Mu Lanshu was stunned for a moment, she blinked, and asked, “Do you have someone you like?”

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Gu Nian didn’t know what was wrong with her, so she said that and nodded.

“Who is it? What does he look like? Are there any photos? What’s his name? How old is he? What does he do?” Mu Lanshu immediately threw out a series of questions.

This made Gu Nian stumped.
Just now, she had thought of Chu Zhaoyang for some reason, and as soon as she caught wind, she really couldn’t tell about Chu Zhaoyang, right?

No one would believe her.

Seeing her hesitation, Mu Lanshu said being displeased, “You must have lied to me, right?”

“No.” Gu Nian retorted without any confidence.

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“If you really like someone, go for it.
Good men are rarely single, and if you make a mistake, you will lose them to someone else.
You will regret it later.”

Mu Lanshu said, “But this will not delay your blind date, you just take a look and prepare with both hands.
If the person you like doesn’t like you, won’t you still have a blind date?”

“Mom!” Gu Nian shouted helplessly.

Mu Lanshu asked with red eyes, “Are you going to go?”

Gu Nian was most afraid of her crying, so she nodded and agreed, “I’ll go.”

“That’s right, dress up well then, don’t deliberately spoil your image, and ruin the blind date.” Mu Lanshu said worriedly.

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“I see.”

On Saturday, under the supervision of Mu Lanshu, Gu Nian found a skirt from the closet and put it on.

Mu Lanshu was still talking about her being a police officer, and that she didn’t even have a decent skirt.

Then, she supervised her to paint herself with light makeup.
After being dressed properly, Gu Nian looked petite and slender, with fair skin and clear eyes, revealing a hearty and simple look.

Mu Lanshu put her hands on Gu Nian’s shoulders and smiled with satisfaction: “My daughter looks good when she dresses up, she doesn’t look like she is a police officer.”

Gu Nian was unable to refute Mu Lanshu’s prejudice against the police.

Holding her bag, she went out dejectedly under Mu Lanshu’s earnest instructions.

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When she went downstairs, she could still hear Mu Lanshu holding her head out and shouting at her: “Don’t forget to behave well.
Don’t look downcast when you see other people’s faces.”

Gu Nian sighed and took a taxi to go Shengyue.

Standing at the door of Shengyue, across the revolving door, she could see the well-trained waiters inside receiving visitors.

Gu Nian thought to herself that the other party chose Shengyue, a famous five-star hotel in City B, maybe he wanted to show off his intentions.

Until now, she didn’t even know what the other party looked like, and Aunt Su only gave her the other party’s phone number.
After that, the other party didn’t contact her either, everything was done through Aunt Su, who had told her to meet him on Saturday.

The other party didn’t take the initiative to contact her, and she didn’t bother to rush to contact the other party either.
She always felt that the other party’s behaviour was arrogant, and he really treated her as nothing.

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Her hand holding the bag tightened slightly, and she walked up the steps.
As soon as her foot stepped on the last step, she was blocked by someone and almost hit the solid chest in front of her.

The shirt that was close to the chest fitted the suit and the body, and even looked a bit rigid and straight.

Gu Nian touched her nose subconsciously, but luckily she didn’t really bump into him.

She didn’t know who was so reckless, how could he suddenly stop in front of people.

With a little dissatisfaction, she raised her eyes, but unexpectedly her gaze slammed into a pair of eyes that were as deep as a pool.
Their inner depths were deep and bottomless, and there was no trace of emotion.

Gu Nian was completely stunned by the familiar eyes.
The man she thought was too reckless was actually Chu Zhaoyang!

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