“You don’t need to be in such a hurry.
Eventually, you’ll have to pass all the stages of the Zelda Heart test.”

He wondered why she was so sure it would happen.

“Focus on this stage so you can advance to the next stage.”

Then Sylverine threw another pebble.
He failed slightly to block it with his sword.


After they returned to the mansion, he drank the special potion as usual.
His body became more tolerant to fatigue due to the potion.

When he was lying in bed reading a book on alchemy, the head butler brought him what he had asked for.

“I brought them from the town workshop.”

They were items for metalwork.
In addition, the butler had meteoric iron in his hand, which was processed in the way he had requested

The impurities were removed from a piece of meteoric iron, then it was cast in the form of thin rods.
The 20 rods were patterned.

He received everything the butler had brought.

“Thank you so much.”

“Sylverine told me to support you with anything you require.”

But he dared not abuse her generosity.

“Ah, you remember the girl who was hurt by the ghoul?”

“Of course.”

“The girl wants to see you.”


He hadn’t expected her to want to see him now.

She’s waiting at the door.”

“Oh… let her come in.”

When the head butler beckoned, the girl entered the room.
Then, the butler, Ezra, stepped back a little discreetly. Posted only on NovelUtopia.com

Damien looked at the girl.
She parted her lips as though she wanted to speak, but quickly shut them as though she felt nervous.
There was an awkward silence.

“Why did you come?”

“…I heard that it was you who killed all the ghouls.
You avenged my grandmother’s death.
For this reason, I wanted to come to express my gratitude to you.”

“Someone else would have done it if I hadn’t.”

He didn’t want her to feel indebted to him.

“But you did it for me.
That’s very important to me.”

“There was no need for you to come here in your current condition.”

“I don’t feel any pain anymore.”

He was glad she was better, but wondered what she would do now.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better.
Are you going home now?”

“No! Actually, I just met with Sylverine.
I asked her to allow me to work here as a maid, and fortunately, she agreed.”

It was a good choice.
This mansion was a safe place for this girl.
Besides, not many people lived here either, so her work wouldn’t be so hard.

He was upset when he heard her crying in the morning, but she was a smart girl who was able to find her own way in life without his interference.

When he compared herself to this girl, he could notice the special treatment he received from Sylverine.
He didn’t have to work to get everything he wanted.

As if she had remembered something, the girl said,

“There is another reason why I decided to visit you.
Sylverine told me that I had to help you with your work.
That’s my responsibility.”

“Help me with my work?”

She told me to join your secret work.”


She became uneasy because his face turned pale.
She wondered if she had done something wrong.

“….Should I have not said anything?”

“You know what I plan to do?”

But my grandmother was an alchemist, so I learned a little while I was helping my grandmother.
I’m pretty confident when it comes to alchemy.”

He slapped his forehead.

It seemed that Sylverine knew that he plans to make potions based on Zverev’s recipes.
He could make normal potions without this girl’s assistance.

He was in Sylverine’s palm no matter what he did.

He sighed lightly.

“Yes, I need someone.”

The girl belatedly replied,

“Ah, that’s a relief… my name is Lilia.
I hope we’ll get along.”

Then she bowed.
He didn’t like it when she bowed, so he reached over to shake her hand.

“Me too.”

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