Chapter 21.
Medicinal Herbs (1)

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After dinner, he spent some time in Sylverine’s library.

This bookstore was larger than several rooms put together.
It was even larger than the library in the Temple of Acates that he had seen during his stay at Lorail Pavilion.

It seemed amazing that one person could have so many books.

He also had the great privilege of free access to them.

Magicians and alchemists possessed great knowledge, which was directly related to authority.
He would not have access to this library if she did not trust him.

He knew it was difficult to obtain these books unless someone was a relevant person.

He didn’tt understand why she allowed him to enter so easily, because he could have bad intentions or extract the information from the research.

Although, it would be unfortunate if she allowed it because she thought he didn’t have the ability to do anything or that he was incapable of even understanding what he read.

He walked among the bookshelves.
The place where the herbal medicine books were seemed like it had gone a long time since it had ever been touched.

He still lacked knowledge about medicinal herbs.
His knowledge was far from the refinement of medicinal herbs or the elaboration of pills.

He soon found one that really caught his attention.

“Encyclopedia of Medicinal Herbs.”

He opened the book.
It had illustrated drawings.
It described the characteristics of various medicinal herbs, which was precisely the knowledge he needed.

Some pages had notes from a person.


Suddenly the book opened to a certain page that had something in the middle.

It was a small piece of parchment.
He picked it up.
There was someone’s portrait drawn on it.

Who was it?

The boy looked a little younger than he was.
The hair caught his eye because it was the same dark reddish color as Sylverine’s.

And in the lower right corner of the scroll were some words.


It looked like the name of the boy in the portrait.

He remembered that Sylverine had said her brother was dead.

It was probably her brother’s portrait.

He felt as if he had touched something he shouldn’t have.

He wondered why this portrait was in this encyclopedia.

He checked the page where the portrait was inserted to see if there was a connection.


The portrait was in an article about Benemarill, the herb that allowed one to see the future.
He tried to find that herb with Liza.
Again, he looked at the name of the author. Posted only on

Lutavis Da Mardalus.

It was the book of the Great Sage Lutavis that Liza had read.

He never dreamed he would have this in his hands.

Is Sylverine also interested in Benemarill?

[…It feeds on the chaotic energy of the universe that governs space-time.
For a while, one can glimpse another side of space-time when one receives the chaotic energy of the Benemarill.

The rest of the information about Benemarill had been torn out.
When he checked the other pages, he discovered that only part of the Benemarill article had been torn out.
He wondered if it was because she wanted to reflect on it.

Perhaps Sylverine also wanted to resolve something through the Benemarill.
Was this related to her brother? But he could not investigate recklessly.
It was a delicate matter.
He wasn’t supposed to know about it unless she was willing to tell him directly.

He returned the portrait on the page.
He could not leave this book here because it contained the knowledge he needed.
There should be no problem if he returned it after reading it all.

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