He has finally came.

Qin Mu shook his head.
He was not in the mood to pay attention to Qi Zicong.
Clearly, he is just acting, but after a indescribable moment, he was burning all over his body and there is a fire at the bottom of his heart.
That fire also has a trend of burning more and more.

A clear layer of sweat has formed in his smooth forehead and the man panted lowly, continuing the previous indescribable action.
The snow-white quilt that covered the indescribable place, was moving like a crawling silkworm.

The glaring eyes of three person were all focused on him, two of them were cast by the pair of sluts, and one was stabbed by the young man whom he temporarily used as a cowboy.
Qin Mu’s face did not change, he pretended he was trying to restraining himself but can’t help drowning into a deeper whirlpool of lust, his eyes were sexy and blurred.

In fact, he doesn’t have to pretend at all.
He was burning with desire!

This uncle wants to fuck! Shit, I really want to take a cold shower to extinguish the fire.
Right now!!!

    The first person to break the hot and ambiguous atmosphere was slut no.2 Qi Zicong.
He took two step backwards, looking at Qin Mu who “could not bear to separate” from the strange man with an expression of disbelief.
His eyes filled with tears, silently staring at him as if asking “why”?

Qin Mu raised his neck high and gasped contentedly with breath full of satisfied desire.
Then his pervading eyes looked at Su Hanyu, whose face was green, his moist red lips slightly opened, and hoarse and sexy voice sounded: “What are you doing here?”

Gu Qin who laid in bed stiffly, first stared coldly at Qin Mu for a moment, then moved his neck, slowly turning his head, fierce eyes like of a some kind of cold-blooded animal was then set on the body of Su Hanyu and Qi Zicong .

Through careful observation of the changes in their looks, Gu Qin vaguely understood what was happening, and the coldness at the bottom his eyes suddenly froze.

He had to admire the superb acting skills of this man, even using himself to stimulate his old lover.
This discovery annoyed Gu Qin, and his beautiful lips turned into a straight line.
His whole body exuded chill as if it’s in the middle of cold winter.

Faced with men who casually asked question, Su Hanyu didn’t know how to speak for a moment.
He knew that he was not qualified to ask the man why he was fucking with others.
Because they broke up three day ago, only in three days, this man couldn’t wait to find someone to go to bed?

Originally, he thought Qin Mu offered to break up on his own initiative, and said that he was tired of him only to stimulate him and was pretending to be chic.
But now he encountered Qin Mu and other men in such an overwhelmed scene, Su Hanyu had to wonder whether this man ever loved himself or not.

You must know that former Qin Mu in bed was particularly shy and was not very open, where would it be like this now …

Su Hanyu was so angry that he suffered internal injuries, but now Qin Mu getting into bed with others is not a matter to focus.

“What the hell is your wrong message? What is going on between you and Qi Zicong !!! ”

With the thought of Qi Zicong really came to the appointment, Su Hanyu ’s forehead violently bounced, he felt like he was wearing green hat.
He roared, but fortunately he still had a sense of reason, and his anger was barely suppressed.

“What kind of relationship?”

Qin Mu murmured the sentence and chuckled a few times, then turned over to lay next to Gu Qin, leaning slightly to the side.
Qin Mo’s pupil flashed “Why don’t you ask that from Qi Zicong?”

Su Hanyu suddenly turned around, “When did you get together with him? Before or after I took you home? Have you been dating with me while secretly playing around with him behind my back?” He asked those questions one after another, successively hitting Qi Zicong with with his words, who was smashing his hairs.Qi Zicong’s lips moved slightly when he catches the glimpse of faint smile in Qin Mu’s eyes, he suddenly realized what was happening.
His slightly trembling finger pointed to Qin Mu : “It’s you.”

“I am what?”

Qin Mu leaned against the head of the bed, his hands crossed behind his head, and his lips were hooked with full of temptation.

Qi Zicong who opened his mouth was a dumb founded for a moment.

He knew that he was fooled by Qin Mu.
This man had never thought about being with him from the beginning.
He was so stupid that he was used as a tool for revenge but he was really wanted to be with Qin Mu, even to the point of ending the relationship completely with Su Hanyu, just to be with Qin Mu.

It really turned out that he was obsessed by ghosts.
He robbed Qin Mu’s man, how could Qin Mu be willing to forgive.


Qi Zicong’s eyes were covered with a tears, and it slowly dropped down from his eyes.
He is indeed really hopeless, only after three days to know him he had already fallen in love with the other man.
Now, he even knew that Qin Mu had deceived him, but he still could not have a slightest hatred for him.

Everything was my fault.
If he didn’t seduce Su Hanyu because of money, wouldn’t everything be different? Unfortunately, past can’t be changed.

Qin Mu was not worried at all whether he told the truth or not, because he knew that people’s hearts were the most intolerant of deception and betrayal, as early as when Qi Zicong could not bear the temptation to come, a crack appeared in his relationship with Su Hanyu.

At this moment, Qi Zicong was pressed on the shoulder by the young man standing beside him who was staring coldly at him.
The latter’s face slightly changed, but forced to endure the pain from the shoulder.
He knew the man was warning him not to talk, but he heard Qin Mu speak with a strange tone which made the man beside him getting angry to the point of trembling: “Don’t worry, I won’t grab Qi Zicong from you.”

Su Hanyu: “…”

Qin Mu’s tone is low and pleasant, but also a had trace of ridicule: “It was just for fun, haven’t you played often before.” The man paused, and the smile on his face deepened, “I just asked Qi ZiCong to come, because I wanted to do 3p with him.”

Su Hanyu’s face began to turn blue and purple.

Qin Mu smiled lightly and added a fire to Su Hanyu’s heart: “When I think about the previous seven years wasted on you, I still have some regrets.
You know, I just tasted other men, only then I realized — ” Giving a glance at Su Hanyu whose face turned black, the man leisurely said :”You really need to exercise well, your technique is really bad.”

Saying that he can’t do it well in bed is definitely the biggest insult for men.

Qin Mu haven’t done it with Su Hanyu, he was just deliberately spouting nonsense to simulate him.

When Su Hanyu thought back about the man who was having a great time till he screamed with satisfaction, his blood furiously rushed up almost burning his brain.
He suddenly turned while his eyes were staring at the man next to him, he asked word by word, “Qi Zicong, tell me what he said is it true or not?”

Qi Zicong lowered his head and the narrow bangs covered his eyes, he stand there silently just like a stone sculpture.

Qin Mu waited for Qi Zicong’s rebuttal.
He had already thought of the words to block his mouth.
However to his surprise, after a long silence Qi Zicong took a deep look at Qin Mu then turned his head to look directly into Su Hanyu whose eyes were full of red blood, he said in unprecedentedly calm tone: “Yes, what he said is true.”

Su Hanyu: “…”

Since Qin Mu’s purpose was to take revenge from Su Hanyu, he would fulfill him.
With this thought, Qi Zicong who had a sad smile dropped a bomb: “Do you know why I came here? Because Qin Mu is better than you, more attractive than you, and before I forced myself to be with you only for the sake of your money!”

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