Chapter 24.
Medicinal Herbs (4)

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Popper kissed the back of Sylverine’s hand.

“I apologize for the rudeness of my subordinates.”

“No worries.”

The knights, who dismounted when they heard her name, knelt down.

What the hell?

He was stunned when he saw the knights’ behavior.
The knights were probably noblemen, but they showed great respect for Sylverine.

It seemed that a Great Mage was an important person.

“Stand up.
I’d like to talk quietly, but this is an urgent situation.”

When the commander stood up, everyone else did as well.

Sylverine pointed to him.

“Ah, this is my student.”

Commander Popper looked at him curiously.

The gentlemen’s eyes turned to him in unison.

He saluted according to the etiquette he had learned in the Lorail Pavilion.
He never thought those lessons would come in handy.

“My name is Damien.
I followed my master to assist in the subjugation of the ghouls.”

He felt pressured.
Everyone focused their gazes on him when she said he was her student.
A cold sweat ran down his back because they wouldn’t look away.

Popper said,

“I have high expectations because he’s your student.”

Expectations? I’m just a lowly teenager.

Sylverine replied,

Don’t get your hopes up.
I brought him here to learn.”

“He’s the same age as Joyce.
I also brought him here to gain experience, but he’s caused trouble before he even started…”

Popper turned his attention to the knight who had pointed his sword at Sylverine.

The young knight, who looked nervous, knelt before Sylverine.

“My name is Joyce Carol.
I sincerely apologize for the offense.”

“That’s all right.
Surely you have acted as you should.
Stand up.”

Popper patted him on the shoulder as he stood up.

“This boy is preparing to enter the academy next year.
He has excellent swordsmanship.
This subjugation will be a great experience for him.”

His ears pricked up when he heard the word Academy.

This served as motivation for him.

“Then he is the same age as Damien.
I have sent a letter of recommendation to the Academy for this boy.
Maybe in the future they’ll be in the same class.”

He then made eye contact with Joyce.

Joyce looked him up and down as if sizing him up.
His mood didn’t seem good, as if he was jealous of him for the letter of recommendation.

Popper said,

“You have a lot to say about your student.
But that will be for after the subjugation.
Now let’s talk about the ghouls.”

The conversation quickly moved to the ghouls.

“Have you found where they are yet?”

Popper replied as he stroked his beard.

“Not yet.
We sent scouts to the southwest, near the windmills.
Also, some to the east, where the potato fields are.
The soil in the potato fields is soft.
It’s a good place for ghouls to dig caves, so we prioritize our efforts in that area.”

A gentleman approached discreetly and unfolded a map in front of Sylverine.

“Then there’s still time before the scouts return.
May I look at the house where the ghoul entered while we wait?”

“Of course.
Allow me to show you around.”

Popper led them with two gentlemen.

They followed him for ten minutes to a small terracotta house.

The two knights stood guard at the door of the house.

The house was located in the center of town.
They wondered how they could have gotten here unnoticed.

When Popper opened the door of the house, he held his nose because he smelled the strong odor of blood.
The corpse of an old woman greeted them. Posted only on


“In this house lived a grandmother with her granddaughter.
The ghoul broke the window to get in.”

Then, he remembered the bloodied girl who had been taken to Sylverine’s house.
He wondered if that girl would be the granddaughter.
In that case, she would have been orphaned.

“It looks like the ghoul escaped.”

“Yes, when the townspeople came running in after they heard the screams.”

“There was no chase?”

“They chased him until it suddenly disappeared.”

“Maybe it’s still hiding in the center of town.
We must find it quickly before it joins the herd.”

Popper said,

“We’ll search the town right away.
It would be a big problem if this ghoul attracts others.”

Popper’s face became very stiff.

He immediately assembled his men.

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