhood.
His heart grew heavy.

“All right.”

“And that sword.
Don’t show it unless you’re in mortal danger.”

He nodded.

“Then let’s go.
More ghouls will be coming soon.”

Then, Sylverine whistled with her fingers in her mouth.
A horse came from the other side of the crater.
The horse, which stopped in front of them, looked like it couldn’t adjust to the chaotic environment in the crater.

She stroked the horse with her hand to comfort it.

“Get on.”

“Please wait a moment.”

He headed toward the meteorite with his backpack.
Sylverine asked him,

“Do you plan to look for Benemarill?”


“It is written in the book of the Great Sage Lutavis.”

It seemed Sylverine also knew about the herb that could supposedly see the future.

“Not all meteorites contain Benemarill seeds.
It’s a normal meteorite, so don’t get your hopes up too high.”

“So I can extract the meteoric iron?”

He heard about it from a craftsman who used to teach him.
He said that meteoric iron wasn’t very popular among humans, but to the dwarves, it was more valuable than gold.
Now it was practically impossible to sell them because human trade with dwarves had ceased hundreds of years ago,but he wanted to have them because they were hard to find. Posted only on NovelUtopia

Don’t take too long.”

The equipment he had was quite deficient to extract it directly from the meteorite.
Fortunately, due to the meteorite impact, there were many fist-sized pieces of meteoric iron around.
He picked out the ones he could use.

He soon filled a bag with enough meteoric iron to make three or four bars.

Sylverine took the leather bag containing the meteoric iron and tied it to her horse’s saddle.

“Get on.”

When he got on the horse, she climbed up behind him.

He was not short compared to his companions, but since she was about the same height as a grown man, he was between her arms when she took the reins.

She felt that his body was too tense.
She said,

“What are you doing? Relax.”

“We can’t just walk over there?”



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