Facing the man who was approaching him step by step, Gu Qin looked cold and was about to take action.
Before that, Qin Mu, advancing another step forward,  grasped his arm.


The young man was startled.
His eyes slowly shifted to the man's hands, white and slender, the joints not prominent, but the strength behind the grasp made it so that it was not easy to break away.

How come?

Gu Qin's eyes flashed with astonishment.
He had always hated being touched, but he was not repulsed by the touch of this man at all.

At the moment during which Gu Qin was silently stunned, Qin Mu pinned his arm and smiled,  speaking in a strong and certain tone, with a sense of irrefutability: “I want you to do me a favor.”

Gu Qin, who had returned to his senses, dropped his face, his eyes freezing.

“What if I don't want to?”

Qin Mu smiled and replying calmly: “I think you misunderstood.
I wasn't asking for your opinion.”

Gu Qin: “…”

“I was just letting you know.”

Qin Mu has always been a man who does everything to achieve his goal.
He will not care whether the other party wants to or not, and just directly do it.
Trapping the other's 2 hands in one grasp, he touched the waistband of his (GQ) suit pants with the other.
Sensing his intention, Gu Qin's face changed slightly.
Reacting quickly, he kicked Qin Mu's left knee.

Qin Mu grunted.
Since he was born with great strength, he had never seen anyone who was stronger than him.
Moreover, he practised various fighting skills.
Of course, the young man in front of him was not his match.  

Qin Mu sped up his hand speed after undoing the adolescent's top.
At last, he only heard a clink of leather buckles before the other was restrained with the belt behind his back.

Finally, he went behind the young man and shoved him by the shoulder.
Gu Qin walked passively to the bedside.
Nearing the edge of the bed, he realized something.
He quickly calmed down and turned his head slightly, stabbed him with his cold, piercing phoenix eyes: “Do you want to beep me?”

Qin Mu kneaded the kicked knee.
When he heard this, he suddenly laughed and patted the young man on the cheek as if teasing a pet, speaking with a leisurely tone: “Don't worry, I don't like to force others.”

Gu Qin: “…”

He's speaking as if he's not forcing him currently.

Lightly glancing at Gu Qin's outstanding face, Qin Mu clicked his tongue two times in his heart.
This young man was very attractive, no worse than the nine beautiful men he stirred up in reality, maybe even better

There are three hobbies in his life: money, power and beauty.——

Unfortunately, he had enjoyed money and power, but the last one, he hasn't enjoyed it even up till his death.

Seeing that the man's vision was falling upon another place, Gu Qin was alert: “What do you want to do then?”

“Act a play with me.” He has read numerous people, this boy's body condition was excellent, slender waist and thighs, long legs and beep – he has it all, really excellent ah. 

Qin Mu sighed, his body temperature quickly warming up.
He reluctantly shifted his gaze away, pushing the youth to bed, then pulled the youth's bathrobe apart.

Gu Qin: “!”

Qin Mu quickly took off his (GQ) clothes and threw them on the ground.
He then covered both of them with a quilt, without seeing any details.
After doing all that, he covered the indescribable places with quilts and said to the astonished youth, “It's just acting.”

Gu Qin, who had never been treated like this, was somewhat muddled.

Even if the other person is the only one who could touch him and allow him (GQ) to not feel disgusted, it does not mean that he can allow a man to do this to him.
Gu Qin frowned and lowered his voice, “Scram for m-“

Before he finished, a forefinger touched his lips.

Gu Qin was shocked, but he saw the man shush at him.
He listened to the voice outside the corridor.
The dim light of the wall lamp cast down, the man's long dark eyelashes finished with a flick, the eyes below were burning bright and attractive, just like a wolf waiting for its prey.
The eyes were charming, full of excitement and eagerness.

Unknowingly, the words about to be said (by GQ) were swallowed up.

He just stared at the man's face in a daze.


Hearing the faint sound of bickering and footsteps coming from the corridor, Qin Mu's eyes were red with excitement before starting his act.


Gu Qin: “…”

The man's voice was just right (1), deep and dull, and full of stirring magnetism.
Gu Qin admired the man's thick skin and superb acting skills in his heart, while the heat slowly spread from the bottom of his heart, his cheeks gradually suffused with a thin red halo.

He was embarrassed to find out that the him who usually had no desires, was easily provoked by this man.

Qin Mu obviously also realized that with a light sweep of his eyes, a slight jest and triumph crossed his dark eyebrows.
Gu Qin was somewhat annoyed, wanting to struggle, but at this time he was restrained by the other.
His hands were tied up and he could not move at all.
Unintentionally or not, he found that the man was shouting a little louder than before.

How could there be such a shameless person?

Just as Gu Qin was crying blood and suffering, the door was slammed open with a bang.

A loud rebuke came from the door: “Qin Mu!!!”


Translator's notes:

(1) 夸张: idk how to translate this…
literally it means exaggerated, but in this case, it means overdone(?)…
like the voice was just right.

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