The evaluation of the last barrage was too sharp, and it also involved the popular flower and the top actor, and was quickly put on the tail of the hot search.

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Bai Jinyao’s fans calmed down in an organized manner.
They couldn’t fight against Xue Wu’s group of super-combat fans, so they could only quietly suppress the hot search, and told all the members in the fan group not to involve Emperor Xue when they made CP, so as not to expose Yaoyao to evil.

The incident also alarmed the fans of the remaining guests.
Although they really wanted to rub the enthusiasm of Emperor Xue, after all, Xue Wu had been filming for many years and had never had a real screen couple.
If their idols could succeed in forming a CP with Xue Wu, the benefits would not be limited.
But Xue Wu’s fans were not vegetarians.Anyone who came over to take advantage of their stat would be mercilessly killed by them.

The chief director who was watching all that was about to go crazy with joy.

‘Wonderful, wonderful! Only half of the guests have arrived.
The variety show has become so lively on the Internet before it even started.’ 

He could already imagine how powerful the Shura field would be when the six guests gather together and start falling in love.

The habit of escaping for nearly ten years couldn’t be changed overnight.
As soon as Ruan Qiu entered the shooting scene, she subconsciously examined the manor.

The residence of the manor was medieval European style.
The main building had three floors.
There was a beautiful fountain in front of the building.
The surrounding greenery was very good and the plants were well trimmed.
The manor’s exterior looked a bit old, with a slightly darker color scheme, but that didn’t detract it from its luxury.

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Ruan Qiu inevitably remembered the vampire dungeon she had experienced in the world of Infinite Flow.
At that time, she was fighting with vampires in such an ancient castle, and waited until dawn, and the vampires disappeared.

“Ruan Qiu, please draw your identity.”

Hearing the staff’s words, Ruan Qiu returned to her senses, put her hand into the cardboard box in front of her, took out one of the small paper balls, unfolded the paper ball, and saw her new identity this time.

【Personal maid of the owner of the manor】

The black fans in the barrage immediately began to ridicule- 

[Ruan Qiu is only worthy of this kind of identity.]

[Ruan Qiu was born to be a maid.
Don’t think about marrying into a wealthy family, our Yaya and her husband are in a good relationship!]

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[Some black fans really affect the atmosphere.
If you want to scold, can’t you scold her on weibo? I am watching a variety show.
Who did I provoke?]

[It seems that someone deliberately made Ruan Qiu a maid.]

When the chief director saw that comment, he felt guilty for a moment.
The identity of a maid was indeed deliberately arranged by him to Ruan Qiu.
Who gave her the lowest position? The entertainment industry was so cruel that there was no other way.

He observed Ruan Qiu’s expression in the camera, as long as she showed a trace of resentment, he could add a little more heat to this topic.
But to his surprise, the corner of Ruan Qiu’s mouth rose slightly in the camera, obviously in a good mood, and her eyes were full of happiness.

The chief director was confused.

The audience was also confused.

Ruan Qiu was in a really good mood.
Although in the original plot Ruan Qiu drew the identity of a maid, she only wanted to be a heartthrob, missed a lot of plots, and was eliminated early.

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Ruan Qiu didn’t think there was anything wrong with the status of a maid.
Compared with other people’s identities, her status was simply tailor-made for passers-by.
As long as she played the role of a maid well, she would definitely not be involved in love, and she would be absolutely safe!

The staff couldn’t take their eyes off Ruan Qiu’s face at all, and shouted in their hearts that it was outrageous.
Those who said that Ruan Qiu had cosmetic surgery needed to come to have a look.
Whose plastic surgery hospital could make such a face like hers? They would definitely sign up right away!

After Ruan Qiu smiled, the staff seemed to see Cupid in the air shooting an arrow at his heart, and could not help softening his tone, “Please note that your role is at risk of [death], and once the role played by the guest [died], it will be eliminated.”

[Wait, what death? Isn’t this a love variety show? Did I hear it wrong? How can there be death?]

[I didn’t read the rules announced by the director’s team carefully when I first saw it.
This is not a simple love variety show, but a love challenge variety show.]

[I heard that the chief director used to be famous for making thrillers.
I also watched “Who Stole My Body” by him, scaring people to death.]

[…No wonder this variety show is so unconventional and looks so strange, it turns out that the chief director is abnormal.]

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[No, don’t you really think that there is a problem with death being there in a love variety show? I know it’s fake, but it’s outrageous!]

[The guests are now in a new identity.
The medieval manor and maid have come out.
It seems not surprising that the guests might come to haunt each other after their death.]

[Hahahaha, absolutely.]

As soon as the staff finished talking about the rules for elimination, he saw Ruan Qiu, who looked weak and harmless in front of him, suddenly look like a kitten with blown fur, his eyes widened and she emphasized to him, “I will definitely work hard not to die… not to be eliminated!”

She must not die even in a variety show, she had to live well!

Ruan Qiu decided that she would definitely follow the main line of love from now on, but she must find out the real murderer who would kill her in the variety show.

The staff didn’t expect that she would care about that, and she was so serious.
Logically speaking, shouldn’t she care more about her CP? The staff thought so and said to Ruan Qiu, “…Okay, work hard?”

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