s because she heard something stupid a while ago.

Ami, who was concentrating on the meeting, trembled at the gaze.

Noah quickly removed her gaze and let out a silent sigh.

‘If she’s right…’

Despite the uproar yesterday, the meeting was peaceful.

It was no different for the troops to greet Noah as usual, and after Leto also appeared in the meeting room, he pretended not to know anything.

‘…Did I overdo it?’

She thought so.

She didn’t have to react sensitively and run away.
If he had just ignored her, everyone would have said, ‘crazy dog ​​did something crazy’.

Only the pen that was in her hand was splendidly turned around in the shame that came after her belatedly.

The crew member sitting next to Noah looked at the feat with admiration.

So the meeting was about to end.

“Lieutenant General.”

First lieutenant, who had left the conference room for a while, delivered urgent information.

“This is a telegram that came in a hurry this morning, but…”

The corners of Leto’s lips, who had been silently listening, rose slowly.
Oh, this is bad, Noah quickly intuited.

“…My friends.”

Just as expected.

“They are coming.”

The conference room was noisy.

“The Royal Knights, you mean?”

The platinum-haired man sitting closest to Leto frowned as if displeased.

He was Lieutenant Colonel Ice, a rank just below Leto in the unit.

There were a total of three military organizations in the kingdom.

The army protects the land centered on the north, and the navy protects the sea centered on the south.
Finally, the Royal Knights who protect the royal family.

The three groups had strong personalities as much as the areas they protected were different.

However, in order to protect the country, they developed friendships through exchanges.

‘…Would you really like to be friends with that?’

Noah groaned inwardly.

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Because the ultimate goal of the exchange was one.

Who will be stronger?

The filthy exchanges stained with envy and jealousy towards each other were leading to a streak of recent naval victories.

Fortunately, they do come together because of the same ‘military’ as the army, but the relationship with the Royal Knights was difficult.

“Sir Delat is coming with his family for an exchange.
It is said that his direct subordinates are accompanying him.”

“Lord Delat…”

Leto leaned against the back of his chair and smiled.

“Are things really getting fun?”

But none of the people really believed it.


‘I’d rather get rid of pirates.’

‘Hey, I’m going to write a will…!’

‘Is this hell…?’

Everyone held their breath and looked at Leto.

Whenever that crazy dog ​​raised the corners of his mouth with a cold gaze, something bad happened.

In addition, the sensitivity was especially increased today.



The crew’s eyes naturally turned to Noah.

‘So what.’

Confused, Noah opened her eyes and glowered.

However, since the mad lieutenant was far more terrifying than the mad captain, the crew’s wretched eyes gleamed even more.

‘Those damn things! To sacrifice me!’

She trembled at the cunning maneuvers of the crew.

But Noah knew well why they were doing this.

Not to mention, Lieutenant Colonel Ice behind Leto was looking over at her, trembling like a baby otter.


Finally with a short sigh.

“Lieutenant General.”

Noah called Leto in a pleasant voice.

She didn’t call him to do anything about the atmosphere of the conference room.

Anyways, she had a story to share with that person seriously.

It was just that.


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“Lord Delat’s visit will be discussed later.”

With those words, Leto ended the meeting.

The crew members who were present left the place as if running away.
Noah stared resentfully at the back of those running away.

‘Did I go easy on them too much these days?’

It looked like she needed to get a hold of discipline on them again.


Of course, that thought completely disappeared at the voice calling her.

“Lieutenant General.”

Noah could not hide her disapproving gaze.

“Ah, I feel thrilled when you look at me with those eyes.”

Leto smiled softly.

“…Every time the Lieutenant General says that, I get goosebumps.”

When Noah voiced she hated it, Leto laughed out loud.
She was at a loss for words to see how happy he was.

“I’m going to ask you straight up.”

She groaned in frustration, and asked what she wanted to ask the most.

The reason why the relationship between them had completely changed.

“Why did you interfere with my promotion?”

“I thought I said that on the way to work”

Leto slowly avoided her gaze.

“I have my own circumstances.”

“Isn’t that the lieutenant’s personal judgment?”


This time, there was no response.
Leto expressed his feelings of shame for the first time.

Noah became even more angry about it.

“Then what the hell…!”

“Then you?”

Leto intervened quickly.

“Why did you risk your life for a promotion like that?”

“Don’t change your mind.
Now it’s the lieutenant general’s fault…!”

“Because of the sword?”

Noah’s eyes trembled as she was stabbed in the corner.

“Yesterday, the way you looked at the sword was unusual.”

Leto sighed lightly and expressed his sadness.

“Did you approach me to get promoted?” (tl/n: bruh stop beating around the bush already)

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