18 – The Hero? In the Magic Academy?

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I enter the dining hall and come across some guests.

「Good morning, Rain.」

「Morning, Mister Hero! Morning, Mika!」

「Ah, good morning, Fripp, and Myuri.
Am I…in the wrong room?」

Until now, I’ve either been in the dining hall alone, with Eleanor, or, recently, together with the pipsqueaks.
This is the first time I’ve dined with the royal siblings.

I just thought that, if at all possible, I could have a chat with you during mealtime.」

By the way, ever since Fripp and I became friends, we’ve become closer.

…I’ve always talked to him the same way since the start, but Fripp was the one that changed his tone.

「Oh, is that it? Sure, let’s do that.」

Though I must say this is an…amusing sight.」

First off, the rabbit-eared Carro is clinging onto my back.
Furthermore, the kids were holding onto each of my arms one at a time, making a scene as they wait for their turn to switch places.

That’s the sight he’s talking about.

They’re attached to Eleanor too, but she’s a Big Four, so of course, she’d be busy.

Still, she tries her best to show her face, so chances to talk to her have not diminished.

But the children probably feel lonely.

Myuri and the kids exchanged greetings and smiled.
Then they all took a seat.

This was originally a large table, so there were chairs prepared.

「How’s the old ma-…his Highness?」

The old man himself doesn’t mind but calling his father, who is a great king, old man probably doesn’t feel right.

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Normally, parent and child would mutually treasure each other.

If this emotion was absolute, maybe I wouldn’t have been thrown away…

「Haha, don’t worry about that.
As his children, we know our father well.
Of course, all I ask is that you refrain from calling him that in the presence of those from foreign countries.」

「Got it.
I’ll keep that in mind.」

「In any case, my father is held up in the tower.」

That’s all he needed to say.

He’s working to maintain the barrier.

Before long, breakfast was served.

「Fufu, you look so happy, Mister Hero.」

「Hm? I guess so.」

『Yeah, you’re smiling.』

Even Mika continued what Myuri said.

「Well, food used to be nothing more than nutritional supplements, and during missions, it was just something to fill my stomach, but when you eat something good, you go “Delicious!”, right? I think that feeling makes me happy.」

「Hm… I can’t fully understand what you’re feeling, Rain, but… yes, I have been moved by delicious food before.
I see nothing wrong with that.」

「Right…?! I knew this was a normal thing.」

「I’m happy when there’s meat.
I’m sad when there’re veggies.」

「Aw, Carro loves veggies…」

Carro particularly likes salads.

The little tykes proceeded to start speaking about foods they love and hate.

I glanced at a certain little girl.

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A fox-eared girl that didn’t join in on the fun, perhaps because of the trauma, kept her mouth shut.

She wasn’t at the park either.

But she gets close to you without realizing it, and she was even in my bed when I went to sleep last night.

Much like the other kids, she probably feels reassured being near her saviors, Eleanor or me.

「Big bro, are you going to school today?」

「Mm, that’s right.
I’ll make some time for you when I get back, so can you wait?」

「Yeah…! I’ll wait!」

Looks like these two are doing just fine.

「The magic academy, huh? Come to think of it, what’s it like? I haven’t been to school or anything like that before.」

「What is it like…hm.
How should I explain it? Men and women of the same age are assembled in the same room and given lessons.
While school is essentially a place for learning, mingling with your fellow students is also recommended.
Some make friends, and some even find love.
There are also those that gather people with similar interests to form what is known as a Club.」

「Huh… That sounds fun.」

As I say that, I could see a glint in Fripp’s eyes.

「T-truly? If that’s how you feel, please come to the school, everyone would be thrilled… Also, my homeroom teacher has been very noisy since learning that I became friends with you…」

『If I’m not mistaken, one of the Seven is in that school.』

The seven girls that I rescued five years ago, huh…

One of them is Eleanor of the Big Four, one is Myuri’s escort, the black-haired maid Lejie, there were three more in that meeting to deal with the Rift from a while ago.
Only two more left.

Among those two, one of them is Fripp’s homeroom teacher… I guess that’s like a teacher who is in charge of his class.

Still, I was just trying my luck.

I didn’t think it would be this easy.

「How about today?」

「Ah, in that case, let’s leave a little earlier.
This normally wouldn’t be allowed, but for you, it’s a different story.
I’m sure I can get permission very quickly.」

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「Is that so? Thanks.」

「Goodness, I’m overjoyed.
To think that the Hero would become-」
「I’m kinda looking forward to his.
To think that I could experience being-」

「-a teacher!」
「-a student!」

Fripp and my sentences overlapped.

But we both seemed to have heard what the other said clearly.


「St-student… I don’t think there is anyone in the academy who could teach you…」
「T-teacher? I’ve been taught magic, but I’ve never taught anyone before.」

In fact, wouldn’t it be impossible for me to make friends with students who are the same age as me as their teacher?

Also, I’m curious about this finding love thing.

The image of Eleanor’s smiling face flashed in my mind, but that image of her immediately burst into a nosebleed and she fainted.

「Rain…you wish to be a student?」

「I wanted to know what it’s like.
I thought it’d be fine since its…just one day.」

Would it be difficult?

「…Teach is going to go wild…」

「Hm? What’s wrong, Fripp?」

「Hm? Oh.
Then, how about this? For one day, we shall treat you as a new admission to the school, as an experience.
In exchange, I suppose, I would like you to make time to teach magic to anyone who wishes to learn from you.」

I see.
This is a great idea that fulfills both my desire and Fripp’s wishes.

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「Sure, I don’t mind.」

「Is that so?! Thank you.
…But are you sure? I am glad that you trust us, but to teach magic to demons…」

「It’s fine.
On the off chance that someone abuses that magic, someone will stop them, right? This country is full of exceptional people, after all.
Even if that isn’t possible, I’m still here, so there’s no problem.」

Also, as if someone could learn and use the Sage’s magic within a day.

I only learned it at the end of her hellish training, and I’m a Hero.

The day will probably end with me giving them some advice at most.
That much is nothing.

「Hey, no fair.
Only Mister Hero gets to go.」

「Carro wants to go too!」

We calmed the kids down and finished our meal.

School, huh? I wonder what it’s like.

『Of course, you’re bringing me along, right?!』

Even without saying anything, I wouldn’t leave you behind.

The Academy, Practical Arts class.

「Now, Hero dear, fight me!」

I see, I see.

So school is a place where duels can be requested?

「…No, Rain.
This isn’t normal.」

I would’ve had a complete misunderstanding if it weren’t for Fripp’s correction.

So then…what’s with her?

The reason why this happened in the first place is…

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