ke her around again? In fact, I really miss her.
But she seems to be too shy to look at me.
Should I give her a hint?’

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Before Chu Zhaoyang could make a decision, Gu Nian got out of the car.

Chu Zhaoyang: “…”

She was too shy, so she ran so fast.

Chu Zhaoyang opened the car door, stood up, and called her, “Gu Nian.”

Gu Nian stopped and looked at him with a questioning look in her eyes.

Chu Zhaoyang cleared his throat and thought about it for a while before he said, “If you like me, say it, there may be unexpected gains, don’t be too shy.”

Gu Nian: “…”

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What the hell was he talking about?

What did he mean by looking at her with an encouraging look on his face now?

Chu Zhaoyang waited in anticipation for a long time, but before Gu Nian could summon the courage to confess, he asked with a puzzled face, “You have something else to do?”

If you knew, why didn’t you leave, what are you waiting for here.

“…” Chu Zhaoyang sat back with a dark face, closed the door hard, stepped on the accelerator deeply, and drove away.

This girl was still too shy to confess to him face to face.

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Gu Nian: “…”

Gu Nian was confused by Chu Zhaoyang’s outburst, so she shook her head and walked home.

When Gu Nian returned home, she saw Mu Lanshu sitting in the living room with a gloomy face, and she ignored her when she went back.

Gu Nian guessed that she might know about the blind date, so she sighed in her heart, took the initiative to walk over, and called out, “Mom, I’m back.”

“You’re not too embarrassed to come back! What did I tell you when you went out? Be good, show the best side of yourself.
It’s alright now, your aunt Su called me just now, and was very upset.
Saying that you were sarcastic there, and let people beat him! Tell me about you—”

Mu Lanshu stood up in a hurry, and poked Gu Nian’s forehead with her index finger, “How can you be so outrageous!”

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