A sharp sound of slap burst out.

Su Hanyu withdrew his hand sternly.
Opposite him, Qi Zicong’s face was turned over, and on his left cheek a bright red palm print quickly appeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.
He turned around and sneered at Su Hanyu: “This slap should offset the money you spent on me.”
Then he spited the blood on the ground and licked the wound in the corner of his mouth.
“Next time, I won’t give you a chance to calculate it.

“Qi Zicong!”

He called Qi Zicong’s name with his teeth gritted, Su Hanyu’s eyes become bigger and bigger almost cracking.
The pain from betrayal by his ex and current boyfriend was like invisible hand grabbed his heart, he had to open his mouth to take a big gasp like a dehydrated fish.
But it was still not enough!
He has been very fond of Qi Zicong, and also wanted to live a good life with him.
But after discovering that he and Qin Mu had an affair, all his feelings were received back.
After all, he is now twenty-eight, not a young Dou Chukai who is ready to die or live for love.

But why is Qi Zicong’s cheating the object have to be Qin Mu? The ex-boyfriend who was supposed to be heart broken because of him, was hooked up with his current boyfriend!

Now, the ex-boyfriend who dumped him one step before him was watching his anger and howl with a look full of jokes, while beside him was a young and beautiful lover who had just made love with him.

Compared to being betrayed by Qi Zicong, Su Hanyu finds more it unacceptable to let Qin Mu see his emotional failure.
You need to know that according to his original idea, after he broke up with him, Qin Mu should be bitterly begging to retain him.
But he would resolutely disagree so that Qin Mu would suffer for a while, maybe months or years, and then gradually come out and start a new life slowly …

“Qin Mu, how did you become like this!”

Seeing Su Hanyu who had a sad and distressed look, Qin Mu slightly curved the corner of his lips and asked: “What did you thought I would be like?”

Without waiting for the other party to answer, Qin Mu answered on his behalf: “Distressed? Hurt? or sad to the point couldn’t let go so I would be drinking and smoking to forget you but would still have a deep affection for you?” 

Su Hanyu: “…”

Qin Muyu sneered, ignoring the resistant and warning look in the eyes of Gu Qin who is next to him, he kissed hard against his white cheek which is fair to the point you could not see any pores.
Gu Qin figure become as rigid as a wood, but the other man pinched his cheeks affectionately like he didn’t realize at all and took out a cigarette.
Then said to Su Hanyu, whose face was black almost to the point of dripping a ink: “It’s been seven years.
Do you think I’m still the fool who would choose a dross from a pile of beautiful jade?”

Su Hanyu’s facial muscles twitched as he listened.

Qin Mu felt that it was still not enough, so he caressed Gu Qin’s face and laughed with full of pride and satisfaction.
He cheerfully said: “Let me introduce to you, this is my new lover -” then he paused, put his hand on the young man’s shoulder and his palm slightly tightened, hinting the other man to make a statement.

He didn’t know what the other man was thinking.
He was silent and almost had no sense of existence.
But under the gesture of a man Gu Qin smiled and actually opened his mouth to cooperate with him.

“I’m Gu Qin, Qin Mu’s new boyfriend.”

He stared into Qin Mu’s eyes, but said for Su Hanyu to hear. He learned Qin Mu’s name from the conversation between the three men just now.

Qin Mu winked, and the smile in his eyes deepened.
The boy was also quite aware of current affairs.

Seeing that Qin Mu was flirting with Gu Qin with his brows and eyes with smile in his lips, Qi Zicong’s eyes gradually dimmed.
Just now when he was slapped by Su Hanyu, he didn’t feel much pain, but at this moment there was pain which came from bottom of his heart.
It was like someone was stinging his heart with needles, it couldn’t be ignored.

Su Hanyu’s mood is no better than that of Qi Zicong.
Although he broke up with Qin Mu, he thinks that the seven-year relationship between them can’t be easily wiped out by anything, even if love and passion are no longer there, they could at least become friends, not become what they are now.

“He’s excellent.”

In his ear, the man’s lazy and comfortable tone sounded.
Su Hanyu slowly turned his eyes to Gu Qin, and for the first time looked carefully at Qin Mu’s new lover.
Being stared like the goods for evaluation, Gu Qin’s eyes faintly gave birth to a little discomfort, the color in his eyes became darker and darker, but his beautiful face was still as indifferent as the ice sculpture.

Su Hanyu’s eyes have always been picky, but from the young man’s face he really couldn’t able to pick out shortcomings.
Although his body is mostly covered by the quilt, two long legs that are exposed outside the quilt looked very conspicuous.
The temperament of youth was too cold, giving people a sense of alienation, not lively enough.

Of course, Su Hanyu will never admit that the new lover of Qin Mu is very good.
But Qin Mu didn’t really want to hear Su Hanyu ’s unfavorable approval and he lazily yawned.
This farce which had carefully planned by him now should come to the end, so he found a comfortable posture and leaned his face on Gu Qin’s chest implied to be completely authentic: “I want it again.”

Gu Qin: “…”
Su Hanyu: “…”
Qi Zicong: “…”

Qin Mu blinked slowly, and slightly hooked the end of his stunning peach eyes, which evoked a few light smiles, looking affectionately at his “lover”, and said to the audience with a gentle tone without any strength: “It’s late at night, please walk slowly, we will not see you out.”  
Su Hanyu was obviously deeply stimulated by this sentence.
Before leaving, he gave Qin Mu a thumbs up and squeezed words out of his teeth one by one: “Qin Mu, you are really great, I have misread you.
“As soon as he left him, he couldn’t wait to find someone to 3p, seducing Qi Zicong, and deliberately let outsiders see his joke.
This man’s method is really good, he is not his opponent at all.

As for Qi Zicong, he took a deep look at Qin Mu as if to carve him in the deepest part of his heart and keep it permanently sealed.

When they left here, Qin Mu looked at time, and it was nine o’clock in the evening.
Drama that just happened was really full of twists and turns.
He did not expect Qi Zicong to help him. As he was secretly reminiscing about the fruits of the victory just now, Gu Qin said flatly in an even tone: “The play is finished, can you let it go now?”

His hands were still tied by a belt.

Hearing the voice of the youth, he returned back to reality, after giving Gu Qin a slight glance he turned him over and simply helped the young man to untie the belt. Previously, in order to prevent the other party from breaking free, he tied it very tightly and this caused obvious bruises on the young man’s wrists.
Qin Mu who rarely showed kindness helped him rub the bruises on his wrists and said: “Isn’t it like playing SM?”

Ignoring the man’s teasing, Gu Qin looked inexplicable and suddenly said, “Your ex-boyfriend?”

“Hmm.” Qin Mu nodded, and said in a carefree way: “He cheated, and I dumped him.”

Thinking of the situation just now, things should not be as simple as Qin Mu said.
Gu Qin is not a curious person, but he couldn’t resist the urge to know exactly what happened so as if obsessed by ghost he blurted “3p?”

Qin Mu felt a little funny, and raised an eyebrow to look at the man. “You believed it?” 

Gu Qin didn’t speak but was annoyed by his own abnormality.

Qin Mu did not continue to talk to him he opened the quilt to got out of bed and pulled the slippers to the direction of the bathroom.

Gu Qin who accidentally saw the place where man’s indescribable thing placed, quickly lowered his eyes, and his voice still sounded cold as ever: “You …”

“Taking a cold shower.”

The men’s light voice came, and at the same time the bathroom’s door closed.

The hotel’s bathroom was separated by a glass door, and the orange light shrouded it down.
The man’s shadow was clearly reflected on the glass door, and moves of taking shower were printed on someone’s retina one after another. He clearly told himself not to look, but his eyes betrayed its master’s consciousness, he could not help staring in the direction of the bathroom while fantasying about the man’s body in his mind.

It was almost like getting into fire.

Gu Qin subconsciously touched the tip of his hot ear, and the previous indescribable actions made by the man were played in his mind once again, like a movie footage that was repeatedly played. From the start to till now, his body was in a tight state, he stared at the glass door, hating that he can’t poke hole in that door.
He believed that Qin Mu was doing it intentionally, deliberately provoking his desire, deliberately took a bath in front him and deliberately seduced him!

If Qin Mu knew Gu Qin’s thought in his heart, he would have shouted injustice.
God knows how hard he was enduring in this world.

After taking a cold shower for nearly a quarter of an hour, Qin Mu came out wrapped in a bathrobe.
Seeing Gu Qin still maintained the position lying on the bed with a stiff expression just like when he had entered the bathroom, he raised an eyebrow.
He thought the other party was still angry because of his previous offense so said with no sincerely at all: “I’m really sorry just now.”

Gu Qin: “…”

At this time, Qin Mu noticed a vibration came from his mobile phone, and picked up the phone from sofa to take a look.
Seeing that the call was made by the cowboy, Qin Mu glanced at Gu Qin and went to the window to pick up the phone.
Even if you don’t stick your ear to the phone, you could clearly hear a angry roar: “You don’t know how to read the time huh, isn’t it past 8 o’clock? You dare to ditch me, Do you know how precious my time is? Do you know how much it costs even for a minute!”

Qin Mu touched his tingling ears: “Okay.
Okay, I’ll be right there.” Anyway he didn’t want to go back, it was so late.

After said that he hung up the phone and took off his bathrobe right in front of Gu Qin’s face, then started to put on the clothes one by one.
While wearing he also paid attention to the youth, only to see the other person turning his face left to the right, as if he was in awkward situation, he didn’t even took a glance at him.

Qin Mu smiled and took a few steps forward, but the young man was startled to turning his head immediately and said in a rigid tone: “What are you going to do?”

“Don’t misunderstand, I’m not going to do anything to you.
Twisted melon is not sweet.”

Qin Mu raised his hands, and his eyes motioned to the black belt on the bed.

Gu Qin frowned, jade like slender fingers took the belt and handed it to the man’s hand, he suddenly said: “My name is Gu Qin.”

“I know.” Qin Mu took the belt and tied it skillfully into his waist: “You said that before –“

“Gu Qin.”

When the he finished speaking, Gu Qin narrowed his lips, and felt that this sentence had other hints.
When he glanced at him sure enough he saw meaningful smile on the other side’s mouth.

Gu Qin was confused again.

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