Chapter 238 – The Song of He Who Wields a Sword (3/3)

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Word of Zelkof the Knight of Destruction’s defeat and the successful occupation of Germion Kingdom’s capital was brought before the king at the same time.

“Let’s proceed to the castle.”

“As you will.”

Although the chaos was yet to quell, the king went ahead and moved to the castle.
On either side of the path to the castle were goblins with weapons raised, watching warily at the surroundings for any threats.

When the Goblin King arrived at the castle and looked down from the terrace constructed by the humans at the people gathered below, one of the goblins spoke out.

“O great king! Our king!”

Those words spread throughout the goblins like wildfire.
The goblins cried out toward their king who stood upon the terrace.

“O great king! Our king!”

As the goblins cried out victory, the Goblin King declared their victory and announced the end of this battle.

“My subjects! My brethren! And my comrades-in-arms… Let us celebrate this victory together! This is our victory!”

The goblins cried out so loudly it was as if an explosion had erupted on the land.
They raised up their weapons and knocked them merrily.
They stomped their feet and the capital shook as if there was an earthquake rocking it.

Gi Za Zakuend heard those cries from a distance as he walked toward a corner within the nobles district.
This was the house that the wizard known as the ‘doll user’ once lived at.
Now, it was no more than the ruins of a fire.
There, Gi Za walked alone.

On the stones of the garden was the corpse of the old wizard.

And on her knees was the corpse of a goblin.
When Gi Za recognized that goblin as his father, he wordlessly approached them.

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The nerve of you to make such a satisfied face…”

Gi Za gazed at the old goblin’s face for a while, then he grumbled to himself, “I’m not good at physical labor” and started digging a hole.

After digging a hole that was just big enough for the two to fit in, he brought the human and the goblin inside it.

He covered the hole with dirt and placed a stone on top.

Gi Za looked unhappily at his dirtied clothes, then sighed deeply.

“Farewell, Father.”

Nothing was inscribed on the tombstone.
Neither did Gi Za think of writing something.

He just wished for them to sleep in peace.

A lone goblin walked toward the source of the unceasing cheers of the goblins.

The goblin said to know nothing of love turned his back on that faint sentiment left in that place.


“Gi Go-dono, I tried coming up with a song.”

Yustia had recently become able to speak fluently.
She called out to Gi Go with eyes so full of expectation.
She looked just like a dog wagging its tails.

The northern front lines were at a deadlock just as Pale the Tactician had expected.

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The Goblin King should be attacking Germion Kingdom around this time.
Gi Go and the Snow Demon Tribe (Yugushiva Tribe) used guerrilla warfare to stop the soldiers of Northern Germion Kingdom.

But they weren’t attacking all the time.

One reason was because they wouldn’t last if they were always attacking, but another reason was because according to the information they’ve been getting lately, there was no longer any reason to keep the north in check.

It was currently early summer, but there was still snow around the peak of the towering mountains of the Snow God (Yugrasil).
The Yugushiva people have been fighting here since they were born, so they had an overwhelming advantage compared to flatlanders.

So long as they’re able to flee to the mountain ranges, the flatlanders won’t be able to catch up to them on foot.
Be it speed or knowledge of the terrain, the Yugushiva was at an advantage.
Even if they had the advantage in numbers – although they didn’t know when they would be able to decide this war – the northern forces led by the holy knight, Lili, still hasn’t recovered from the wound left behind by Gulland who left to aid the west.

Lili was gradually strengthening her forces, but because of her policies’ tendency not to overburden her people, the scope of that increase was small and slow.

Because of that the snow demons (Yugushiva) had a lot of free time.

If there was no reason to risk their lives, then they had no reason to attack the supplies of the enemy.

And with nothing to do, Yustia had come up with a song.

“A song, huh.”

I would love for you to hear it.”

The young chief of the snow demons (Yugushiva), Yustia, didn’t hide any of that beauty that her people revered so as she smiled.
This beautiful young chief possessed both her skill in the sword and the veneration of her people.
She ruled at the peak of the snow demons (Yugushiva).

When she saw Gi Go nod, she took his arms and went to bring him before the Yugushiva people.

“How are the preparations (Radia)?”

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“Everything’s going well.
Princess (Sue)!”

Gi Go has also gotten used to them talking in the old tongue.

“Let us begin then (Staratto).”

“Understood (Zuje).”

Although everyone lined up were young, Gi Go noticed that they were all so nervous they looked like warriors about to undergo a trial.
With the strike of a soul-stirring drum, resounded a low-toned voice.
From time to time, the sound of a horn would be mixed in.
Gradually, the singing voices filled the cave.

“O he who wields a sword (Godagin), o he who wields a sword (Godagin)! Speak of his honor (Arshinti Starguin)!

Pass it on forever (Hoadaihoadai), his pride (Arandasta)

His enemies shake (Hoendista) at the sound of his cry of victory(Kakudakuzaritsu) ! The wicked foes (Katiratobadita) flee before him (Soingdista)!

O he who wields a sword (Godagin), o he who wields a sword (Godagin)! We (Goradi) celebrate his victory (Hordaniya)!

Come, lend us your ear.
(Gurdan) O our people.
(Gordia) These tales (Vansakusuda) have been passed on (Meedite) since ancient times (Vansandi)!

That man (Aldi) possesses courage (Saidi) and pride (Gurediborshi).
He possesses (Diia) power equal to that of kings (Bargeriika).

The prophet has spoken (Esutatorudibai).
Dark times shall come (Shiensu) upon the cold lands (Sariiar).

After the destruction of the kings (Sariyedisu) the starving enemies (Misdi) shall come (Shiensu) to swallow everything.

But (Deo) the dark times (Dirodo) shall not last long (Dadizordo)!

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The dark invaders (Ditidoodo) will be defeated (Batidogiano)!

O beautiful land (Batyudedo)! O brethren (Godiga), we (Goradi) will be freed (Bardigadoardyuria)!

O he who wields a sword (Godagin), o he who wields a sword (Godagin)! Speak of his honor (Arshinti Starguin)!

Pass it on forever (Hoadaihoadai), his pride (Arandasta)

Enemies (Hoendista) shall quiver at the sound of his cry of victory! (Kakudakuzaritsu) The fearful enemies (Katiratobadita) will fall before him (Soingdista)!

O he who wields a sword (Godagin), o he who wields a sword (Godagin)! We (Goradi) celebrate his victory (Hordaniya)!We (Goradi) will give praise for his victory (Hordaniya)!”

After Gi Go heard the whole thing, he nodded and said that it was a heroic song.

Yustia wasn’t very happy with that remark, but the snow demons (Yugushiva) sang this song as they marched in the dead of the night before carrying out their guerilla warfare.
Although the people of northern Germion Kingdom did not understand the lyrics because it was sang in the old tongue, the brave rhythm of the song was instilled into their hearts along with the fear.
At the same time, the snow demons that sang the song found their morale raised.

Enemies and allies alike recognized the song as ‘The Song of He Who Wields the Sword (Godargin)’, but Yustia, who came up with it, actually intended for it to extol Gi Go’s achievements.
The song became famous, but the interpretation was completely off, causing Yustia to have complicated feelings.

Approximately one month after the fall of Germion Kingdom’s imperial capital, when the seasons changed from early summer to late summer, the snow demons (Yugushiva) and Gi Go went down the mountain while singing the song to – at long last – confront the northern army.

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