Chapter 19.4- Does my love frightens you?

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As the days go by, Shui Gou seems to be more and more adapted to his new identity and surprisingly he even began to call Father Su and Mother Su Dad and Mom.



Anping Village has restored its former tranquility.




One day when Qin Mu was coming from school, passing by a dark and long alley, he heard the slight snoring sound of fighting.
This was the only way to go home So Qin Mu did not stop and came forward without even blinking.



A group of people saw Qin Mu coming over and stopped their hands and stared at Qin Mu.





Countless pairs of eyes fell on him, but Qin Mu didn't change his facial expression and walked toward the group step by step, he thought he would safely pass by them and it has nothing to with it when suddenly there was a sharp and crisp sound heard from behind in the air, ” He has money on him, you grab him.”



He quickly looked back and his sight fell on the boy with a swollen nose.



The dark and vicious pair of eyes, as long as you once saw them you won't forget them easily.
Even if the other person's face was swollen, Qin Mu still recognizes that the boy was Monkey who was humiliated by his public assault last year.





When the monkey said this, the group of people immediately shifted their target and began to approach Qin Mu, apparently treating Qin Mu as a new blackmail object to get money out.




Although Qin Mu's reflexes were quick, these people are obviously older than him moreover the other party had many people.




Qin Mu bit his teeth and ran out in front of the boys.




” Chase!”


A group of roguish boys chased him.




The monkey squatted on the ground for a long time and didn't get up.
The cold wind was blowing hard, the little boy's body shook and by supporting on the ground with his thin arms the boys swayed and after a long time climbed up.


Carelessly boy gave a smile on his wounded face which seems more like crying.



The little boys squirted a bit of blood on the ground.
He wiped the blood around his mouth and was about to give a sinister smile of gloating but he froze when he saw a figure that ran away was coming back.




” You..”





Qin Mu glanced at him coldly, he didn't expect the monkey to be so vengeful.


He just wanted to go up and beat him.
Suddenly he heard the voice of the chasing group.
Qin Mu subconsciously looked for a hiding place.


The place..



When running toward it, Qin Mu don't know why, when he saw the monkey limping away, he hesitated and then caught the monkey's hand.


” Follow me.”



The monkey looked at their hands and he didn't return to his senses, his body dumbly followed Qin Mu..



At the end of the alley, there is a half-high trash can.
Qin Mu resisted the stench and was about to throw the monkey into it, the monkey pulled his hand and with the face that was swollen into the pig's head, gave a disgusting look, ” You don't have to care about me….



After the monkey was stuffed in, Qin Mu also jumped in quickly and let the garbage in the trash to cover their heads.




” Where did they go? '”


The footsteps sounded beside them.



” It is estimated that they slipped away.”



The group yelled outside and kicked the wall from time to time frustratingly.
Qin Mu blocked the monkey's mouth.
They both can only blink in the stinking trash can.


It was dark and no one could see anyone.
The monkey blinked and remained silent with difficulty.
Because of the wounds, his expression was twisted into a ball.




Don't know how long it took, and when there was no sound outside, Qin Mu stood up from the rubbish can and climbed out with his hands and feet.
The original clean bag of his was stinking now, he opened his bag and looked at it, relaxed to find out that the books inside were not dirty.



” Why did you save me just now? “



The monkey question came to his ears.


It is obvious that the man only wants to question Qin Mu but from his momentum looked like he was ready to fight.



Qin Mu couldn't help but glace at him,” I helped you, wouldn't you say thank you?”



The monkey snorted: ” I didn't ask you to save me.”



I  really don't know about people's hearts.

Qin Mu did not pay attention to him, patted the trash on his body off, rubbed his school bag with his right hand, brushed against the monkey's shoulders, and went away. 

” Hey–” 

Behind him came the monkey rude call. 



Qin Mu did not turn around, ” What? ” 

” That….What is your name? ”  The boy's voice sounded a bit awkward. 



Qin Mu is very famous among the kids.
There are many people who know his name.
It is just that the monkey is used to being alone.
So him not knowing his name is normal. 




To be honest, he didn't want to be in contact with the monkey.
Grandma often mentioned it to him as a bad kid example so that he wouldn't play with those who are like him. 




Just as he was thinking about how to refuse to answer his own name, the monkey voice came which was a few degrees lower than before, ” That..
my name is Xie Ge.” 




The other party first said the name, if you don't say it, you can't say it. 

Anyway, it is just a name,



Thinking about it Qin Mu replied: ” My name is Qin Mu.” 




Xie Ge repeated the name of Qin Mu in a low voice and looked up at Qin Mu,” I will remember it.” 



Who wants you to remember it. 



Qin Mu sighed at the bottom of his heart and left the place without looking back. 

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