Chapter 1: Seven-year Itch

The sound of heavy panting and low moans spread out from the bedroom.

Qin Mu leaned on the wall outside the bedroom, a few halos of light leaking through the cracks in the open door, shining onto his face, outlining an exquisite and handsome face.
His complexion was extremely good, his five facial features all conforming to the golden ratio.
He had thin lips, a sharp nose, and under his slender eyebrows were a pair of peach blossom eyes with the pupils so dark that they resembled pools of ink, enrapturing people with their brilliance.
Not to mention, his figure was extremely complementary with his clothes having wide shoulders and a narrow waist.
Also, wrapped in his suit pants were his long and straight legs.

In the past, when Su Hanyu has crazily pursued him, he had said that his eyes were very attractive, crystal clear and resembling the stars.

However, in the end, he still got bored.

Seven years, legend spoke about the seven-year itch1, and unexpectedly, it really did happen.

Qin Mu tugged at his tie, his peach blossom eyes narrowing slightly, his charming and confused look disappearing, a dangerous atmosphere being revealed instead.
It was almost as though he had been waiting for this day for a very long time.

Su Hanyu definitely wouldn’t have thought that he would have returned from his business trip ahead of schedule, coincidentally seeing Su Hanyu cheat on him.
If this was the past Qin Mu, he definitely wouldn’t hesitate to push open the door to catch Su Hanyu committing adultery in bed before brokenly asking Su Hanyu why he would betray him…

In the bedroom, the temperature gradually rose, the creaking sounds of the bed getting louder and louder.
It seemed that they were having a fierce battle.
Qin Mu appeared affected, cursing softly, he skillfully pulled out a cigarette before proceeding to do some indescribable actions.

The time had passed in this manner for a while before the sounds of passion in the bedroom began to subside.
Qin Mu pinched the cigarette butt before turning and heading to the bathroom.
There, he began to leisurely clean up the indescribable mess on his hand.
He didn’t bother to lower his volume as he did these actions, uncaring of whether or not Su Hanyu and adulterer would hear him.
When he was almost done cleaning up, a deep and cold voice suddenly resounded in his head.


Knowing the reason behind the congratulations, Qin Mu lightly snorted.
“You really know how to pick a time.” Then, casually throwing the dirty paper towel into the bin, Qin Mu turned on the tap, smearing the hand soap onto his palms before washing his hands under the flowing water.
As he washed his hands, he arrogantly asked, “Just now, watching me beep– How did it feel?”


Qin Mu wiped the water off his hands before continuing to sincerely talk to the system.
“It’s a pity that you’re just a cold system, if you weren’t, I really wouldn’t mind doing it with you once.”

【You are really YD2.】The system's tone was extremely cold.

“Thank you, I will take it as though you are praising me.” Qin Mu smiled insincerely at the mirror not continuing to tease the system.
Then his tone became serious, “Speak, what should I do next?”

【Right now, Su Hanyu had betrayed you.
All you need to do is to make sure he regrets his actions in order to get a corresponding amount of pain.
Once his pain value reaches 100%, you would have successfully completed this world’s task, allowing you to proceed into the next world.】

Qin Mu nodded, not forgetting to ask for confirmation, “Do not forget what you promised me.”

【You may rest assured, once the contract takes effect, it cannot be changed.
As long as you succeed in assaulting all the worlds, you can resurrect in your original world.】After finishing this sentence, the system no longer spoke.

Upon mentioning this, Qin Mu felt rather depressed.

He had died, he didn’t die due to various accidents from car accidents to drowning or die from revenge murders, or love murders, or from serial killers.
Instead, when he was rushing to a hotel presidential suite with his ninth sweetheart for a 10 person orgy, he was struck by lightning.

The fortune teller had said that he should not lose his virginity ahead of time, or else he wouldn’t be able to live past 26.
Although Qin Mu didn’t believe in fate, his grandfather was convinced by the fortune teller’s words causing him to prohibit Qin Mu from having relationships with other people by threatening to abolish Qin Mu’s status of being the Qin family’s successor.
Knowing that his father would always go through with his threats, Qin Mu could only laboriously work to maintain his virginity.

However with Qin Mu’s innate lustful nature, within a period of time, he had gathered nine beautiful men.
Due to his outstanding acting skills and exceptional look, each man ended captivated by him, believing themselves to be the only one in Qin Mu’s heart.
And on his 26th birthday, Qin Mu had opened separate rooms in the same hotel, planning to sleep with each man one by one, the perfect ending for his virgin body.
Yet, in the end, he wasn’t able to escape the fortune teller’s prophecy.

Recalling the past, Qin Mu sighed heavily, tracing the cigarette.

After dying from the lightning, the system had found him and told him that he could be reborn.
That time, when he asked the system it’s reasons for choosing him, the system had told him it was because it felt that he had no moral integrity, and did not fear being abu

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