Chapter:19.2 Does my love frighten you.

byBear cub-February 26, 2022


 Qin Mu discovered that the child has a jade pendant on his neck, and it seems to be engraved with a word. 

He couldn't help but get closer to take a clear look. 


He wanted to see what is engraved on the jade pendant. 


His eyes fell on the child's face inadvertently, just as to clashed with the other person's eyes. 


He didn't know when the child has woken up, as he opened his mouth to cry, Qin Mu's eyes caught this and he quickly placed his hand to block the other person's mouth, “Hey.”


The child whose mouth got blocked is obviously frightened, and his eyes quickly filled with teardrops and tears have the tendency to break through the eyelashes. 


Qin Mu is a child but he still knows a little about some things. 


Such as Anping village is not as peaceful as its name.
It is a very remote and backward village.


The men in the village are poor and boorish, they look down on women.
In vague memories of Qin Mu, he remembered that the people in the village often go to kidnap the girls from outside and keep them as their daughter-in-law and wives.  


Grandma often warned him to not take care of other people's affairs. 


Qin Mu looked at the little boy in front of him.
He should have just come here by kidnapping. 


The clothes he wore are very good.
They are better than all the materials he has touched in his grandmother's shop.  His lips are red and face is white, and he must have come from a good family at a glance one could guess this. 


He whispered, “Do you want to find your mother? “


The boy whose mouth is blocked can only answer by moving modding his head up and down.


Qin Mu: “Do you know where your family lives? “


The boy hesitated for a while and the light in his eyes gradually faded. 


Qin Mu scratched his hair in frustration.
He knows how it felt without his parents.
He has never seen his parents since he was born.
Grandma said that his parents went out to work and will soon return.
this sentence she has chanted in his ears every year. 

Once he believed it, Now he no longer has any hope of their return.


Thinking about himself, and looking at the other poor child in front of him, Qin Mu suddenly wants to help him. 


At this time, he is too young.
Although he is more mature than his peers, he is still an only eight-year-old child.
He naively thought that if he took the child out of here, he would find his parents one day, so he on that very dark night quietly left with the little boy. 


“Brother, it's so dark.”


“Don't be afraid, I am with you.” Qin Mu is also a little scared.
This is the first time he walked alone in the night.
In order to divert his attention, he began to chat with the child, “What is your name? “


 “Mom and dad call me Xiao Gou.”

'” Oh, how old are you? “

“Five years old.” The child stumbled and followed  Qin Mu's footsteps.
He did not forget to invite other children, ” I have a lot of toys.
When I will find my Mom and Dad, you can come to play with me, brother.”


Qin Mu smiled and touched the other head,” You should remember what you are saying.” 


As a result, the two still did not go out of Anping Village.
The Sujia couple found out that the child is missing in the middle of the Night.
They immediately called the people in the village to look for them.
And finally caught Qin Mu and Xiao Ben in a small forest. 


Since Qin Mu is a child and didn't understand things the people in the village didn't pursue him regarding this matter. 

Qin's grandma brought Qin Mu back and took out the feather duster and beat him.  In the past, Even if Qin Mu did something wrong, grandma was not willing to beat him. 

This time she is really angry.
The strength in her hand is also not small and the Qin Mu skin got bruised. 

Qin Mu has a stubborn temper, and he didn't admit his mistake.  He bit his lips, there are tears in his eyes but he didn't let them roll down. 

When the beating with chicken feather duster was done, Qin's grandmother cried for Qin Mu.
She is in her sixties her face is wrinkled into a rag, it looks very sad. 

Forty years ago, she was kidnapped here by the trafficker.
At first, she wanted to leave here every day. 

But she was forced to give birth to her son.
Later she didn't want to go out, she accepted her life wanted to bring up her son into an adult.


Later, her man who has been fighting with her for a lifetime died. 

Her son went out to work and disappeared.
Here the only grandson is left.
she has already lived her life.
She only hopes that Qin Mu can have a good future and can leave this filthy village and go out to live a good life. 

Her hot tears fell on the back of 'Qin Mu's hand.
He opened his eyes that were filled with tears.
This is the first time he saw his grandmother crying. 

He felt as if his heart got stabbed by something sharp.

He hurriedly extended his hand and rubbed away the old woman's tears.
Grandma took his hand and told him over and over again: ” No matter what happened in the future, Don't involve yourself with other matters.
This village is not a safe place.”


Qin Mu listened to it and nodded ignorantly. 

Old grandma's tears directly fell on his heart, and he wouldn't dare to do anything in the future. 


Its already been a month time that he saw Xiao Gou again,


Su's husband and wife seem to be very concerned about the new member of the family. 

Even if they are poor, they still give him the best they can give.
When Qin Mu saw him again, he has changed his clothes to new ones and his pendant remained there.
He was holding a plastic bag in his hand the bag is filled with colorful candies. 


A group of children is playing hide and seek, and Xiao Gou stands outside the crowd.
It seems to be out of place.
The little figure stands there and seems very lonely.  


Qin Mu doesn't know what he has experienced this past month, there is a kind of well-behaved expression. 


He said that he would take him away, as a result, he couldn't do what he said. 

Qin Mu has a pang of guilt in his heart.
He thought of his grandmother's tears.
He wanted to go there to him but paused. 


At this moment a dirty child came here suddenly and Qin Mu could recognize him at a glance, the little boy who didn't take a bath for a long time is the famous bully boy in the village.


Qin Mu doesn't know what his name is.
The children in the village called him a monkey, and he often did things like stealing chickens and dogs.


When the old men in the village talk about monkeys, they will say that his family genes are not good, his father is a robber and he is in jail, has not come out yet, his mother is a prost*tute and the old bachelor in the village often goes to visit her. 

It is said that the monkey's grandparents are dead, Mom and dad are separated long ago and now the monkey follows his mother.

When he saw the monkey appear, Qin Mu guessed that there is no good thing.
The case is, the monkey came to the candy in the Xiao Gou hand this time.
Qin Mu watched the monkey push the fruit to the ground, and then grab the candy in his hand. 

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