Chapter19.3 Does my love frighten you?

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Gougou looks soft and easy to bully and his temper is also quite stubborn.

Seeing that others grabbed his candy he clenched the bag in his little hand and did not release it.

The monkey's dirty face showed a fierce look, He slammed the gougou on his stomach, the plastic bag was torn now and the candies fell to the ground.
The children around are not familiar with the  Gougou and no one was willing to provoke the monkey to be the target of his bullying.

Everyone was watching the drama at the side, Qin Mu frowned and stepped up in two steps and protected the little gou behind him.

Although he is only eight years old, he is very fast, especially in this group of children.

Seeing the boy picking up the candy on the ground, Qin Mu walked up and kicked at the high buttocks.

” What!!”

A sharp scream pierces the eardrum.

When Qin Mu looked down, he confronted the boy's fierce eyes, like a wolf's eye.


The monkey is as famous as the name, the thin one like a bamboo pole, the black lacquered black face, a pair of eyes revealing the maturity that is not in accordance with his age and he saw him crawling up from the ground and screaming at Qin Mu.
From his momentum, it felt like he wants to rush with Qin Mu.

And he really rushed over to Qin Mu.

Around the moment, a small whisper came from the gougou who was on the ground.
Qin Mu got hit by the monkey.
His body got unstable and he fell backward.
After he stood up he frowned and pushed the monkey's shoulder.

The kid's body was thin and small but he was so strong that Qin Mu could let his waist free of his clutches.

The boy's nails scratched him for a long time and there was mud in the fingers too.
Qin Mu frowned in pain and he didn't want to be bullied so he fight back and hung onto the monkey's neck and pulled him back.
The two of them were beaten together.
Qin Mu is taller than others, but he is no match for him when it came to strength,

Monkey bit Qin Mu's arms and later's blood oozed out of his arm.

In order to let the monkey loosen his mouth, he kept hitting the monkey's stomach and finally waited until the monkey opened his mouth due to pain.
He threw the monkey to the ground, then turned over and suppressed him with his weight advantage, on the other side he was holding his bleeding arm and said, “Apologies to the little gou.”

The monkey struggled on the ground but couldn't get free.
He simply gave up.
He suddenly turned around and pressed Qin Mu who was pressing him before and said,

” Oh.”

Qin Mu saw the situation, with anger in his eyes he simply raised his hand and spanked the other's ass.


The Monkey's cheeks got red and a sense of humiliation flashed in his eyes.

When Monkey was stunned and not paying attention, Qin Mu climbed up from the monkey.

Gougou who was holding the candies leaned over and said hesitatingly said:

” Little brother, you are bleeding here.”

Qin Mu bowed his head and saw the blood dampened his white cuffs, the spot was as large as an ant.

” Nothing, it doesn't hurt at all.”

Qin Mu relaxed and comforted  Gougou.

When he returned home, the Qin Mu who said was not hurting at all, took off his clothes, and bruises were exposed in the air.
There was a row of teeth that was engraved on his right arm and blood was oozing out of it.
As Qin Mu touched it, cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

He didn't dare to let Grandma know that he was fighting with people.
He wrapped the wound with a bandage and then washed the blood-stained clothes into the basin.  Because he and his grandmother are dependent on each other, he usually does some simple housework and he is very good at doing them.

When he was eating at night, Qin's Grandma asked him about his situation at school today.

Qin Mu answered the question with details and only skipped the episode on his way home.

He thought that the incident will pass.
Who would have known that the next day, the Su family couple will come to his house with  Gougou?

Qin Grandma listened to them foggy and when she understood the contents of their words she smiled back and said: ” We are all neighbors and it's okay to help each other.”

Su's family did have opinions about Qin Mu at the start, after all, he almost ran away with  Gougou.

Now that they found out that he was very good to  Gougou and helped him.
Although they still had some prejudice in their heart it was not as deep as it was at the beginning.

Now at this moment, she with a gentle smile on her face touched Qin Mu's head, ” How come you don't visit our Su' s house to play recently? “

Qin Mu first looked at Qin Grandma, and then looked at the  Gougou that was standing on the side eating candy and whispered to Su Mu: ” I thought you were angry with me.”

” How come? ”   Su's father interjected: ” Gougou just came here, he has no friends here, you can come to him often to play later.”

Qin Mu nodded hard, ” Well.”

Even though Grandma Qin now knows about the Qin Mu fight, because the wound on his arm was deeper and treatment was not timely it left a scar.

On the other hand, Because  Gougou was lonely and the Qin and Su family resumed their exchanges, Qin Mu and Shui Gou got together and were almost inseparable.

The little friends of Qin Mu even made fun of the him as Gougou attendant.

When there was no one around, Qin Mu asked  Gougou: ” Do you still want to go home? “

The five-year-old child bowed his head and had a disappointment on his face.

” I do think about it.”   After a while, in a voice much lower he whispered: ” Little brother, I am so afraid of forgetting my mother.”

Qin Mu didn't know how to comfort him.
He could not help but find his mother.
He could only promise him:  ” When I grow up, I will definitely take you to your mom and dad.”

The Sujia couple thought of giving him a name and invited the famous old people in the village in order to give him a good name and decied on the name, Su Jiayu.

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