In a dark room, with mottled walls, and a cool concrete floor, sewage was piled up here and there, and the base of the walls were littered with garbage such as instant noodle boxes and mineral water bottles, exuding a sour smell.

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He was sitting in this kind of sewage, and the pants under his butt were all wet, and he couldn’t tell whether it was sewage or excrement and urine.

A man came with his back to the light, his face could not be seen clearly, his face only had a rough outline, and the rest was pitch black.
He could just watch him untie his belt.

Every time they came, they peed on his face.

He closed his eyes and lips tightly, preparing to meet the familiar stench.

Chu Zhaoyang suddenly sat up from the bed, breathing heavily and rapidly.
At four o’clock in the morning, the faint light outside came in through the window which did not have the curtains drawn, and everything in the bedroom could be seen clearly.

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Another nightmare.

Chu Zhaoyang’s breathing gradually slowed down.
He lowered his head and buried his head in his palms, and his palms ruthlessly wiped the cold sweat off his face.

He couldn’t sleep anymore, so he got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower.
The water flowed all the way down his hair, over his strong chest and abdominal muscles, flowing all the way down, and gathering in the middle along the two mermaid lines.

He wiped the water from his face with his palms, trying to shake off the nightmare just now.

He was kidnapped when he was seven, and that dark memory became a nightmare that had been with him ever since.
At first, he had nightmares all night, and other symptoms like insomnia and autism, and he did not even speak to the psychiatrist.

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It’s better now, every nightmare was very short, within the range he could bear, only his sleep was still not very good, it seemed to be a habit, and there were still only a few words heard from him.

At seven o’clock, he dressed up and drove to the company.

Hei Tim Yue was parked in the parking lot below the company.
Chu Zhaoyang got out of the car and was walking towards the door of the company, when sudden

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