n the wrong place.

“I’m sorry.”

A voice that was not at all sorry intervened.

“I’m very angry right now, so I made a mistake.”

After all, the gun wielder didn’t have a knack for shooting.
The unfamiliar monologue followed briefly.

In the meantime, the broker’s party was ready to attack.
A sharp rake in his hand, a thin kitchen knife, and a gun with a silencer flashed in the dark.

“…The moon is very bright.”

It wasn’t just the ugly tools that glittered under the moonlight.

“That’s why I’m even more sorry.”

A hard tone, an impertinent expression.

However, the movement of the woman pulling the sword from her waist was smooth.

The faces of the men who were fighting against that beautiful and elegant figure, like a dance, turned red little by little.

“I will omit self-introduction.”

Even the legendary monster that is said to attract sea people dazzled in the moonlight.

“I will try not to kill you.”

Noah, who closed the distance for a moment, spoke in a beautiful voice.

“Scream in moderation, please.”


Flesh fell from the lightly swung of the sword, and a scream echoed.

The feast of blood had begun.


The original plan was this.

After the knights divided, Sir Delat and Sir Perata contacted the smuggling brokers.

According to the investigation, except for two mysterious senior knights, they were participating in this weapon smuggling semi-forcibly.

The method was so obvious.
They deliberately approached only knights from a commoner background.

It was only for those who need a lot of money because of someone close to them.

So Leto took charge of Sir Delat and Lieutenant Colonel Ice took charge of Sir Perata.

That way, the chief of military service, who was secretly on standby, was able to approach and contact the remaining knights.

“Stop, let go of the burden of your heart.”

“I know everything.”

“Did you have a hard time?”

“The guardhouse, no, the navy is with you.”

As expected, the desperate knights who were left behind poured out everything to Colonel Benedict.

On the other hand, Major General Francis left it alone.

People who pretended to be good on the outside and risked their lives for external reputation were generally scumbags who mistakenly thought that they were good.

A narcissist who thought that his narrow vision was everything in the world.

The loser fell into the trap on his own.

When he visited the headquarters, he secretly infiltrated a group of brokers from the Empire, and also delivered the key to the arsenal, which Leto pretended to be a mistake during a drinking party, and delivered it to Sir Perata.

After completing his role, Major General Francis was immediately arrested.

The brokers were deliberately released.
He was going to be arrested at sea with the two traitor knights.

And he was going to make the arrest himself.


Leto, who was about to order the preparations for departure, only looked at the sea in disbelief.

A small fishing boat was barely visible near the horizon.
Another crazy dog ​​in the Navy was going to be chasing a fishing boat.

The main culprit that ruined Leto’s plans.

“How did this happen?”

The voice seeking an answer was somewhat hasty.

“I, Lieutenant General…!”

Ami, who had her head on the ground, asked for a say.

She was being punished for taking information to Noah and helping her get into the arsenal.

She had her head pounded with Hornes beside her.
He was also on co-accusations of helping her by being silenced by Noah.

“Captain knew from the beginning.”

“So it was that.”

Leto roughly guessed where he had noticed.

“Did she know Major General Francis?”

At that time, what he asked seemed to be the beginning of all of this.

“So what could I say?! Noah, that damn thing has a lot of pride, and she hates to be left out like this!”


“Oh my god! She’s such a fool!”

Ami patted her chest with her hand, saying she was going to burst in frustration.
Read only at pm tl.

“Lieutenant General.”

Lieutenant Colonel Ice, who admired Ami for saying that like it was a skill, called Leto.

“What are you going to do now?”

“What why…”

Taking a few deep breaths and exhaling to spread the salty air deep into his lungs.

“I’ll get in trouble if she dies.”

“Are you talking about the captain?”


The side view of a smiling face without an answer looked anxious.

‘…It’s really different this time.’

Leto caught sight of a fishing boat approaching.


“Two traitors who took private ships.”

Splash, splash.

Noah captured two former knights and incumbent traitors, both covered in blood, and threw them into the sea.

Military police officers waiting nearby rescued the stunned traitors.

“And eight smuggling brokers.”

With another splash.

Only one in eight brokers was thrown into the sea.
The broker, with his cracked glasses, was fainting with blood dripping from his nose.

“Where are the other seven?”

Asked a military police officer who had rescued the broker.

“They’re on the boat.”

While the military police were boarding the ship, Noah brought down the stolen private ship separately.
A startled scream was heard behind her, but she ignored it.

“Lieutenant General.”

Standing in front of Leto whose face hardened, Noah smiled brightly.

“The stolen private ship has been brought back.”


Leto didn’t answer, and Noah didn’t even have to wait for an answer, so she threw the private ship roughly.

And she took off her own private ship.

“Lieutenant General.”

Noah asked.

“Is this the only answer to the opportunity I gave you?”

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