Sylverine motioned the maid away.
Then she said to Damien,

“Don’t move.”

When the maid moved a suitable distance away, Sylverine put her hand on Damien’s chest.
She wanted to examine the flow of mana in his body.

“Now summon your sword.”

Damien closed his eyes.
Soon, a glowing sword appeared in his hand.

When Sylverine looked at the maid, the maid turned the hourglass around.

He was subjected to immense magical pressure.

The magical pressure was stronger than she thought.

The magical power condensed in the magic sword was immense.

It was strange that he could withstand so much magical pressure.

1 minute, 2 minutes.

Then she checked Damien’s condition with bated breath.

The mana in his body gradually weakened.

As she expected, the magic sword sucked out his mana little by little, to the point where it could really be considered a negligible amount.
Damien possessed less mana than the average person.
He would take 6 to 7 years just to use basic magic.

That’s strange.

The sword’s magical pressure increased as Damien’s mana decreased.

This means that it draws mana from outside.

But Sylverine could not detect the source of that mana.

His mana decreased until it hit rock bottom.

Damien’s heart began to tremble.
The magic sword began to shake at the same time.

His body became overloaded.

Withdraw the invocation.”

He staggered as soon as the sword disappeared.
He would have fallen to the ground if she had not held him. Posted only on

When she turned her head to check the time, the maid was unconscious on the floor.
The magical pressure had affected the maid from far away.

Damien pulled Sylverine’s arm away.

“I’m fine.”


Sylverine walked over to where the maid was to check the hourglass.
Fortunately, the maid had marked the remaining sand before passing out.

She walked over to Damien to help him sit on a rock.

“I’ve figured some things out.
Listen quietly.”


“Your mana has run out.
You won’t have energy until tomorrow, so we’ll finish today’s training.”

“I can still continue.”

“You can use it for about seven minutes and thirty seconds.
Six minutes if you use it intensely, even less if you use sword waves.”

“That’s less time than I thought.”

“I told you not to respond.
You must solve any situation in six minutes.
Otherwise, you are dead.
Don’t use the sword recklessly.”

Damien nodded.

“You must train so that you can use the magic sword for a longer time.
That’s the most important thing right now.”

Sylverine sighed.
Maybe he couldn’t even walk.

She just wondered how he had been able to use the sword so far.

“I’ll call someone, hold on.”

“I’m fine.”

He stood calmly despite her concern.

He did not look like someone whose mana had run out.

Sylverine had a puzzled expression.

When mana was depleted, the body was overtaxed.
Someone who had not trained on magic needed three or four days to fully recover.

“Damn… your mana was supposed to be depleted.”

Damien didn’t understand Sylverine’s reaction.

“I recover fast…”


Sylverine touched Damien’s chest again, and estimated the mana inside his body.

She tilted her head in confusion.

His mana had been fully restored.


His mana container was below average, but his mana regeneration speed seemed like that of a high rank mage.

The puzzle in Sylverine’s mind was getting more and more solved.

The secret of the vast mana that the magic sword had absorbed was in Damien’s incredible mana regeneration ability.
No matter how much the sword absorbed, he produced mana immediately.

The total amount a container could hold and its regeneration capacity were always proportional.
They both evenly increased at the same time.

It was strange that the regenerative capacity was good despite the small vessel.
Perhaps something affected its regenerative ability.

Sylverine’s eyes narrowed as she looked at Damien.

It couldn’t be…

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