Chapter 13 “你看了么?我没看! / Did You Watch It? I didn’t see!”


    Qin Mu and Gu Qin did not announce their relationship to everyone but tried to keep it low profile.
However, they could not hide this new development from the sharp-eyed employees in the company.
They had very quickly caught on and sussed out the details themselves.
With Qin Mu’s good looks and gentle personality he was already looked well upon in the company, the discovery of him and Mr.
Gu dating was met with blessings.

   It didn’t take too long for Qin Mu to also discover Gu Qin’s expert housekeeping skills.
Any task that fell into his hands came outdone to perfection, from the hall to the kitchen(1) he was almost the perfect partner.
The final quality was vigorous bedroom activities, pity he has no chance to experience that….

    On this day, Gu Qin was cleaning up around Qin Mu’s desk in the study.
He leaned his floor mop against the side of the desk while he paused to clean it and happened to nudge the computer mouse.
The screen woke up, displaying what Qin Mu had been looking at before he left.
What entered his eyes made a jolt go through him.
Stunned as he made sense of it.
In the middle of the screen was a paused adult video!  

    He had wondered why when he was cleaning the living room that Qin Mu had stayed firmly in the study! It was because he was watching such a movie! 

   From childhood till now, Gu Qin had yet to see this type of video personally.
Almost subconsciously his finger twitched in curiosity and clicked the mouse, playing the video.
That shocking paused picture sprang to life, figures moving onscreen in a way he felt indescribable.
His body was frozen in front of such a display.

   Since childhood, he had rejected other people’s touch.
Qin Mu had been given all his firsts so far, from his first hug to his first kiss… how could he have encountered such a heated scene before this.

    Even with the sound not being loud enough to hear from the connected headphones laying on the desk Gu Qin’s face still turned red.
Not just his face though, every inch of visible skin from his ears, to his neck, to his bare arms, a red flush crawled over at an incredible rate.
He clicked the mouse again quickly, pausing the explicit video that was playing.
The flush refused to recede and instead moved deeper inside.
He felt he should quickly escape before he was found.

   Just as he was turning to flee with his mop, Qin mu who had been absent this whole time finally showed up in the doorway.

  Qin Mu who had just returned from his bathroom break paused and examined the flushed youth’s appearance.
Eyes sweeping over the flushed face, down the neck and arms, then landed on the still lit screen.
“Did you watch?”

    Gu Qin squeezed the mop in his hands with a stiff expression: “I didn’t see anything.”

    Qin Mu solemnly pointed out: “This is not where it was paused before I went to the bathroom.”

   The muscles at the corners of Gu Qin’s mouth twitched, “When I came in to clean the study, I accidentally bumped into the mouse.”

    “Oh~”  A certain person dragged his voice.

    Gu Qin: “…”

    Qin Mu: “You don’t need to explain.
I understand you accidentally bumped the mouse, and then accidentally clicked on the left button.”

    “…” The person who secretly watched naughty films was clearly Qin Mu, so why does he have a guilty conscience?

    Qin Mu decisively stepped forward and took the mop from Gu Qin’s hand.
Then he walked to the door, threw the mop outside with a clatter, and closed the door firmly.
Reaching out to the wall he dimmed the lights, leaving only the screen as the room’s light source.

    “You… what are you doing?” He asked this sentence hesitantly.
Gu Qin tried hard to calm his frantic heart from beating too loudly.

    Qin Mu smiled in the dim light and stepped forward to hold the young man’s shoulders, “Have you never seen this before?”

    “…” How could Gu Qin admit to that?

    Qin Mu didn’t wait for him to answer.
He guided the young man to the chair and pressed down on the young man’s shoulder to make him sit.
The latter sat passively in front of the computer, and the other man’s scorching breath whispered in his ear: “Watch carefully.
It might give you some helpful knowledge.”

    After saying this, Qin Mu unplugged his headphones and tapped the mouse.
Immediately, a passionate voice floated through the air.
Gu Qin immediately wanted to get up from his new seat until the man standing behind him spoke lazily with a smile: “Are you shy?”

   Stubbornly digging in his heels to prove him wrong he grit his teeth and watched.
Even with both eyes on the activities happening on the screen, his thoughts started wandering.
Breathing in the scent coming from Qin Mu was thoroughly distracting.
Such a good smell, maybe next time he should also use Qin Mu’s shower gel.   

     Perhaps the distraction was too successful as the heat on Gu Qin’s face gradually faded.
Qin Mu had only intended to see how red he could tease that blush so seeing the focused seriousness of the other made him lose interest in his little game.
Feeling unsatisfied his lip twitched into a sad-looking smile and he turned his peach blossom eyes to look at the younger man: “You…” After a short pause, he didn’t continue speaking but shook his head and sighed.

   Gu Qin was confused by the other, taking note of the strange expression and the odd little laugh he suddenly realized what the other was hinting at! The previously faded blush made a fierce comeback.
Pushing back the chair so fast it made a loud Squeeeak he stood.
Walking past he brushed Qin Mu’s arm.
In the doorway, he paused face expressionless as he looked back.
Seeing he wasn’t following Gu Qin reached for the others’ arm “Let’s go”.

    Qin Mu: “Where…?”

    Gu Qin: “Bedroom.”

    Eh? Has this youngster finally been enlightened? Qin Mu couldn’t help feeling irritated.
Just before being pushed down onto the bed, his reason defeated desire and he hurried to hit the brakes, “Wait! Didn’t you say that you wanted to wait until your wedding night?”

   When Gu Qin heard these words his reason gradually returned, becoming sober and calm once more.
After so many days of getting along, he knew this man had a wicked mouth and loved to use all kinds of obscure words to tease him.
But now it felt that he was getting some mixed signals, wasn’t this what he had wanted from him? Why was he pushing him away when all he wanted was to make him happy?

    I really don’t understand him.

    He frowned and let go of Qin Mu’s arm to pace the foot of the bed.
He ran his hand through his hair and came to a frustrated stop finally looking at Qin Mu.
His thoughts a tangled mess, he turned and left the bedroom.
Gu Qin paused and looked at the mop that had been tossed on the floor not too long ago, before picking it back up once again and walked to the study to finish cleaning. 

    Qin Mu flopped back on the bed, looked up at the ceiling, and gave a long sigh.
What a great opportunity was in front of him, and he turned it down.
“It’s not like it was MY idea…”

    Qin Mu was very depressed.

     It would be great if Gu Qin could be tougher and directly eat him up.
Then at that time, when the system places the blame on him, he has a reason to refute and shift the pot(2).
It could be said that he was forced…


    After the study incident, Gu Qin began to think about the possibility of a marriage proposal.
This is the only reason he can think of after three consecutive days of thinking that can explain the man’s refusal to sleep with him.

    Why reject him?

    Because they are not married.
They cannot go to bed unless they are married.
So in the final analysis, in this way, the man is suggesting that he should propose.

    The above is Gu Qin’s brain-hole(3) hard at work.

    He does not have anything like a marriage phobia.
He has never liked anyone before.
He doesn’t know what it feels like to like someone.
Qin Mu is the only person he does not reject and feels the need to continue to get along with.
When facing Qin Mu, his heartbeat speeds up, his face gets red, and he cares about every detail from the words he says to the smallest look in the others eye.

    If he could live with this man for a lifetime, he thought, he was ready.

    Gu Qin, who had come to a decision and began to plan the proposal.
He tried to keep the matter hidden from Qin Mu as a surprise, but his small movements were unable to escape Qin Mu’s eyes.
Qin Mu deliberately pretended not to know about it, but secretly wondered how to let Su Hanyu know that he was going to marry someone else.

    On the day of the proposal, Gu Qin mysteriously led Qin Mu to the company’s office building.

    The breeze is light, and the night is dark.

    Gu Qin put down the hand covering the man’s eyes and leaned into his ear.
The cold and indifferent voice of the past was warmer, as if the watery summer moonlight poured into Qin Mu’s ears, “Qin Mu, open your eyes.

    Qin Mu has long been aware of Gu Qin’s plans and slowly opened his eyes.
The office building sitting in the dark is empty and silent, like an ice-covered stone sculpture with a thousand faces.
In the blink of an eye, the bright lights are shining.
The previously dark windows light up, jumping out vividly, and stretches out in front of Qin Mu’s eyes, tracing out the characters of his name like a dragon of light.

    Qin Mu.

    Even if he knew about Gu Qin’s marriage proposal, actually seeing it played out in front of him for real, Qin Mu’s heart was still shocked.
The lights in the office building were still lighting up one by one, the light string nimbly continuing its dance.
After it finished, the words appeared to be printed on the upper floor of the square building.

    Qin Mu, marry me.

    While this sentence was lit, Gu Qin’s voice slowly sounded in his ear, repeating the sentence spelled out by the lights of the office building.

    Immediately after there was a bang, fireworks burst into the sky and exploded in the dark night.
The dazzling fire flowers bloomed in the sky.
The fireworks continued to go off in a dazzling display as the man turned his head to look at Gu Qin whose beautiful and unique eyes are more dazzling than bright lights.

    Really, this proposal has made such a big noise, is he not afraid of what embarrassment would come if he said no?

    Qin Mu desperately wanted to say something to frighten him deliberately, but perhaps the fireworks were so beautiful, or the deep tide under Gu Qin’s eyes fascinated his eyes.
After all, Qin Mu couldn’t bear to see the loneliness in the youth’s eyes.
As Gu Qin took out the ring, he handed it over very simply.

    “I am willing.”

    Gu Qin: “…I haven’t finished yet.”

    Qin Mu: “I know what you are going to say, I will tell you my answer first.”

    The youth reverently put the platinum ring on Qin Mu’s ring finger, lowered his head, and slowly kissed the man’s fingertips.
“I just went to the bathroom and didn’t wash my hands.” He knew Gu Qin has a habit of cleanliness.

    Gu Qin: “…”

   The man in front of him slightly twitched his lips and raised his right eyebrow.
His smile was both proud and sexy.
Gu Qin couldn’t help holding the man’s shoulder, his voice was restrained but unable to conceal the fluctuations: “Can I kiss you?”

     “What if I say no?”

     Gu Qin did not answer, but directly blocked the man’s mouth with his actions.


     The scene of the two kissing was perfectly recorded and freeze-framed.

1: A hall is a form of a living room like where you bring guests.
It is now extended to mean that a person is completely self-sufficient.
When searching it usually was aimed at women being independent in a good way.

Going to the hall and going to the kitchen means one who can succeed in both normal household tasks such as cooking and cleaning, and also able to be a credible “head of the house” and manage social and internal communications in an elegant and sophisticated manner.

2: Pot= Blame.
If you carry the pot then you are taking the blame, shifting the pot is like saying it was someone else’s fault.

3: Brain Hole, is close to the saying “down the rabbit hole” when thinking as your thoughts tend to go down strange paths and you connect ideas and memories to make up your own thoughts on what is going on.
In stories, it is usually used to reference a character getting the totally wrong idea and running with it.
In a positive meaning, you could say imaginative and filled with creative ideas.

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