Let me know it when you see mistakes.
I know there should be a lot of it….

Xue, are you looking for me?” Qin Mu lightly knocked the door.

Xue Ping Guang raised his eyes, and when his eyes reached the handsome and compelling face of the man, hot lustful expression flashed across his eyes.
Seeing that Xue Ping Guang is looking at him without making sound, Qin Mu lowered his head covering the sharp, light-colored eyes of his.
His lips moved slightly, called again: “Mr.

“Ah?” Xue Ping Guang came back to his senses like he had just woke up, said “I called you to talk about some work.”

Xue Ping Guang is a middle-aged man in his forties.
He is bald, squinted, with a beer belly.
At the fist glance you can see that he is often immersed in nasty places for prostitution and drinking, especially when looking at his eyes, it makes people uncomfortable.

Qin Mu said with a polite tone: “Mr.
Xue, please say.”

“Close the door.”

Xue Ping Guang glanced at the office door, and there was a shrewdness in his eyes to lure prey into his trap.
Qin Mu listened but didn’t move.
He understood the other party’s intentions and raised his eyebrows slightly.
During the three days when his memory was erased, he followed Xue Ping Guang on business trip.
When he checked into the hotel, he was told to temporarily live in a room with Xue Ping Guang.

At that time, his character was innocent and shy, a standard good-natured baby.
Xue Ping Guang told him that the hotel room was not enough.
He stupidly believed it.
As a result, Xue Ping Guang sneaked up on his bed in the middle of the night.
But thanks to Qin Mu’s usual hobby of doing fitness to keep fit, and due to Xue Ping Guang’s body was hollowed up by alcohol, he successfully pushed Xue Ping Guang away in a panic, and rushed back overnight.

Then what was waiting for him was Su Hanyu’s betrayal.

At this point Xue Ping Guang repeated his old tricks, but Qin Mu was no longer the kind and honest person at that time.
He tugged at the corner of his mouth and closed the door as Xue Ping Guan said, and then walked slowly to Xue PingGuan, placed both hands on the desk.
He leaned forward slightly, smiled and said, “Mr.
Xue, what do you want to say to me?”

Seeing the man’s eyes sparkling, his eyebrows lingered with a charming smile, Xue Ping Guan swallowed and immediately stretched out and putted his hand on the back of Qin Mu’s hand.

“Qin Mu, do you know that I fell in love with you as early as the first time I saw you.”

When Qin Mu heard this, he withdrew his hand pretending to be surprised, and kept shaking his head: “Mr.
Xue, we can’t do this.”

“No one will know.
I like you and I can give you what you want.”

The baby he has always been coveting was right in front of him, and his expression looked so flustered and helpless.
Xue Ping Guan’s breathing began to aggravate, he wanted to embrace Qin Mu across the desk.
Qin Mu easily avoided his arms, and his voice began to change.
He said sternly: “Have you considered your wife’s feelings while doing this?”

This sentence made Xue Ping Guan hesitate for a moment, but when he thought of the tigress at home, his expression gradually became distorted.
He was the one who has being bullied at home and he was accustomed to be oppressed.
“The matter between us, if you don’t say it, no one will know.”

Step by step, Qin Mu continue to guide and stimulate Xue Ping Guan, to make him say more heartfelt things in his mind.
When he reached his goal, he quietly turned off the recording on the phone, his expression was calm and said “Mr.
Xue, I don’t want to hear these words again in the future.”

Seeing that Qin Mu was not eating soft, Xue Ping Guan who was a little lost, threatened: “You don’t want this job anymore?”

Qin Mu didn’t say a word, and under Xue Ping Guan’s iron gaze he left there with relaxed pace.

The next day, a slightly edited recording was passed to everyone in the office, including Mrs.
Xue’s mobile phone.
In the recording, Qin Mu’s voice was blurred, and Xue Ping Guan’s voice was very distinctive which could be recognized immediately.
The whole company boiled instantly, and countless people chatted about Xue Ping Guan’s gossip after dinner.

Xue Ping Guan guessed who did this, but before he had time to deal with the follow-up of the matter, his father-in-law called him back.
Xue Ping Guan’s wife and her family were quite powerful, and if Xue Ping Guan offended his wife, it won’t be too good.

He originally thought that this incident would just pass away.
But within few days, the company’s personnel department received news that someone in the head office was coming to take over Xue Ping Guan’s position.
The news fell into Qin Mu’s ears, and stayed in his mind but after a second, it was thrown behind his head.

After all, he came to this world to collect pain value of the slag gongs, and the rest has nothing to do with him.

Is there any way to make Su Hanyu more painful?

Qin Mu thought for a while, and soon had an idea in his heart.

Translator’s Note:

I am sorry guys.
I had very difficult months and could not keep updating.
But happy news is that I still graduated from Uni during this COV-19.
From now on I would try to update at least 1 chapter per week.

Being emotionally unstable is actually so scary thing.
One of my friend committed suicide and at that time I could not understand “why”.
But now I felt that I could understand her a little bit.
You could be super depressed inside and but on the outside nothing wrong could be detected.

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