possible without her, he did not express his own sincerity.

“You’d rather play with me and throw me away!”

Then he should have let her give up without any regrets.

He was going to tear her apart by making her feel useless like this.

“Then I…!”

Noah was still shouting at the wall between them.

But no matter how much she knocked on the wall, the person beyond it still did not answer.

It was natural.

It wasn’t that Leto was behind the wall.

Because he was the wall itself.

Noah could no longer face this wall.


A sob leaked from between her lips, shriveled in shame.

Leto, who looked at Noah like that, distorted his expression like an abandoned child.

“…You made me a fool.”

She lost love and became a pushover.

She pretended to lose that stupid bet proposal and said accepted it.

“But why are you…”

‘Why do you keep getting scared?’

‘Will I keep holding on to you like that?’


Exhausted, Noah shook her head.

At the same time, Leto’s red eyes sank into despair and fear.

His anxious, shaky gaze eagerly sought Noah, who had given up looking at him.

“I’m tired.”

But Noah couldn’t afford to look at him now.

“Isn’t it funny that I begged you?”


“Don’t say it again.”


Leto struggled to call her.

“I, so…”

The terrified voice was now clear.

For a moment, Noah was convinced.

Perhaps the opportunity to hear Leto’s sincerity has come.

The biggest reason Noah was by his side until he wrinkled his pride.

“It’s done.”

But now it didn’t matter.

She didn’t want to do that now.


A large hand gently caressed Noah’s wet cheek.

And he slowly lifted it.

Blue eyes, wet from crying, contained the desperation that they would not embrace anything.
Like a deep sea of ​​darkness where no life can survive.

Those eyes pretended not to see Leto.

That made Leto even more afraid.


But the coward didn’t say anything in the end.

This time, it wasn’t a deceptive misjudgment, it was knowing his subject and shutting his mouth.

He refused to listen, so he lost his right to speak.

“Lieutenant General.”

Noah took a step back.
Naturally, the hand that covered her cheek also fell off.

“I’ll go now.”

The expression on her face, where even her anger had disappeared, was terrifyingly blank.

“Do you want me to take you?”

Leto asked.
The voice he managed to bring out was so heavy that it mourned.
When someone heard it, they wondered if that was actually crying.

“That’s enough.”


“The relationship between the lieutenant general and me.”

With those words, Noah turned around.

When she opened the door, the special unit members who had been secretly listening, quickly backed down.

Some were standing, leaning against a wall, or even prostrating themselves.


Noah called one of them who was going to do their own punishment.

“Give me a ride home.”

“Huh? Uh, yes…”

That day, Noah got into Ami’s car and went home.

And the next day, Noah couldn’t go to work.


“This is a report from the military police.”

Lieutenant Colonel Ice, who entered the commander’s office early in the morning, reported while looking down at Leto, who was lying on the sofa.

Leto slept in the same sloppy trap suit he wore since yesterday.

He covered his eyes with one of his arms, so he couldn’t see well except his mouth.

Lieutenant Colonel Ice continued the report without paying much attention to it.

“We have evidence of the consolidation of illegal bonds in the mansion of Major General Francis.”


“The funds have already gone to the Empire, and they are being pursued now.”

After a brief report, Lieutenant Colonel Ice waited for the superior’s reply.


But all that came back was a cold silence.

As expected, but Lieutenant Colonel Ice didn’t really care.

“Lieutenant General.”

Still, he couldn’t leave it like this.

For the poor crew who couldn’t handle the brutal atmosphere outside the commander’s office.

And even for a boss he had been sympathizing with for a really long time.

Ice asked.

“Can I say something without being rude?”

“What? That I was dumped?”

Leto was the first to respond.

The arm that covered Leto’s face slid down.

“…Were you crying?”

“I’ve been up all night.”

Leto rubbed the corners of his red eyes with his hand roughly.

Lieutenant Colonel Ice took a breath in the atmosphere of a sharp edge that stabbed his skin.



“What were you trying to say?”


Lieutenant Colonel Ice took a short deep breath.

“Lieutenant General.”

And he said,

“The captain is not the Lieutenant General’s mother.”

Leto’s eyes flickered.

“If yesterday’s conversation between the two was true, the captain deserved to be angry.”

She did her best in their relationship.
It was really a sad love that claimed to be a loser.

But it wasn’t Leto.

“The lieutenant general didn’t love the captain, it was just like a little boy complaining to his mother.”


“I want you to know even if you don’t tell me.”

Lieutenant Colonel Ice seriously advised him as a life senior.

And asked.

“Do you love Captain Bello?”

tl/n: this chap broke my heart T_T

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