Chapter 18 “你愿意跟别人一起分享我吗 / Would You Like to Share Me With Others?”

The two slept in the same bed.

    Qin Mu turned his head and glanced at someone with a stiff posture beside him, and the corners of his lips curled up, “Turn off the light.”


    Gu Qin got up slightly and crossed Qin Mu to turn off the light, and turned back.
He paused and looked at Qin Mu.
In the darkness, Qin Mu’s magical black eyes faintly showed a smile, “Have you slept with someone before?”

    “… …”

    Taking Gu Qin’s silence as default no, Qin Mu’s dark eyes concealed bewilderment under the cover of the night: “I’ll teach you.” 

    A thousand words are omitted below.

    After a series of indescribable behaviors lasting for most of the night, both sides reached an indescribable satisfaction.

    Qin Mu half-closed his eyes comfortably, not forgetting to ask the someone laying next to him who was also panting: “How are you feeling?”

    Gu Qin’s face was blushed red and there was no reply forthcoming.

    Although they had not had any substantial contact just now, he had just experienced that kind of crazy experience for the first time.
Several times during which he almost wanted to give up his principles and go all the way with Qin Mu.
If it weren’t for Qin Mu’s wish to wait till marriage…when it was time to finish, they just…  

    Thinking of what might happen later, Gu Qin’s face turned even redder, and he let out a quiet exhale.

    Seeing Gu Qin staying silent, Qin Mu smiled.
There was still some regret in his heart.
When Gu Qin overwhelmed him just now, he actually didn’t want to refuse.
If the system hadn’t reminded him not to break the agreement at a critical moment, he would definitely be taken care of now.
Gu Qin’s Beep-don’t… don’t need it.

    Just thinking about it makes him feel good.

    Thinking of this, Qin Mu couldn’t help complaining to the system in his mind: “Do you know that forced abstinence is very inhumane.”


    “I forgot that you are not a human.”


    Seeing that the system didn’t speak at all, Qin Mu couldn’t help but burst into a swear word: “Damn it, I really want to beep–you have a look.” (2)

   【Ding, the system refuses to communicate with you.


   Since that day, Qin Mu and Gu Qin will play these indescribable games every night and enjoy themselves.
Of course, a certain system will often emerge at critical moments, but in the process, the system will generally remain silent.


    Time passed, and it was the wedding day in the blink of an eye.

    Although the Gu family has a big business, the wedding held for Gu Qin was particularly low-key, only inviting familiar friends and relatives, and declined any media interviews.
What’s more difficult is that Gu’s family has no concept of family status.
Qin Mu’s relatives are all from remote places.
Gu’s father and mother not only personally receive them, but also take care of all their food, clothing, housing, and transportation so that they can have fun here.

    On the wedding day, Su Hanyu arrived as scheduled.

    Qin Mu and Gu Qin took turns toasting the guests.
When they toasted to Su Hanyu, Qin Mu walked up to Su Hanyu, with an elegant and calm smile on his face, and gently toasted to the other party: “Thank you for coming to my wedding.”

    Su Hanyu barely squeezed a smile on his face, “Congratulations.” His eyes couldn’t help but look carefully at Qin Mu, only to see him in a white suit and carefully groomed hair.
Standing with Gu Qin, the handsome pair of men together is very eye-catching.

    The wine glasses clinked.

   When Qin Mu was about to drink, Gu Qin snatched his glass from the side.
Under the surprised gaze of the man, his expression was faint: “You have drunk a lot of wine today.
Let me drink this glass for you.”

    The corner of his mouth burst into a smile called happiness, Qin Mu nodded, his voice was low and gentle: “Okay.”

    Looking at the scene of the two people looking at each other with affection, their eyes only having the other in them, was like knives that pierced Su Hanyu’s heart with holes.
At this moment, he was standing very close to Qin Mu, as long as he took a step forward, he could separate the two, but Su Hanyu understood that Qin Mu at this moment was farther away than ever.

    From now on, Qin Mu belongs to someone else.

    Once upon a time, he had hugged a younger Qin Mu, who had not yet stepped into society, and vowed to give him a grand wedding in the future.

    At that time, they were both very young and had a beautiful vision for the future.
Now, he, who has made a small career in his nearly 30 years, can only witness the man who has been with him for seven years marrying someone else.
That other person is younger than him, better than him, and handsome, making him seem particularly powerless if he wants to fight again.

    Su Hanyu didn’t stay here any longer, he quietly exited the field when Qin Mu didn’t notice it.

    The scene has come to a curtain call.

    “He’s gone.” Seeing Qin Mu’s eyes searching for something in the crowd, Gu Qin spoke lukewarmly from the side.

    Qin Mu retracted his gaze, pinched his face, “Are you jealous?”

    Gu Qin lowered his eyes, “No.”


    Qin Mu hooked his lips, and the system’s cold, emotional voice happened in his mind: [ Congratulations, Su Hanyu’s pain value has reached 100%.

    Very good.

    Now that the task was completed, Qin Mu looked up at Gu Qin thoughtfully, and the young man who had just been promoted to his husband had no use-value.
The system gave him seven days to deal with this relationship.
If he could get off with Gu Qin, he would be happy to fight this young man in bed for those seven days and seven nights.
As it was, he still prefers to enter the next world quickly.

    After all, he has the right to roll the sheets three times in the next world.

    Seeing that the time was almost up, Qin Mu patted Gu Qin on the shoulder, “I’m going to go to the bathroom.”

    “Should I accompany you?”

    “No.” Qin Mu shook his head and reminded Gu Qin to drink less before leaving.

    When the man’s figure disappeared from his field of vision, Gu Qin glanced at the red wine in the glass and handed it to the waiter when they passed by.
The light sun was projected into his eyes, the young phoenix eyes.
There seems to be a galaxy hidden in the middle, the stars are floating and shining brightly.

    In this room, Qin Mu went to the hotel suite and knocked on one of the doors.
The man behind the door was not someone else, but Qi Zicong, who had disappeared for a long time.
Seeing Qin Mu, Qi Zicong’s pupils brightened, and he couldn’t wait to take the man’s shoulders, “Qin Mu, I missed you so much.” He closed the door with his feet, and Qin Mu pulled Qi Zicong’s hand down, “You know what to do in a moment.

    “So soon?” Qi Zicong’s eyes dimmed, but he quickly lifted his spirits.
He looked at Qin Mu and nodded vigorously “I remember.”, he took out his phone in front of Qin Mu and called Qin Mu’s cellphone.

    At the same time, Gu Qin heard Qin Mu’s cell phone ringing on the table.
He paused and walked over.
Qin Mu’s mobile phone was not set up with a passcode and he saw Qi Zicong’s name at a glance.
He wanted to reject the call, but for some reason, he hit the connect button on accident.

    Qi Zicong’s sweet voice followed: “Qin Mu, how come you can’t come.
If you can’t come, be careful, I might tell Gu Qin what happened between us.”


    “Why don’t you speak? Hello? Isn’t this convenient? Then you remember to come, I will always be here waiting for you.” After this sentence, Qi Zicong hung up the phone, and then looked up at Qin Mu expectantly, “Was that okay?? “

    Qin Mu nodded approval, “Yes, there are texts with the room number.
Gu Qin will find them shortly.
” Seeing the man’s understatement, Qi Zicong couldn’t help but ask in confusion: “Why are you doing this?”


   Qin Mu glanced at him and chuckled, “You have a lot of questions.”


   Afraid of leaving a bad impression on Qin Mu, Qi Zicong didn’t ask too much.
At least he was satisfied with the result.
As long as Qin Mu didn’t marry Gu Qin, he would still have a chance.

  Five minutes later, Gu Qin found this place based on the ambiguous text messages sent by Qin Mu and Qi Zicong.
He stood at the door with his back straight, and his eyes were covered by his drooping eyelids.

    He didn’t notice it when his nails were clenched into his palm.

    Through the opening of the door, he saw Qin Mu and Qi Zicong entangled together.
Qi Zicong’s pants were half taken off.
Although Qin Mu’s clothes were still intact, he could see Qin Mu’s hand reaching into Qi Zicong from this angle.


    The sound of the phone slamming on the ground rang loudly.

     Hearing the sound, the two people entangled in the room bounced like a spring.
Qi Zicong looked panicked and pulled a sheet to cover his body.
Qin Mu was still calm, just standing in front of Qi Zicong to stop Gu Qin.
Pressing people’s sight.


     The two stood inside the door and the other stood outside, looking at each other through the narrow crack of the door.
Although they were far apart, Gu Qin could still see that the man’s expression was not at all flustered and regretful.


     The lively and cheerful atmosphere downstairs is still spreading, but Gu Qin’s original excitement is slowly sinking until it sinks into the abyss.
The ice-cold tide floods him and drowns him, the pair of clear and energetic.
The eyes finally lost their temperature and turned into pure and emotionless black.


  Today is his wedding.


     And his lover is just around the corner, but he didn’t go any further.

    “Why?” he didn’t want to ask, he should just turn around and leave, and then announce the cancellation of the wedding to the guests downstairs, but he still asked after all.


 The next moment, he heard Qin Mu say to him: “I’m sorry.”


  “I love you.
But I also love Zicong.”


     “I know I shouldn’t be so selfish, but I can’t let go of Zicong.
If I can, the three of us can live together…”


   “Enough.” This is the first time Gu Qin said something serious to Qin Mu.
He closed his eyes vigorously, his voice completely lost his temperature, “Do you want me to share you with others?”

    Qin Mu’s lips moved slightly.
“I’m sorry.”

    “I only want to ask you one question.”

    Gu Qin opened his eyes, his eyes no longer shined.
Like a puppet, his eyes are completely reduced to a flat nothingness: “The time you went to the wrong room in the hotel, did you really ask Qi Zicong to open the room?”

    Qin Mu sighed, “Yes.”

   “I see.” Gu Qin turned around stiffly, “I will cancel the wedding.” After speaking, he left here step by step, his back in the shadows was barren.

   Qi Zicong put on his pants and asked lowly: “Will he believe it?”


   “No.” In this leaky rhetoric, as long as Gu Qin has the heart, he will definitely find the doubts in it.
It is just that a person who is so proud like Gu Qin, after it was discovered, it was impossible to look back to keep him with his self-esteem.

    Qin Mu asked the system in his mind: “Is this all right?”

    The system rarely said something unrelated to the task; [During these days with Gu Qin, have you really been tempted by him? ]

    “Of course I have been tempted.” Qin Mu said: “When did I not want to sleep with him.”


    “When will we go to the next world?”

    [Anytime now.

    “Very good.” Qin Mu’s eyes flashed with expectation.

    Now that Gu Qin had announced the cancellation of the wedding.
There was a hustle and bustle downstairs.
Qin Mu brushed off Qi Zicong and walked out of the room by himself to the stairway.
When he came to a corner with no witnesses Qin Mu’s figure vanished without a trace.


    “Woo, I want my mother, I want my mother…”

    A heart-piercing cry came through the dark night, accompanied by a choking cough, which seemed very abrupt in this silent night.

    Qin Mu shrank into his grandmother’s arms, blinked lightly with his simple ignorant eyes, and asked grimly: “Grandma, who is crying?”


1: Sadly Chinese censorship has taken this scene away, I’m pretty sure they came very close to penetrative sexual intercourse which is the only thing the system prevents.
But there are many other ways to *Choughs*

2: So the long story short, the characters “他妈的 / tā mā de / Your Mother is..” and got shortened to “妈的 / mā de / Mother!” other females can take the place in the swear and have the same meaning.
English equivalent is “Fuck!” or “Damn It”

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