Chapter21.1 Does my love frightens you?

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As it was mentioned before, the fruit has a long pendant that was engraved with ” The fruit” around his neck throughout his childhood.



But this year during summer, his pendant got missing.




They searched all the places over and over again but all in vain.




Fruit seems very lost, and his eyes are scarlet and filled with sadness and melancholy.




He held Qin Mu’s hand and murmured repeatedly in sadness,” Little brother, what should I do? I won’t be able to meet my parents anymore.”



While saying this sentence over and over again, the fruit seems to be drowning in endless self-guilt and grief.




Qin Mu also perceived how much the pendant is important to fruit.






You can say that, if fruit meets his parents in the future, that pendant is the only thing that can make it possible.






Perhaps because, fruit lost all his hope, he become lifeless and his clean and bright eyes now seemed to dull and there is no brightness in them anymore.





Worried about Fruit, Qin Mu searched for clues to find the pendant actively in distress.





” Think about it again.
Have you placed it at home? ”




” Maybe you have accidentally knocked somewhere.
Think carefully about all the places you passed to today.”




” Are you sure you didn’t take it off from your neck? ”




At every Qin Mu question, the fruit shook his head with empty eyes.” I cannot find it.”






Qin Mu frowned and after thinking for a while, he suddenly inquired,” I remember that we three went fishing during the daytime, you said that your pendant is too long and is keep hitting with the fishing rod and scarring the fishes away by making noise.
After that, I heard nothing, what you did do with your pendant? ”






When he heard about this, there was a light of hope in the fruit’s eyes again and he said,” I remember it.
At that time, I wanted to put my pendant in my pocket, but my pocket was small so, I asked Xie Ge to hold it for me.”






Xie Ge?





Qin Mu’s eyes flashed.





He was in a hurry, so he found a place to relieve himself.
And when he came back, he found out  Xie Ge had left.
And that Xie Ge’s mother came to call him back.
The pendant should be in Xie Ge’s hand now.






” Go, let us go see Xie Ge.”





Qin Mu flipped the ash and dust on his pants and gave his hand to fruit.




“Okay.”  Fruit nodded and took his hand.











Xie Ge and his mother, Xie Fenglan, opened a small hair salon in the past because their fame was too unpleasant there was no business in these days.





Xie Ge lives in a narrow room inside a hair salon.
The house in the village is not soundproof, so every night  Xie can hear the heavy breathing of men and women moaning next door.







Because Xie Fenglan is busy with her “work” at night so she sleeps during the daytime.




Today, Xie Fenglan came to call him back during daytime, Xie Ge felt something is wrong.





When Xie Ge reached home, he saw everything in the house was broken and scrapes on the walls.




He was silent for a moment, then looked at Xie Fenglan and asked,

” What went on?  ”





Xie Fenglan replied carelessly while caressing her hair and she was still wearing red heels.


” Nothing,  an old man in the village left his ugly-looking wife and came to me.”



Xie Ge,” And then? ”



” Then his ugly wife knew about this and came here to mess around.”






Xie Ge also knows Xie Fenglan.
If things were as smooth as she said, she wouldn’t have called him back personally.


They are mother and son and so their bond is, of course, stronger than others.






They usually argued because of Xie Fenglan’s astray nature and sleeping with other men.






In the past, when her old man was arrested for robbery, Xie Fenglan was tired of people’s opinions and took him and came here.   Her boyfriend here cheated on her and took her money and ran away.



Xie Fenglan then set up this night’s business.






Xie Ge asked quietly, ” After then? ”




” Then that long-tongued woman and others said that I beguile their husband and reported me to the Village Chief and forced me out of Anping Village.” Speaking about this, Xie Fenglan’s eyes were filled with overt mockery and contempt, ” They can’t take care of their husband and accuse me of seducing.”






” If I were them, I would have to hoist myself with a rope or hanged that cheating man with a rope.
It is so bad to let a man like that live, so he better should die.”







” Then the old woman still called for people to thrash me.
All the men who came have sleep over..




“Okay.”    Xie Ge didn’t wish to listen to her blabbering.
He inquired,” Can we not move? ”






Xie Fenglan grunted,” Oh, so there is a thing here in this place that is deserving of your sentimentality.”




” Then what are we going to do? ”




” Of course, go away from here.
Don’t worry, this old lady will not renounce you.” She raised her brows and looked at the youth,” why, You are hesitant to leave this village? ”

Xie Ge remained silent.

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