was a coincidence, and I could have reached the white fox too late.

「I’m happy when I’m with you.」

She had a big smile on her face after saying that.

「Is that so?」


「Carro too.
Carro too…!」

Carro is heavily proclaiming her existence.

We continued playing around like that until there was a knock on the door.

It was the black-haired maid Ferris.

We exchanged greetings and then she spoke.

「Lady Eleanor has called for you.」

「Ah, got it.」

I nodded with a serious look on my face.

Eleanor is trying to let me live a normal, comfortable life.

If it wasn’t something important, she wouldn’t call for me around breakfast time.

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I take Mika in hand, leave the white fox to handle the kids, and leave the room.

Ferris followed behind shortly.

I stopped in front of a door near the kitchen that I have never been to before.

「Here…that is… Everyone is waiting for you.」

Ferris said with a bewildering face that is troubled, apologetic, yet somewhat amazed at the same time.


「Master Hero.
This may be late, but I thank you for saving my younger sister, Lejie, five years ago.」

Ferris bowed deeply.

「Oh, uh, yeah don’t mention it…」

「My sister still talks about Master Hero’s bravery.
She is deeply grateful.」

That’s all well and good, but why is she telling me this now?

「Her feelings may spin out of control, but please, do not hate her for it…」

From what she’s saying, I can guess that Lejie is also behind this door.

『I mean, you can tell from their energy, right? Some of the Seven are in there.』

The silver-haired Eleanor who can use Space Elemental magic.

The black-haired maid Lejie who works as an escort to the Demon King’s daughter.

The brown-haired Louto who works as a teacher in the Magic Academy.

I can sense the presence of one other person in there.

「I shall wait for you out here…」

「O…kay? Sure, alright.」

I brace myself and step inside.

「Fufufu, so you have come, Hero Rain.」

It was a room that wasn’t that spacious with only chairs and a table placed inside.

There is another door at the back.
I don’t see the three women that I know.

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They’re probably behind the door at the back.

The person waiting for me is a woman with tanned skin and long reddish-purple hair.

She wears a tight-fitting glossy outfit that has numerous openings that expose her flesh.

She wears a hat that looks like a military cap, tight gloves, and…she has a whip for some reason.

It’s different from what I know, but the closest profession that comes to mind with this image is…

「Are you the torturer?」

『As if there’d ever be a torturer dressed as erotically as her!』

「Indeed, you are incorrect.」


「Torture is but one of my methods.
Whatever information the Demon King Army wishes to know, I am the one who shall extract it by any means necessary.
I am the intelligence officer.」

『What intelligence officer is dressed like that?!』

「I usually dress in a less revealing outfit, however.
I do feel a little chilly.」

『Then why are you dressed like that…?!』

Mika is on fire today.

「Do you want to hear something from me?」

Clever boy.」

Even if you were to torture me, I don’t think you’ll get anything out of me.」

「I would never do something so terrible to you…!」

『I expected this, but geez, the Seven really are full of weirdos.
Louto’s fine, though.』

Louto really won Mika over, huh?

「Hmph, even without resorting to torture, there is no information that can evade my grasp.
Today, you will reveal our desired information.
Crucial information that even you are not aware of.」

『Crucial information…that even Rain isn’t aware of…?!』

That seemed to pique Mika’s interest.

「Indeed, Hero Rain.
Today is the day…you will reveal your favorite dish…!」

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