[Four Hours Before The Apocalypse]

December 30, 2022


A lot had happened in Xaviers life over the past four days. His best friend, who came from the village to visit, decided to stay with him for a couple of days, His name is Tyler Gomez, a boy with a handsome face and perfect body posture, but hes so annoying.

Xavier has also introduced Alexis to Tyler, but his friend seems to like Alexis, which makes Xavier a little annoyed.

”Are you like Alexis? ” Tyler Asked with a funny expression.

Xavier was silent and did not reply to what Tyler had just said. Because, to be honest, Xavier already has a feeling for Alexis, even though he doesn admit it directly.

I remained silent and didn say anything to Tyler without answering what he said. Instead of the length of his business, Id rather just keep quiet without paying attention to what hes talking about now. Xavier thought.

”Damn, is this Alexiss Instagram? ” Said Tyler as he pulled himself closer to Xavier.

And once Xavier didn respond to what Tyler asked just now, even though he knew it was indeed Alexis Instagram. Well, how else can he be one of the most famous people in this city! Its only natural that he is always included in the official Instagram advertisements for Rainbow City.

”Hmmm, why? ” Xavier replied lazily, leaning his head on the sofa and closing his eyes.

”Damn, You have been friends with him on Instagr*m; I want that too! ” Said Tyler whining to Xavier.

”Just ask yourself! ” Xavier answered briefly and looked away from Tyler. Unaware that he felt uncomfortable and jealous when Tyler always brought up and asked about Alexis, although once again, Xavier did this unconsciously.

Why is it with me that it suddenly becomes too overthinking and overprotective of Alexis, or is this the intended feeling? Xavier thought to himself.

Shortly after, Xavier decided to take the novel ”You
e My Mate (BL), ” which he borrowed from Alexis.

Don know what he thought until he decided to read it at this hour.

Xavier sat relaxed at his study table while turning the pages of the novel. Unintentionally, Xavier opened at the end of the page where an explanation about the author was already written.

Huh, is this story still ongoing online? Xavier may never know if the novel he is reading is booming in a special application for reading novels. The name of the application is Webnovel. The story ”You
e My Mate (BL) ” was also released there, according to the information on the last page.

Xavier reached into his pocket to find his cell phone because this is the safest mode when reading a novel on the cell phone. So no need to bother carrying books here and there.

Ehhh, so my library won sell. Ahh, those who like to read novels in person will come to my library. Xavier thought as he downloaded the Webnovel app on his cell phone.

After finished downloading, Xavier immediately went in and created an account, and the first novel title he was looking for was ”You
e My Mate (BL), ”

He was seriously surprised when he saw that the novels readership had already reached hundreds of thousands and almost millions.

Xavier immediately put it on his reading list, immediately he read it after that.

Tyler, who felt silenced by Xavier, could only sit quietly on the sofa while playing with his cell phone; instead of playing with his cell phone, Tyler opened the same application that Xavier had opened, and he continued to read the novels he had always enjoyed. For reading. Yes, one of them is ”You
e My Mate (BL), ”

The most popular and best-selling novel on Webnovel.

Silence ensued in the room at this time; Xavier focused on reading several chapters on his cell phone and did not pay attention to what Tyler was doing. Tyler did the same, so it was as if the room was empty and uninhabited for a while.

Time passed so quickly that the citys big clock bell rang, indicating that it was now six in the afternoon. Xavier and Tyler, who heard the bell, immediately gasped from their seats and looked at each other.

”Oh my God, its six oclock! ” Xavier screamed hysterically because he had an appointment with Alexis.

”Why? ” Asked Tyler, who was still confused because he saw that Xavier was a way back and forth in the room.

”I have a dinner appointment with someone! And Im not ready at all because of the fun of reading the novel just now! ” Xavier answered while scratching his head which didn even itch.

”Yes, hurry up and take a shower! ” Tyler said, throwing the towel that was near the sofa.

”Thanks! ” Xavier answered while catching the towel that Tyler threw and rushed to take a shower.

He deliberately didn open his cell phone even though he knew that there were several incoming message notifications. He immediately decided to take a shower.

Tyler, who was still sitting on the sofa, was silent while supporting his chin with his hand, stopping his reading activity after knowing that Xavier was going out to dinner with someone.

Will I be at home alone after this? It won be worth it if I sit here without talking to anyone. Tyler thought while fiddling with his cell phone to look for something.

A must-visit place in Rainbow City

The search was googled, and he found some great places to go at night.

”Wow, this is good; it feels like just come here! There are maps too! ” Said Tyler as he stood up and took his towel.

”Where are you going? ” Xavier asked, who had just come out of the bathroom in a hurry.

”I also want to go out, hehe! Don worry, I have my event, and don worry, I won get lost because there are maps that can help me where Im going! ” Tyler answered, explaining everything Xavier wanted to ask; he had already bought it and then went into the bathroom.

”Oh, its already this hour! ” Xavier muttered as he hurriedly put on his casual clothes and not-so-formal trousers. Black & white are the outfit colors used tonight for an appointment.

”Im On my way! ” Xavier replied to someone he was going to have dinner with tonight. After several incoming messages from him, it made him afraid that he would be late on this special night for him.

Alexis only replied with a smiling emoticon when Xavier replied to the message he had sent fifteen minutes ago to Xavier.

For almost twenty minutes, Alexis waited at one of the famous restaurants in Rainbow city.

”Rainbow Steak! ”

One of the more crowded places visited by many young people in Rainbow city because the place is very aesthetic and so close to Rainbow lake.

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