ould surely be able to survive.

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But he could not take that third step.

His body shook, his heart beat quickly, his throat dried up.

But despite that, he did not take a step back.

The breath he exhaled was white like fire.

“U, nu…”

He had to make a run for it.
The moment he decided that, he moved.
He made his body as small as he could and tried to pass under the swinging arms of the man.

But he suddenly jumped back.

If he had kept going, Zelkof would have hit him with the back of his hand.
The old goblin’s head would have surely been crushed into smithereens.

“Nu, u…”

His body that was clad in armor drew cold sweat.

At that time, in some mischievous twist of fate, Zelkof suddenly looked at him.

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That was death.
That overwhelming death was looking straight at him.

The goblin had mustered every bit of courage he possessed to take a step forward, but a glance was all it took to break all of that.

His resolve crushed, his legs shaking… But just as he was about to take that third step back and turn around—

“Elder, so you’re safe.”

“Gi Gu-dono.”

One of the four generals, the lord class goblin, Gi Gu Verbena of the blood-stained Felduk called out to him.

“Looks like you guys were done in quite badly.”

Upon seeing the corpses of the young goblins, Gi Gu grit his teeth in anger.
His subordinates stepped forward from both sides to cover the old goblin.

“Elder brother! It’s dangerous!” Gu Naga (Long) said.

Gi Gu nodded.
“I know.
But this fury of having our brethren slain cannot be quelled unless unleashed upon this foe.”

Though Gi Gu bared his canine teeth and shook in anger, Zelkof’s smile showed no signs of crumbling.

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“Goblin, goblin, ku ha ha ha, ku ha ha!”

As Zelkof bent his posture forward like that of a beast, Gi Gu yelled.

“He’s coming!”

In the next instant, Zelkof leaped.
The holy knight leaped close enough to the ground that it seemed as if he were running, then as he approached Gi Gu, he sent his fist flying toward the goblin.
He did not have a stance.
Normally, this was an attack that could easily be swept away.

“GU, NUuuu!?”

But when Gi Gu tried to sweep it away, his sword was pushed back, and his whole body was sent flying.
Gi Gu fixed his posture midair, but the abnormal strength of the human caused him to click his tongue.

“What a monster! Are you really human!?”

“Ku ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

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