Chapter 25.
Medicinal Herbs (5)

The scouts reported that they had found no trace of the ghoul.

Popper’s expression darkened when he received the report.

“The situation is not very good.”

The ghoul would have probably joined the herd.

“Search all the town’s gardens, open spaces and weak grounds.”

It would not be easy for ghouls to dig on the town’s stone-paved streets.

The knights, who split into several groups, scattered in all directions.

They also joined the search, with four knights following them.

The knights occasionally glanced at them because he was in Sylverine’s arms.

She said she had to stay close to protect him from ghoul attacks, but he thought it was more appropriate to walk, even if the Ghouls could tear his flesh off.

He said quietly,



“Can I walk?”


Sylverine flatly refused.

The stares did not allow him to concentrate on the search.

The search went on for an hour.
Popper’s face darkened as they found nothing.
If they could not find the ghouls, more troops would have to be gathered to form a defensive line around the town, in case there was an attack.

No doubt the residents would be anxious.

Suddenly there was a place that caught his eye.


The house had a very familiar shape.
He couldn’t make it out clearly because it was almost hidden by a wall, but as they got closer he was convinced.

A two-story red brick house.

It was the mansion he had visited in his dream.

Sylverine noticed that he had his eyes fixed on the house.

“What’s wrong?”

He wondered if she would believe that he saw this house in his dreams.
He just walked into a place that looked like a library.
There was nothing that was related to ghouls. Posted only on

Maybe Sylverine would believe him, but for the knights it wouldn’t make sense for them to go into someone else’s house just because he had seen it in a dream.

He was in a tricky situation.
If he caused unnecessary trouble, he could tarnish Sylverine’s reputation, who had taken him on as a student.



The gentlemen in the search group that Joyce joined were talking about Grand Mage Sylverine.
They seemed not to be taking the situation seriously because they were joking.

Joyce could not interrupt them recklessly.

“I was stunned.
When I heard the rumors, I thought she was an old lady.”

“How can she be an old lady when she’s the youngest master?”

“But she’s a master at the Eternia Academy, so I thought the youngest would be 40 years old.”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen someone who looks like that.
Could it be because I live in a rural area?”

“Most importantly, I can’t believe she easily defeated an Infernal Golem.”

Berelman warned them,

“Be careful what you say.
If she finds out, she’ll burn you all.”

Berelman, a senior knight, looked at Joyce.

“She could be your future master.”

Joyce knew that.
He would be in the Combat Department, but he would have contact with Sylverine because there were some cooperative lessons.

But there was only one thing that interested him now.

“I’m curious about her student.”

Only the best talent received letters of recommendation.

No one had better talent than Joyce.
Although the only place he showed his talent was at Wiesel, he was confident he could compete with anyone his age.

But Sylverine, who had her roots in Wiesel, wrote a letter of recommendation for someone the same age as Joyce.
This was offensive to Joyce’s pride.

Joyce felt he deserved a letter of recommendation because he was Wiesel’s top talent.

Volk, another senior gentleman, interrupted,

“Oh, that boy?” Then he added, “His master is a Magician.
I don’t think he knows hard work.”

“You didn’t see well, he’s a swordsman.
He carried a rather worn sword.”

He uses a sword?

A small fire was lit in Joyce’s mind.
Damien, who was also a swordsman, would enter Eternia Academy on better conditions than him.

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