alive if they want it to obey.
At the very least, keep some of them alive.』

「…Despite how effective taking hostages was, it is odd that they would throw all that away.」

It’s not like they needed to tell the villagers the truth.
It’s possible that the lackeys who did the deed weren’t told about the true goal of it all.』

「Sacred beasts and spirits are…kinda like beings of highly pure mana that gained a will of their own, right?」

『Yeah, maybe.
Back in a time when people still genuinely respected nature, a pool of mana picked up on the hearts or prayers of people who believed in a holy being and made it real.』

The reason behind that happening is no different from how a Rift is formed.

You could say that what Mika mentioned is a rare occurrence in recent times.
Does that mean that the people of the present don’t have enough desire to manifest a sacred beast?

「If bad demons capture it and if it doesn’t follow orders…」

『They’ll probably abuse its mana.』

「They’re all the same.」

『We better rescue it fast or things will get dangerous.』

Since Ur can sense its existence, it probably hasn’t been terminated yet.

Our hopes are tied.

Eventually, I arrived at a large room.

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I defeated the sorcerer who blasted spells at me without a word and approached my target.

It was a large, white-coated, fox that had a large collar on and was chained.

『…Who are you?』

This collar seals away the white fox’s power and even steals its strength.

The stolen white fox’s power flows to the gem set into the collar, huh?

Since you can’t use someone else’s mana without their permission, it takes a lot of effort to make use of another’s mana.

You can either absorb the mana and make it your own, make the other party offer it to you, or transfer the mana into some object in order to make it belong to no one.

They used the latter method.

「Who? …I’m a friend of Ur’s.」

The white fox was shocked.

『Ur… That little one yet lives?』

That voice sounded weak, but there was some joy in it.

As far as I know, she’s the only survivor of that village.
She asked me to save you.」

『…You who have made that wish come true, who are you? Not your relation to Ur, but your standing.』

That question again, huh?

「I’m Rain.
I’m a freeloader in the Demon King Army.」


The white fox utters that in a dignified voice tinged with bewilderment.

「Yeah, a freeloader.」

『Wh-what manner of position is that?』

「My job is to eat whenever, play whenever, and sleep whenever I want.」

An intensely long silence follows suit.

『…What a strange role that the world has produced while I spent ages in a single village.』

「I was surprised when I heard about it the first time too.」

『Hey, isn’t it time we brought it back? Ur’s waiting.』

Said an impatient Mika.

I guess she’s right.

I remove the collar and hand over the gemstone to the white fox.

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『…Twas impossible for me to remove that collar, so I had given up trying.
Your blade… Is it not a holy sword?』

「Before we get to that, here.
This has all of your mana, right?」

The white fox was confused, but it took the gem into its mouth and skilfully crushed it.

『You have my thanks, Rain the freeloader.
Such kindness must be repai-』

「Your welcome.
I don’t need a reward.
Just come and meet Ur for me.」

『Of course.』

I touch the white fox and teleport us to the mouth of the cave.

Before I could say anything, Ur came jumping in.

「White Fox…!」

In a loud voice I’ve never heard her shout, with quick movements I’ve never seen before, Ur jumps at the white fox.

Eleanor approached as well, with a smile.

『…You truly do live.』

「Yeah…! Rain saved me.」

『Is that so…』

Ur buried her face in the white fox’s fluffy fur and rubbed her face against it.

I have been told that you are the only survivor.』

Ur didn’t say anything, but the way her body stiffened up was answer enough.

『You sought to save me, despite my failure as the village guardian.
Ur, o kind-hearted child.
If you would allow me, I shall protect you this time.』

Ur raised her face.

「Will we be together?」

If it pleases you.』

She did not give a reply.

Her wide smile was all that was needed.

And just like that, yet another group of baddies was eliminated.

We rescued a fluffy white fox.

And we gave Ur her smile back.

『Rain the freeloader.
If you ever require my aid, just say the word.
I shall do all in my power to be of use.』

Then the white fox said that.

Anyway, case closed.

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