13 – The Hero’s First Time in the Sandpit

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『Hey, Rain.
…Is it a coincidence?』

After separating from the two maids, Mika whispers to me.

「What is?」

『To me… I don’t think that guy…the War God would just let demon kids with such high talent escape.』


The Eleanor group has the impression that the other five Saviors are heartless and cold-blooded humans.

Most likely because of how they shoved a weapon into my hands when I was five years old and trained me severely to learn their skills.

That said, if they were heartless or run-of-the-mill villains, there’s no way they could fulfill their mission as Saviors.

There are many who would use their immense powers for their own self-interest.

But those guys are different.

If they earned money, they use it on those that lost everything in a war or the poor.

They firmly refuse the proposals from countries that try to entice them with land or titles.

If innocents are being oppressed, they would immediately jump in to help.

Firstly, five years ago I was ten years old.
It would’ve been easy enough to fool the knights that came later and the other human girls to let Eleanor and the gang go free, but not for those five.

In other words, the decision to let them go was entirely based on the other five Savior’s consent.

They, too, possibly did not wish to kill child victims just because they were Demons.

It’s just that the Savior’s mission to respect all life does not happen to include the Six Saviors themselves.

According to Eleanor and Mika, the fact that I never noticed it is abnormal, which is most likely due to the education of the other five.

『I wonder if it’s possible that he predicted everything up till now.』

「Anything’s possible with that guy, but what would the point be? It’s a different story if letting me go to the Demon King Army’s side benefited Humanity in some way though.」

『Y-yeah…you’re right.
Sorry, just a random thought.』

「No, I get it.
Anything really is possible with that guy… Well anyway, let’s go make that sandcastle!」

I can’t help but think about the normally inscrutable, bespectacled man.

Besides, even if this was all predicted, as long as we’re together, we can pull through.』

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But if by some chance we have to fight the Sage, be careful.
She can destroy cursed swords, y’know.」

If cursed swords are former holy swords, then she might be able to chip Mika.

『What?! But that’s supposed to be impossible for a human! 』

「She told me before while you weren’t around.
The current situation with cursed swords is quite dangerous since they are in the hands of Demons.」

The terrifying thing about cursed swords is that in the hands of a complete novice, they are given the overwhelming power of a skilled swordsman or wizard overnight.

Bad guys who are already strong will become even more troublesome if they wield it.

Still, the Six Saviors can handle them, but that’s just because it’s us six.

There is a risk of the surrounding areas being damaged or our allies being harmed.

It’s difficult to fight while paying attention to all that, so the Sage devised a spell to break cursed swords.

『The Saviors of this generation really are strange…』

Mika said something but the conversation was over the moment we reached the sandpit.


Said the little ones.

「Just having a little chat with Azla and Lejie… I mean, the two maids over there.
So? …Is this how you play in the sandpit?」

Some were digging holes, while others made structures out of sand.

Among them, Myuri’s castle was a pretty good recreation of the Demon King Castle.

The surrounding children stared at it in admiration.

Myuri felt happy about this and puffed out her chest in triumph.

「Skilfully made, well done.」

I said after seeing Myuri glance at me repeatedly, to which she immediately smiled.

「You make something too, Mister Hero.」

「If I make a bigger castle than you, do I win?」

「This isn’t a game like that, mister Hero.」

Carro points out, almost sounding used to doing so.

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「Oh, it’s not? I can make anything?」


「In that case… Alright, I’ll make that.」

Take a handful of damp sand and shape it into a certain lump.


「Mister Hero, is that a snowman?」

「No, it’s pancakes.
Is it too hard to tell in just two steps? I’m thinking of adding three more pancakes.」

Everyone was silent.

Hey, Carro, stop looking at me like that.
That’s a look of pity, isn’t it? I know it is.

『Who’s the one who decided that pancakes can’t be round balls? These are Rain’s pancakes.』

You too, Mika.
Please stop.
I don’t know why, but I suddenly have this urge to run away…

Myuri had a gentle expression on her face.

「It’s okay, nobody is great on their first try.」

「Well put, Myuri.
You’re right, I won’t grow unless I make an effort.」

Later, I find out that I truly am bad at this.

I tried making things with the others after that, but they didn’t go well.

「I mean, if you wanted to shape dirt freely, why not just use magic?」

The second I say the word magic, the children all froze, remembering what happened not too long ago, but as soon as I recreate pancakes using magic, their eyes sparkled.

「Whoa! Pancakes!」「Can you make tables and chairs, too?」「Bed…」

I guess one of them is a little sleepy.
It’s better to have a real bed for a nap.

I then have a sudden realization.

I thought that this might impact Myuri’s confidence in her magic in a negative way.

「Wow…! That’s amazing, mister Hero!」

She was in high spirits.

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「Hey, mister Hero, can you make that?!」

While excitedly pulling my clothes, she points with her other hand at…the tower.

It’s within the Demon King Castle grounds, but it is separate from the other buildings.

「Ah, that.」

「I’m not allowed in there.
But I’m so curious…」

Which is why you want me to make it so you can explore the insides?

…I don’t think that counts as going inside the tower in question, though?

But if that’s enough to satisfy your curiosity, I don’t mind making it.

…Although I’ll be in trouble if I start thinking about sneaking into that tower.

The reason this country is relatively safe in Demon Territory is that the Demon King established a barrier using that tower.

It has the effect of repelling the miasma and preventing the occurrence of small-scale Rifts that connect this world to Makai.

In order to maintain this barrier, old man Demon King can’t leave the Demon King Castle.

I haven’t heard what is actually in that tower, but it would be trouble if Myuri gets mixed up with it.

「Alright, sure.」

This isn’t enough to thank them for the comfortable life I lead now, but I’ll do it.

「Mika, it’s been a while, but it’s your time to shine.
Help me formulate this spell.」

You just need to reproduce the appearance of that tower, right? Easy-peasy.』

I’m good at offensive magic, but I have never made a structure with Earth Magic before.

I ask everyone to stand back a little and concentrate.

I could hear the black-haired maid Lejie calming down the panicking red-haired maid Azla.

「If it’s Master Rain, it’ll be fine~.」

「I’m not worried about him failing.
If he says he can make, he will, but making it using Earth Magic will produce a tremendous amount of mana, plunging the castle grounds into an uproar-」

The image of the tower is formed in my mind.

Then I prepare the mana and turn that image into a reality.

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Immediately after, the ground shook as a tower extended up from the ground.

I left the details to Mika, but I was careful not to damage the playground equipment and make sure the tower doesn’t fall.

「I guess that’s it.」

『Hmph, with a mighty holy sword such as I, comprehending a structure such as this and its construction is child’s play.』

「Yeah, thanks for the help.」

『…! D-don’t mind me.
It’s only natural, right? B-but if you wish to say more, go ahead.』

「Wooow…!」went all the kids in delight.
I nodded.

「Half of these smiles are thanks to you.」

『…! Forty…no, thirty…no, twenty percent is just fine.』

Hasn’t she been nicer and nicer to me lately…?

Before I thought too hard about that, that guy came.

「Kuh, an abnormal surge of mana?! Dammit! That’s where Myuri’s playground is…! Please be safe, Myuri!!!」

Just as I thought I heard an echo of a voice, a young man jumps into the park.


「Ah, big bro!」

It was a Majin with a serious look on his face.
Just like Myuri, he has purple hair.

Myuri, who was about to enter the tower, was hugged by the young man who just rushed in.

「Thank goodness…! I…kuh, I was so distant with you this morning, and if that turned out to be my last conversation with you, I never would have forgiven myself…!」

「Big bro, I can’t breathe.」

Even though she says that, she doesn’t look like she dislikes this.

See, it was all a misunderstanding, Myuri.

If he truly valued schoolwork over family, he wouldn’t’ve run here in such a panic.

Also, uh…

Is he gonna get mad at me?

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