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Gu Nian raised her eyebrows and endured the discomfort in her heart: “What do you mean? Came to see me, she came to treat me as a commodity on the shelf, and make a comment?”

Thinking of the way Aunt Su looked at her just now, she seemed to be calculating her.
Being deemed unworthy by the other party made her feel uncomfortable.

“How can you talk like this!” Mu Lanshu also lowered her face, and when she mentioned the subject, Mu Lanshu made a bad face towards Gu Nian, “People are kind enough to introduce you to a boy, but because she hasn’t seen you before, and the other party is really good, so she came to see you.
I know what she had in mind, she is just being responsible to the other party.
How can it become yin and yang strange when it comes out of your mouth? You can’t always speculate about others so maliciously.”

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Gu Nian pursed her lips and endured it for a long time, then asked: “Then did she show you the photo of the man?”

Mu Lanshu paused, looked away slightly, and said in a lower voice than before: “No.”

“Yeah, she’s just here to see if I’m worthy of someone, why didn’t she show you at least one photo of the other person? You can’t just ask this from us.
This is disrespecting me and you, Mom, you know that.” Gu Nian suppressed her anger and explained to Mu Lanshu patiently.

“She said that the other party is very good.” Therefore, Mu Lanshu didn’t think much about it.

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“Then why didn’t she tell the other party that I’m also very good?” Gu Nian opened her mouth and retorted, “This kind of thing is all about the eyes, where does it come from that there are so many people who are not worthy of the other? If there is sincerity, then she should have shown us the other party’s photo, you can even give her my photo.
If you think it’s acceptable, we can even meet.
Why is she only coming to identify me? “

Gu Nian sat on the sofa with pursed lips and sighed.
With a sigh, she raised her head and said, “Also, Mom, I’m only 24, so don’t worry at all.”

“How can you not be in a hurry? I haven’t seen you fall in love since you were a child.
Yes, when you used to go to school, you couldn’t fall in love early.
But I didn’t see you dating even once in college.
Anyway, you went to a police academy, and the school was full of boys.
I didn’t see you looking for even one boyfriend.
If you start looking for one now, there would be two years of dating and marriage, and having a child when you are twenty-seven or eight-year-old is the best.
If you drag it on, the longer it will be, so the sooner you start looking the better.” Mu Lanshu also sat down.

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Gu Nian didn’t want to be entangled in this matter, otherwise she would have to listen to Mu Lanshu again.

Then she patted her stomach: “Mom, it’s so late, you haven’t cooked yet, I’m hungry.”

“I’ll make it later.” Mu Lanshu said impatiently, drinking a little cold tea.
Because she was going to entertain Aunt Su, she did not have time to cook.
She was also little hungry now, but she won’t admit it.

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“Besides, you have such a profession, can you compare with others? You’re a girl, what’s wrong with you, why did you have to be a policeman?” Mu Lanshu complained.

“What’s so wrong in being a policeman? If everyone think like you, no one will be a police officer, who will guard the law and order and catch the criminals?” Gu Nian was hungry, so she grabbed a handful of pistachios and ate them.

“I’m talking to you!” Mu Lanshu grabbed the pistachios in her palm and threw them back into the box, “Yes, I’m selfish, but it’s because you’re my daughter and I worry about you, why would I worry about others? Originally, I was very happy when I heard that you are going to be a police officer.
I thought it was an iron job, and I thought you would be a civilian, but when other people hear it, they are not happy.
When a man is looking for a wife, he just wants to find a safe and secure one.
Listening to your work is scary.
Are you still thinking of Yan Lu–“

“Mom!” Gu Nian shouting, loudly interrupting Mu Lanshu’s words.

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