Chapter 29.
Medicinal Herbs (9)

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“All in formation!”

Commander Popper summoned the knights who were resting.

The knights quickly formed up.

Popper raised his sword to the sky.

This implied that they would not form a defensive line around the town.

The knights sensed a battle was coming.

Joyce, who was also preparing for battle, searched for Sylverine’s student.

She was on horseback in the rear, but he could not find her student.

Joyce was quite pleased.

It would be beneficial if her student did not interfere in this battle.

Berelman approached him.

“Joyce, you must keep to the front.”

“I know.”

It was for Joyce to take an active part.

All the knights, who got on their horses, followed Popper.

They soon arrived at a two-story red brick house.

The troops were divided into two units on Popper’s orders.
The second unit surrounded the house so that nothing could escape.
The first unit organized into groups for infiltration.

“Search every corner, and prepare to face ghouls!”

The knights, who formed up in two lines, kicked open the gate.

“Wait! I hear noises inside the house.”

All the knights stopped.

Clomp clomp clomp

Loud footsteps could be heard coming from inside the house.
The sound gradually moved toward the front door.


A ghoul pushed on the door as if to break it.

“A ghoul!”

All the knights got into combat stance with their swords in hand.

The ghoul moved frantically toward the town.

Joyce stepped forward confidently.

“I’ll do it!”

The other knights stopped at his shout.

It would be a one-on-one confrontation.

The ghoul was covered in blood all over.
Ghouls tend to run away when outnumbered, but now it was so aggressive that it ignored its nature. Posted only on

It looked like it had done something recently.

Maybe there was another victim? Joyce gritted his teeth.

Then the ghoul attacked his head.

Joyce raised his sword to block its claws.
However, the ghoul pressed down with such powerful force that Joyce lost his balance momentarily.

Although he was able to defend himself, he felt a slight pain in his wrists.

They continued to exchange attacks.

But he could not surpass the ghoul in brute strength.

The situation was beyond Joyce’s capabilities.

Joyce twisted the sword slightly to slash the ghoul’s wrist.

Blood gushed out.

Unfortunately, he was unable to cut its wrist, but managed to cause a wound.


The ghoul took a step back.
The blood gushing from his wrist stained the floor.

He felt proud for a moment.

But the ghoul attacked with more intensity.
Joyce acted calmly.
One attack pushed his sword back, so the ghoul was able to attack his chest.

This time, Joyce took a big step back.

His hard, steel armor ripped like paper.
Fortunately, he was not struck directly in the body.


Joyce concentrated on the ghoul’s movements to counter the next attack.

Joyce’s blade cut his hand in half vertically.
His attack broke the ghoul’s concentration, and he immediately thrust his sword into his collarbone.

He screamed as the ghoul struggled.


The knights near Joyce simultaneously thrust their swords into the ghoul.
When they withdrew their swords, the ghoul fell.

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