Chapter 2: Seven-year Itch

Seeming to become aware of Qi Zicong gaze, Qin Mu pretended to inadvertently look towards him, the other party being too late to look away.
Qin Mu was no stranger to such a gaze.
Lips curving upwards, he nodded slightly at Qi Zicong, the latter blushing and quickly averting his eyes, as though he had done something wrong.

The atmosphere became slightly subtle.

Su Hanyu had always been good at deciphering a person’s mood.
Upon seeing Qi Zicong’s abnormal behaviour, and noticing the way Qin Mu’s lips curved up into a smile, he vaguely understood what was happening, his heart sinking.

Absorbing the way Su Hanyu complexion changed, the smile between the man’s dark eyebrows became deeper.
Then taking in Su Hanyu’s previous words, his voice became lower and softer as he spoke.
“Good, then tomorrow morning you two will go, as for tonight, you will sleep in the master bedroom.”

Su Hanyu hummed, his face looking quite unpleasant.
Grabbing onto Qi Zicong’s shoulder, he spoke gently, “Let’s go and clean up, I will help you wash.”

He purposely put emphasis on the last few words.

Qi Zicong softly assented, no longer daring to look at Qi Mu in the eye, feeling that if he were to look again, his soul would be stolen away.

Knowing that they were love rivals, how could he let his heart be tempted!?

Only when the sounds of water could be heard from the bathroom did Qin Mu put away his smile, his eyes were obscure.
Walking into the living room, he sat down on the couch, crossing his legs, relaxing as he waited for Su Hanyu to come out.

【You wish to hook Qi Zicong?】

The system’s cold voice was transmitted into his mind.

Qin Mu blinked, then instead of answering, he posed his own question.
“Do you think I need to hook Qi Zicong?”


Not continuing to speak to the system, Qin Mu pulled out his phone to dial a number.

Once, when he was on a business trip, his had been deceived by his colleagues into going to one of those places of entertainment.
The past Qin Mu who was an honest and upright person had frantically run from that place.
As for now–

“Hello, this should Xiao Chen right, no, there’s nothing wrong.
Just that…The matter you were speaking of previously…yeah, yeah, help me arrange this, thanks a lot, I’ll treat you to a meal another day.”

It didn’t take long before he hung up.
Shortly after, his phone received a short message from Xiao Chen.
In the email was an unfamiliar phone number.

Qin Mu selected the number before sending a message to the number’s owner.

Estimating that the other party was busy with ‘work’, and thus couldn’t reply, Qin Mu didn’t bother to continue waiting.
Feeling bored, he began to play with his phone.

Half an hour later, the two mandarin ducks, who had finally finished washing up, left the bathroom.
As they passed Qin Mu, Su Hanyu allowed Qi Zicong to go first to dry his hair.

Qi Zicong was quick to react, knowing that Su Hanyu had some business with Qin Mu, he paused, a complicated look appearing on his face before he continued walking.
As he walked he softly said, “Then you should hurry.”

He discovered that he really didn’t want to let Su Hanyu and Qin Mu stay alone together.
As to why he felt this way, he didn’t dare to think too deeply.

When there was only Qin Mu and Su Hanyu in the room, Qin Mu uncrossed his legs, then, both hands intersecting, he placed his hands on his knees.With the dim light enveloping him, he appeared extremely mysterious and fathomless.

Such a man really makes people feel as though he is unfamiliar, as though he has become an entirely different person.

Qin Mu generously allowed Su Hanyu to look at him, not even having the slightest hint of avoidance in his eyes.
Su Hanyu berated himself for thinking too much, then coughing twice, he opened his mouth hesitatingly.
“You… do not blame me?”

“Why should I blame you?”

Qin Mu laughed softly as he picked up the bottle of mineral water on the table before twisting off the cap.
Then drinking two mouthfuls, he spoke, “Honestly speaking, even if I didn’t see you sleeping with another person today, I would still voluntarily break up with you.”

Upon hearing his words, Su Hanyu subconsciously wet his lips.

“We have been together for seven years, I am also tired.
Breaking up peacefully like this is a good thing for us.”

Su Hanyu, “……”

He wanted to break up with Qin Mu, but it should have been him to raise the issue.
Yet when Qin Mu returned, he spoke all the words he wanted to say, leaving him speechless, not even giving him the opportunity to mention breaking up.
It was almost as though he was the one being dumped.

This really made a person uncomfortable.

Ignoring Su Hanyu’s pale, stricken complexion, Qin Mu continued to speak pleasantly, “Go back early to the bedroom to rest, remember that tomorrow you still need to move out.”


Turning around, he walked several steps away before hearing Qin Mu’s voice from behind him.

Su Hanyu became slightly happy, unaware that he was harbouring a look of hope on his face as he turned back, only to hear the man lightly ask him, “About moving out, if you have the time, the procedure to transfer the house’s ownership would be best done soon.”

His mouth twisting, Su Hanyu expression became ugly as he replied dully.
“Two days.”

Finished speaking, he straightforwardly entered the bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

Remaining in the living room, Qin Mu’s mood was quite good.
Drinking up another two mouthfuls of mineral water, he asked the system a question.
“Right now what is Su Hanyu’s pain value?”

System 【10%】

Qin Mu, “Only this much!”

The system ignored him.
Qin Mu laughed to himself, “It seems I’ll have to properly upset him a bit.”


In the middle of the night, Qi Zicong got out from bed to go to the toilet.
As he walked past the living room, he suddenly noticed a faint light coming from the living room.
Turning around, he walked over.
As he neared the source of the light, he realised it was actually coming from a phone.

The faint light shone onto the man’s face, outlining the handsome and graceful face, causing people to be unable to resist spying on him.

Qi Zicong stared for a long time before regaining his voice.
“Why haven’t you slept?”

“Can’t sleep.”

Although the man’s voice was very magnetic and sweet, it was unable to conceal the desolation.

Qi Zicong fell silent.

If it wasn't for him becoming the third party between Qin Mu and Su Hanyu, Qin Mu wouldn’t have needed to go through such pain and loss.

As though he could read Qi Zicong mind, the man lips turned upwards as he spoke gently.
“Don’t blame yourself, even if you weren’t here, I would still part with Su Hanyu.”

The words entered Qi Zicong’s ear leaving him distracted.
Then, his right hand was held in a man’s hand before a phone was stuffed into his hand.
Qi Zicong looked confusedly at Qin Mu, the latter blinking at him, his voice capable of bewitching people.
“I want to know your phone number.”

His tone was serene and sincere.

Qi Zicong’s sixth sense warned him against this man, finding him dangerous.
It was best to stay away from him.
However, Qi Zicong sorrowfully discovered that he was unable to deny that man’s request, despite knowing that the other man had plans.

The hand holding the phone was shaking.
Qi Zicong swallowed his saliva, breathing in deeply before slowly inputting his number into the man’s phone.

The smile on his face widened, Qin Mu took back his phone, then shaking it at Qi Zicong, he laughed as he spoke, “I’ll contact you frequently in the future.”

“Good… That’s good.”

Faltering as he spoke, Qi Zicong fled from the room in a panic once he finished speaking.

Remaining behind, Qin Mu glanced at the newly stored number in his phone, lightly laughing.
An undercurrent of interest surged in his eyes.
Getting up, he went to take a shower.
As he was towelling his hair dry, his phone rang, showing that he had received a message.
Bending down, Qin Mu picked up the phone to took a look at the message.
That person had only replied with a simple and short message.
“I am very expensive.”

Qin Mu laughed, single-handedly typing out a reply, he sent it.
“How much?”

“Three thousand.”

Qin Mu replied very quickly.

Throwing the phone onto the bed, Qin Mu concentrated on drying his hair.
At that moment, the system’s cold voice sounded in a timely manner.
【Don't pretend that you are not doing this for yourself.】

Qin Mu dried his hair, laughing aloud, “Don’t worry, I still have some self control.”

Before he had started this task, the system had repeatedly told him that he couldn’t have any relations with the people in the worlds he would enter.
Otherwise, the system would change it’s host, meaning that he would have to visit King Yama to register.
Qin Mu was someone who cared mainly about his own interests.
In the past, to remain the successor to his family, he would not mess around.
Now, he could also suppress his desires in order to be reborn.

Of course, some hidden behaviour was not within the scope of rejection as long as it was limited.

As though he was thinking of something interesting, Qin Mu narrowed his eyes slightly, with the system completely silent, he smiled softly, “Little white.” This was the name he gave the system.
Naturally, the system refused to accept it.

System, 【……】

Qin Mu was the kind of person who after getting an inch, wanted a mile.
“If I succeed in the first world, you ought to give me some benefits.”

System, 【Is your life not enough?】

Qin Mu shook his head, appearing tired and weary.
“That is too far from now, who knows how long I’ll have to wait.
I only think of now.”

What do you want?】

“Making love.”


“When the first world is over, I want ten chance to make love in the second world.”

The system didn’t say anything.

Qin Mu didn’t worry, he knew that he had succeeded halfway in his task and the system wouldn’t want to explain itself to a higher authority.
Sure enough, a minute later, the system, speaking with a tone that was cold enough to freeze people into ice, spoke.
“One time.”

From ten times to one time, what place would do such a sale?

Qin Mu started laughing, his shoulders shaking slightly.
Only after a while did he relax.
“Not acceptable, eight times.”

【Two times.】

“Five times.”

System,【Three times, I will not raise it any more.】

Qin Mu licked his lips, knowing that this was the maximum that the system could give him.
Knowing to quit while he was ahead, Qin Mu gently touched his nose, before languidly speaking.
“That’s fine then.”

It was better than not eating at all.


Three days later, Qin Mu booked a room in a hotel, setting a time and place with that Niu Lang.
Then dialling Qi Zicong’s phone, he used a pleasant tone that could make anyone who heard him become pregnant to speak to Qi Zicong, telling him something they both could understand.

His words did not reveal much, after all, sometimes some words were best not explained further.

Qin Mu was without a doubt, a good hunter.
Under his patient guiding and enticement, Qi Zicong who had originally felt dissatisfied, couldn’t stand the temptation, agreeing to go to the hotel to see Qin Mu.
As for what they would do in the hotel, both parties knew very well.

After hanging up the phone, Qin Mu sent Su Hanyu a short message, the contents of the message was not only short but ambiguous too, including the address of the hotel along with the room number and a specific time.
At the end, he also added one line, ‘Zicong, eight at night, be there or we break up.

There was no reply after he sent the message.
However, Qin Mu wasn’t worried as he knew Su Hanyu would definitely have seen the message.
Su Hanyu was naturally vigorous, the message would definitely be seen.
After approximately five minutes, Qin Mu sent yet another message, ‘My apologies, I have sent this to the wrong person.”

Knowing that Su Hanyu loved his face, he knew that he wouldn’t definitely not send a message to ask if the message was really sent to the wrong person.
However, with the seeds of doubts planted, Su Hanyu was sure to follow the address in the message to find out what the actual situation was.
Qin Mu could almost see the scene happening in front of him.
At that time, it would certainly be very exciting.

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